Zhou Ran called Xiaonan and heard that something was wrong with her voice. Zhou Ran immediately ran to Xiaonan's house. Fortunately, he was a step early. Xiaonan was holding a fruit knife and was about to take her pulse. Zhou Ran came to her side. It seems that there are still people in this world who care. Her, Xiao Nan put down the fruit knife, Zhou Ran hugged her, and reminded her not to do stupid things. Knowing that Xiao Nan thought it was bad luck, Zhou Ran told Xiao Nan about her contract with Ye Rongxuan, so people like Ye Rongxuan It is impossible for an unattainable person to fall in love with her. These are just acting in accordance with the contract. Once the time is up, they will return to their own lives.

Xia Youjun was used to messing around with women, but Zhou Ran couldn't sit idly by and bullied Xiaonan like this. Zhou Ran tried to think of a way. Finally, she learned through an informant that Xia Youjun had brought another woman to check in with him, so she deliberately gave Mrs. Xia a room. After informing the police, Xia Youjun was caught red-handed. He was about to rush out of the door when the reporters outside the door had already set up their cameras and started taking pictures and recording. The next day, Xia Youjun's misconduct was reported by reporters. Ye Rongxuan threw the magazine next to Zhou Ran and knew that it was Zhou Ran who did it. Ye Rongxuan reminded Zhou Ran not to act rashly if he encounters such a thing again. Xia Youjun She has a wide network of contacts, and no matter how clever she is, she will not hide it from him.

Dong Siyan called Zhou Ran and knew that she was sick. Zhou Ran rushed to see her. As a result, Dong Siyan pretended to be pitiful and said that she and Ye Rongxuan still had feelings for each other, but now Zhou Ran was in the middle. She hoped that Zhou Ran Able to exit. Such a scheming girl, Zhou Ran not only failed to notice her little tricks, but also told Ye Rongxuan about Dong Siyan's hospitalization after careful consideration. Ye Rongxuan was still hesitant at first. It was Zhou Ran who took the bracelet that Dong Siyan had left there and asked him to return it to its original owner. After walking out of Ye Rongxuan's room, Zhou Ran felt depressed. He asked Ye Rongxuan to visit the hospital, but he felt very unhappy in his heart. She turned back and found that Ye Rongxuan was in a hurry to go to the hospital, driving very fast, and he looked full of concern. Zhou Ran ran to the beach and scolded him for being sick. Gu Yunfei saw her contradictory reactions and found it very interesting. However, Zhou Ran always regarded him as a friend, and he panicked and avoided the slightest approach.

In order to place orders for Guo Ruila, Xu Man recently had a lot of drinks with customers. Her colleagues couldn't bear it and persuaded her to leave these tasks to Guo Ruila, but Xu Man asked them to help keep it secret and complete the business by herself. It can be regarded as a gift to Guo Rui. Guo's mother saw her coming home drunk and thought that Zhou Ran went out early and came back late to drink, which was not a woman's behavior. She has been a teacher for many years and cannot understand Xu Man's lifestyle. Guo Rui poured sobering tea for Xu Man. Hearing that Zhou Ran was going to socialize, he comforted her by saying that her parents were at home these days and asked her to reduce the number of late returns.

The chairman heard that Ye Rongxuan was always looking for Dong Siyan recently. She went to the company to tell Zhou Ran to watch Ye Rongxuan closely and hold on to her own happiness. Zhou Ran didn't understand why the chairman didn't like Dong Siyan. She was beautiful and majestic. The working ability is also very strong. The chairman sighed. Although Dong Siyan has a strong background, she is like a beautiful flower. The more beautiful it is, the more poisonous it is. Ye Rongxuan cannot understand it at all.

Zhou Ran didn't want Ye Rongxuan to waver between two women. Instead of living in Cao Ying and having a heart in Han Dynasty, and regretting marrying someone he didn't like, it was better to give him enough time to experience and realize the love he really needed. It turned out that Zhou Ran was also very fond of it. The chairman was finally relieved that she was a person with ideas and opinions. She asked Zhou Ran to accompany her to the hospital for a consultation tomorrow and keep it confidential. Zhou Ran immediately nodded and agreed.

Although Zhou Ran acted very confident in front of the chairman, she was still upset when she thought of Ye Rongxuan alone. She found Chen Fei to chat, and Chen Fei reminded her if she had ever thought that Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo were so affectionate, but in the end they ended up with Zhao Zhao Min got married, and Zhou Ran was a little confused. Chen Fei analyzed the plot for her. It was because Zhao Min was brave enough and dared to steal the bride in order to defend his love. Zhou Ran was stunned. She couldn't sit still and wait for death. Instead, she had to change from passive to active. After saying that, Zhou Ran put on her makeup and went to Ye Rongxuan's house to help with the work.


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