Dong Siyan went out for a run in the afternoon and accidentally saw Zhou Ran and Guo Rui having breakfast. She deliberately passed by Guo Rui's house and found that Ye Rongxuan was really waiting for her there. Zhou Ran, who was thoughtful, immediately told Ye Rongxuan that Zhou Ran had gone out for a while and came back. She asked Ye Rongxuan to accompany her for a walk, but she took Ye Rongxuan to the restaurant where Zhou Ran ate.

At that time, Zhou Ran was telling Guo Rui that Guo's father and mother were in a hotel near the train station, asking him to take care of his parents' feelings when doing things in the future. At this moment, Dong Siyan walked in with Ye Rongxuan and specifically talked to Zhou Ran. After saying hello, the four of them shared a table to eat together. Ye Rongxuan jealously asked Zhou Ran to introduce Guo Rui’s identity, but Dong Siyan specifically mentioned her past relationship with Ye Rongxuan. Both parties were secretly in contact with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Everyone had their own agenda, so Ye Rongxuan stepped on Zhou Ran hard under the table.

After dinner, Ye Rongxuan insisted on sending Zhou Ran back. Guo Rui wanted to intervene, but Ye Rongxuan rolled his eyes at him and emphasized that now that he and Zhou Ran are boyfriend and girlfriend, does he still need his ex-boyfriend to be the escort? Ye Rongxuan wanted to know the purpose of Zhou Ran's appointment with Guo Rui, but Zhou Ran was trying to be mysterious and asked Ye Rongxuan to explain what happened just now. Ye Rongxuan took Zhou Ran to the musical fountain and talked about some past events. He once knelt down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand to propose to Dong Siyan, but Dong Siyan resolutely refused. Even though he tried to stay, he still did not leave his lover behind.

Zhou Ran looked at Ye Rongxuan's back and felt inexplicably distressed. It turned out that Ye Rongxuan had also been hurt by love. He didn't know if he would have the courage to start over again in the future. Is it really a covenant relationship with him this time? When the deadline is up, they will also Each leads his or her own life.

Guo Rui's parents increasingly felt that their son and Xu Man were not reliable together, so they visited Zhou Ran's home without permission. When they met Zhou Ran's mother, they specifically explained their purpose of coming to arrange a marriage between Zhou Ran and Guo Rui. Zhou Ran's mother is not confused. It was Guo Rui who initiated the breakup. Zhou Ran and her mother were still sad for a while. Now that her daughter has finally found her home, she is still the noble son of a listed company. How could Zhou Ran's mother be willing to take Guo Rui seriously again? I deliberately said that my daughter has found a new boyfriend now, and many things have passed.

Guo Rui came home drunk and couldn't help but get angry at Xu Man, saying that everything in this house belonged to her and there was nothing of her own. Xu Man went to persuade him to take a bath and sleep, but Guo Rui pushed her away without mercy. , and then threw the documents on the table everywhere.

Xu Man sadly went to the bar to relieve her boredom, and Dong Siyan happened to be there too. She remembered eating at the same table as Guo Rui and Zhou Ran during the day. At that time, Ye Rongxuan introduced Guo Rui as Xu Man's boyfriend. She was watching the excitement in case it was not a big deal, so Dong Siyan deliberately sat down Next to Xu Man, Guo Rui couldn't help but pretended to be there. Hearing that Xu Man was getting married, he also said that Guo Rui once had a girlfriend, and then made insinuations to make things mysterious. Xu Man wanted to find out more, but was interrupted by Dong Siyan.

Guo Rui's parents did not take back the gift for Zhou Ran's mother when they left. Zhou Ran returned home and felt that the gift should be returned, so he called Guo Rui. At that time, Xu Man had just returned home and heard the ringtone of her cell phone. He answered the call without permission.


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