In the morning, Zhou Ran was reminded by the sound of the WeChat account arriving. There were 700,000 yuan in WeChat. Gu Yunfei collected the money early in the morning and quickly transferred it to her. Zhou Ran suddenly felt that this friendship had a heavy weight. Gu Yunfei let it go. She accepts it, even if it is a loan, and will pay it back later when she has money.

Zhou Ran was proud and proud. She raised her chest and raised her head and put her bank card in front of Ye Rongxuan, asking to terminate the contract. From now on, everyone returned to their previous lives. Ye Rongxuan guessed that Gu Yunfei lent it to her. Now he does not agree to cancel the contract because the reason is Don't worry about Zhou Ran making friends, and the 700,000 is not a small amount, be careful of being plotted by bad people. Zhou Ran proposed that if Ye Rongxuan agreed to her three conditions, she might consider continuing to proceed in accordance with the contract. Ye Rongxuan heard Zhou Ran say that the three requests made by Huang Rong and Guo Jing were similar. Although he didn't know the content yet, he finally agreed.

Liang Wei's paintings sold for high prices. He called Chen Fei and invited her to have dinner together. Liang Wei also specially prepared a rose. Just when Chen Fei entered, Liang Wei discovered that Zhao Zhongren also came to the restaurant with his daughter. Liang Wei originally suggested that Chen Fei change a restaurant, but Chen Fei mistakenly thought that Zhao Zhongren had a new love, and deliberately flirted with Liang Wei in front of him, saying provocative words specifically for him to listen. When Zhao Zhongren saw her walking in the door, he immediately explained that she was his daughter. Chen Fei was surprised and asked him again if he had told him that his daughter was divorced and when she would marry him. Zhao Zhongren remained silent. He remained silent every time he heard this question. His silent resistance deeply hurt Chen Fei. Returning to his seat, Chen Fei took the initiative to kiss Liang Wei in a very painful environment, just to let Liang Wei watch. , she has no shortage of alternatives.

Liang Wei knew the relationship between Chen Fei and Zhao Zhongren. After being kissed by Chen Fei, he was shocked and felt humiliated. After Zhao Zhongren left, Liang Wei endured the humiliation and asked Chen Fei what he meant by his actions. Chen Fei was very sorry and at the same time asked Liang Wei Forget everything that just happened. The most expensive set meal in the restaurant was already placed on the table. Liang Wei showed no interest in eating and asked the waiter to come over and pay the bill.

Xiaonan quickly received a huge contract because she became the lover of Party A's Xia Youjun. Ai Jia announced in front of the entire company that she had been promoted to the director of Yiren's advertising department, surrounded by attentive and flattering faces. Zhou Ran happened to go to print some information, and when he saw this scene, he hurriedly avoided it. Xiao Nan deliberately stopped her to go to dinner and sing together. Zhou Ran persuaded Xiao Nan to stop doing unbearable things. At first, he remembered that when Xiao Nan came to the company, she was full of energy and youth. Now she is covered in famous brands and wears high heels that are almost 20 centimeters high. The heels were pointy and thin, making it inconvenient to work at all. Xiaonan sneered at her dissuasion and bluntly retorted that the two of them were the same kind of people.

Guo Rui's mother gave Xu Man a gold bracelet, which was an heirloom of their Guo family. She hoped that Xu Man would pass it on. The next day, Xu Man excitedly placed a golden bracelet in front of Guo's mother and asked her about the style. Pretty or not, in order to wear that gold bracelet often, Xu Man saw that the style was very old, so she went to a gold shop to fuse the two gold bracelets into one bracelet. When Guo's mother heard that she was angry, she asked her why she did this. Xu Man was very surprised. Guo Rui didn't hesitate to glare at Xu Man when he saw his mother was so angry. Xu Man was stunned. She tried to please Guo Rui's mother in every way, and even prepared to always wear the bracelet given by Guo Rui's mother, but it became an insult to their Guo family. Because of different ideas, so many differences occurred in just a few days.

The affair between Xiao Nan and Xia Youjun was discovered by her original wife, who went directly to Xiao Nan's company to cause trouble and beat her up, which had a very bad impact on the company. Ai Jia fired Xiao Nan mercilessly. Zhou Ran inquired and rushed back to the company. When he saw Xiaonan who had been beaten with a bruised nose and face, was fired and was laughed at by his colleagues, Zhou Ran immediately begged Ai Jia, hoping to give Xiao Nan a chance, but Ai Jia refused without thinking. . When Ye Rongxuan heard Zhou Ran's plea, he immediately pulled her out of the office and told Zhou Ran about the power of it, telling Zhou Ran not to think about looking for Xia Youjun. The order he had just received could not be broken by Party A because of Xiaonan.


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