Zhou Ran searched for several companies to apply for, and finally found an editorial job in a magazine. The first task the editor gave her was to interview a well-known figure. Many reporters asked him out before, but they were rejected. Zhou Ran was eager to try. , saying that he can definitely interview this big shot. The editor-in-chief gave her the photo, and Zhou Ran was dumbfounded when he saw the subject to be interviewed. Isn't this the hateful Ye Rongxuan!

Now that the nomination certificate was issued, Zhou Ran bit the bullet and went back to his previous company. When Ye Rongxuan saw her, he thought that the other party wanted to go back to work, and said that he was not a grudge, so that Zhou Ran could still consider going back. A good horse does not turn back, Zhou Ran said "no" arrogantly. She once wanted to join the company very much. Even though she had to go through a half-year internship, she was fired only three days before becoming a full-time employee. Zhou Ran felt that The company is too ruthless, it doesn't matter if you don't return to your hometown like this.

Saying goodbye to Ye Rongxuan, Zhou Ran rushed to the company anxiously, complaining secretly in his heart, how to explain to the editor-in-chief when he went back to the editor, and unexpectedly, the editor-in-chief saw her very politely, with a smile on his face, and praised her. Zhou Ran's ability is outstanding, so hard to hire big names have been dealt with! Zhou Ran was very surprised, did Ye Rongxuan agree? The editor-in-chief gave up his seat graciously, saying that Ye Rongxuan did agree to the interview, but the only requirement was that after the interview, Zhou Ran had to return to work in the original company.

I have seen boring ones, but I have never seen such a rascal. Zhou Ran went directly to Ye Rongxuan to argue. At that time, Ye Rongxuan was doing promotion for a car dealership at the racing track. Going for a ride until Zhou Ran was bumped by the car until he vomited, and finally the car stopped slowly. Zhou Ran's stomach was so full that he was about to vomit out gall.

Zhou Ran calmed down and announced that she could go back to work, but she needed to apologize to her in front of the company's employees. I thought it would be difficult for Ye Rongxuan, but he didn't expect the other party to agree directly. Ye Rongxuan has a wealth of experience in the workplace, and this time he invited Zhou Ran back to the company because he saw that her planning proposal was very accurate and suitable for company promotion.

In front of his colleagues, Ye Rongxuan simply announced that Zhou Ran would return to work in the company. The last time he didn't understand Zhou Ran's strengths, he informed him to continue working. Zhou Ran was very surprised that there are still such people who can take their mistakes lightly. Ye Rongxuan discussed with Zhou Ran and asked her to be the assistant to the editor-in-chief, but it would take three months for an internship. Zhou Ran was aggrieved. , why another three months of internship, even so, the domineering president still let her choose, or go back to be an editor, or add an extra three months of internship as editor-in-chief assistant, not everyone is qualified to be the president Editor's Assistant position. With Zhou Ran's personality, she always likes challenging things, so she accepted a three-month internship.

Zhou Ran's mother inadvertently learned that Guo Rui and her daughter broke up, and they were already talking about marriage. The last time they saw Guo Rui, he begged Zhou Ran's mother to marry her daughter to him, and did not dislike Guo Rui. The conditions, after agreeing to their relationship, this Guo Rui actually cheated on his own. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, Zhou Ran's mother rushed to Guo Rui's company to ask for an explanation.

Guo Rui has gotten very close to Xu Man these days. Xu Man’s family background is obvious to all. A small reward from his father is the latest sports car, and Xu Man also has a good impression of Guo Rui. Comparing Zhou Ran with Xu Man, Guo Rui Of course Rui immediately chose Xu Man. Zhou Ran's mother went to the company to make a fuss, and it happened that Ye Rongxuan was also in Guo Rui's company because he had something to talk about. Seeing Zhou Ran standing in front of everyone, Ye Rongxuan was extremely embarrassed, and Ye Rongxuan immediately stood by Zhou Ran as a new boyfriend. Beside her, holding her shoulders, giving her courage, saying that he dumped Guo Rui, the phoenix man.

Back home, mother encouraged Zhou Ran not to be poked by that Guo Rui. There are a lot of men in the world. From now on, they will dress up beautifully and happily go to work. Fortunately, they recognized Guo Rui’s personality before marriage. It's over, with mother's understanding, Zhou Ran feels much better.


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