When Zhou Ran was cleaning up the room, he found a pile of health foot massage shoes that his mother once sold in the storage room. It turned out that Ye Rongxuan bought all the shoes with his own money in order to please his mother. He was obviously doing this because he was interested in her. On the contrary, Ye Rongxuan is always ashamed to admit it.

After settling Ye Rongxuan, Zhou Ran went to visit his love rival with chicken soup. Chen Fei was unwilling to break up with Ye Rongxuan and started to make trouble again. He deliberately exaggerated his position in Ye Rongxuan's heart and gave Zhou Ran the amber bracelet that Ye Rongxuan had given her. look.

Xu Man's father finally took time to have dinner with Guo Rui's parents. During the conversation, Xu Man's father specifically mentioned that Guo Rui was a filial child and they were very happy to have his wife in their family. Guo's father was shocked when he heard this. After hearing what his son said about marrying into his wife, and having children in the future, his grandson's surname will also be after Xu Man. Xu Man's father still smiled and explained that there is only one girl in their family, Xu Man, who has been the apple of his eye since she was a child. Guo Rui gave his father a look, The father couldn't swallow this breath and directly said that he had no appetite for the meal. Xu Man's father had no choice but to end the meal. Guo's father directly asked to pay for the meal. According to tradition, the man should pay for the meal.

Mother Guo was shocked when she saw the price on the menu. One meal cost more than 3,000 yuan. She rushed to the front desk of the hotel anxiously, checked the price and found that a bottle of wine cost more than 1,000 yuan, and several dishes cost more than 2,000 yuan. , Guo Rui asked his mother not to continue arguing, and he paid the bill. Later, Guo's father proposed that if his son wanted to change his surname, he would have no son, so he decided to go home and pack his luggage.

Xu Man was very angry at her father's remarks at the dinner table. She liked Guo Rui, and she didn't care about whose surname the child would take in the future. However, she couldn't bear to see her boyfriend break up with her father because of this. Xu Man's father comforted his daughter. The society is complex and people's hearts are unpredictable. These are all tests for Guo Rui. Xu Man grew up in a honeypot and could not see clearly. For the happiness of his daughter, he must strictly test his son-in-law.

Xiaonan chose to go back to her hometown, and Zhou Ran went to the train station to see her off. When she first came to the city, Xiaonan was eager to try, thinking that she could establish a foothold in the city, but later she paid the price and regretted it. Now she is ready to return to her hometown and start over. Zhou Ran hugged Xiaonan and encouraged her to be strong. In fact, the city was not as beautiful as they imagined.

Guo's father and Guo's mother were about to go to the station to buy a ticket to go home. Suddenly they found that their wallet was stolen and they had no money to buy a ticket. Guo's mother was about to call her son, but Guo's father refused and even said that she wanted to learn from the ancients who refused to pay five pecks of rice. As the ancient saying goes, bend your waist, and prepare to walk back to your hometown with your daughter-in-law, Guo's mother was shocked when she heard that she would have to walk for five days and five nights. The two of them carried their luggage and hurried toward home in despair, not knowing which direction to go. Just then, they met Zhou Ran. At that time, Zhou Ran went to the station to see Xiao Nan off. Knowing what Guo's mother and father were going through, he immediately helped book a hotel for them.

Liang Wei won the first prize in the painting competition. Chen Fei was very happy when he heard the news. The clouds and fog finally cleared and the sky cleared. With this result, I believe Liang Wei's future will be much easier. The two celebrated together, Chen Fei Liang Wei's lively and cheerful personality also quietly infected Liang Wei. He had never owned a mobile phone before, but now he even bought a smartphone.

When Guo's father and mother saw Zhou Ran, they felt very emotional. In fact, Zhou Ran was considerate, and his behavior and attitude were the most suitable for their son. However, Guo Rui now disliked poverty and loved wealth, and broke up with Zhou Ran. Father Guo felt that their family was unlucky, but Mother Guo felt that after this commotion, the two of them might have blown it.


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