Zhou Ran took his mother to meet the chairman. In order to meet his in-laws this time, Zhou Ran's mother made full preparations. She put on makeup and dressed very richly. When she arrived at the agreed hotel, she heard that her in-laws had not come yet. Zhou Ran Zhou Ran's mother went to the bathroom. She had already washed her hands, but when she saw that the fragrance on the table smelled particularly good, Zhou Ran's mother couldn't help but squeeze out more and applied it on her neck and wrists. It happened that Ye Rongxuan's mother also went to the bathroom. It was very ridiculous to see such an exaggerated woman using the fragrance of a public toilet and behaving in an exaggerated manner. When Zhou Ran's mother saw someone staring at her, she couldn't help but muttered that it was rude.

When they arrived at the dinner table, they saw that the woman staring at her in the bathroom turned out to be her future in-laws. Zhou Ran's mother's face turned red and white, and she hurriedly greeted her at the dinner table. Following the chairman's words, she also claimed that she was indeed the boss of three companies. , not only has education and health products industry, but also hired professional managers to take care of it. At first, Ye Rongxuan was murmuring that such a powerful entrepreneur was still interested in the fragrance of public toilets. Later, he remembered that Zhou Ran had said that her mother had some mental problems, so she had no choice but to ignore it.

After dinner, Zhou Ran and his mother took a car home together. The mother was very excited and excited. She felt that she had earned a name for her daughter today, and even deliberately said that she was related to the leaders in the education sector. Zhou Ran had trouble talking on the side. The chairman was well-informed. The more his mother talked, the more flaws appeared. Originally, it was said that she was mentally ill, so there was no need to say more, but in the end, she was eloquent and couldn't see anything wrong at all. .

Her mother was happy to see what gifts her in-laws had prepared for her. They turned out to be some refreshing medicines and granules. When Zhou Ran saw it, he immediately understood that the chairman had really believed her illness and thought there was something wrong with her mother's mind. Anyway, a family like the chairman would not be interested in their petty attitude. They were relieved now. Zhou Ran said that they were disrespectful and would not associate with such a family in the future. Zhou Ran’s mother immediately said that these are popular gifts now, and it is very useful for middle-aged and elderly people to drink some tonics.

After the meal, the chairman passed by the dry cleaners and asked his assistant to pick up the clothes. As a result, the mink velvet coat was stained. The insurance premium for this coat alone cost more than 30,000 yuan, not to mention the price of the clothes, but the laundry damaged the color. A golden cloak was washed into camel color. Zhou Ran's mother happened to be in a hurry to come to work, and she was the one who washed these clothes. She came out to explain and saw that it was the chairman who had just had dinner. The two of them met, which was particularly awkward. Ye Rongxuan's mother directly asked the assistant not to pursue the matter further.

After returning home, the chairman immediately called Ye Rongxuan and asked them what happened. Ye Rongxuan was still lying, and Zhou Ran couldn't bear it. She frankly said that her family was like this. She originally thought that she would be completely disappointed. Unexpectedly, the chairman asked Zhou Ran if he really loved Ye Rongxuan. When Zhou Ran nodded sincerely, the chairman unexpectedly Forgave them. Ye Rongxuan was very surprised when he saw that his mother, who usually disliked poverty and loved wealth, actually allowed her son to associate with such a family.

Zhou Ran really couldn't stand Ye Rongxuan's acting. She was depressed and worried about who she could borrow money from to get 300,000 yuan. Her friend was generous enough to lend 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Just then, Yunfei called and invited Zhou Ran to go out for a walk. Hearing that Zhou Ran was anxious to borrow money, such a large amount, and that he had trouble speaking, Yunfei stopped asking and told her not to worry too much.


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