After being fired from the bar, Chen Fei began to leave resumes everywhere to look for a job. He never considered earning money, but now he reminded himself to work hard and not have any illusions about Zhao Zhongren. At night, Xiaobao quietly pulled Chen Fei, and then mysteriously gave her a letter. Xiaobao took a letter, which was all in English. Xiaobao whispered that this time his mother really replied from the United States, and it was mailed directly. To his class, I hope Chen Fei can help him read the letter. Seeing the cute and well-behaved little treasure, Chen Fei was a little moved, and immediately helped him read the letter.

In the early morning, Chen Fei saw that breakfast was placed on the table. Before, it was always steamed buns and millet porridge, but now there are exquisite Western food, steak, and fruit and vegetable salad. Liang Wei happily invited Chen Fei to eat together, and then carefully asked her if she was free now. , can you help me to be a model, and agree to get a salary of 200 yuan a day, Chen Fei agreed immediately, this meal is very solid, I was still worrying about finding money for tomorrow's meal, but now I still have pocket money as a model .

Guo Rui's parents came to the city for the first time, of course Xu Man did her best, and took the two old people to the park, to the aquarium, and bought a lot of gifts, but because she didn't know that Guo Rui's mother had high blood pressure, Suddenly, he was frightened and fainted. Guo Rui immediately blamed Xu Man when she found out, and she was not gentle at all. Guo's mother heard her son scolding Xu Man, and immediately came out and said that it was not Xu Man's problem, but that she had high blood pressure recently. With his mother's explanation, Guo Rui didn't pursue further.

The chairman said before that the parents of the two families should meet, but Zhou Ran never responded. Ye Rongxuan kept discussing with her about whether his mother could also perform, but Zhou Ran disagreed with everything. Ye Rongxuan was a little frustrated, and just hung up. After getting off the phone, Zhou Ran's mother called. The old lady hadn't seen Ye Rongxuan for a few days. In order to enhance the interaction between Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan, the old lady invited Ye Rongxuan to come to the house to play together. Ye Rongxuan was wondering how to let Zhou Ran's mother come to the house. , such a rare opportunity, he immediately agreed to go home for dinner tonight.

Zhou Ran's mother immediately went out to buy vegetables. During dinner, Zhou Ran's mother was very happy and immediately asked her daughter how long she had been with Ye Rongxuan. , Immediately urged the two people to put marriage on the agenda, Ye Rongxuan went along with the flow and said that his mother also mentioned this matter the day before yesterday, and it happened that the two old people could meet. Zhou Ran tried to dissuade her, but her mother was kept in the dark and thought her daughter was stupid. Ye Rongxuan was embarrassed and said the precautions for meeting, explaining that she was worried that her mother would dislike Zhou Ran's family at the beginning, saying that Zhou Ran's mother controlled three companies, and some Medical equipment and education investment companies, etc. are all boasting. Zhou Ran's mother nodded and said that these companies seem to be able to have them.

Guo Rui's parents would also discuss their children's marriage in their spare time. Guo's mother found that Xu Man was a very good child, kind, sensible and informal, and not squeamish, but Guo's father could see that the two families grew up in completely different environments. , there should be differences in consideration of issues in the future.

Chen Fei's life became more and more difficult, and finally she was forced to sell her beloved bag. She thought that no one would want it, but it was photographed just after it was posted on the Internet, and many people asked her if she had any similar bags. Bags, and exactly the same pattern. Seeing that many people liked this pattern, Chen Fei couldn't help discussing with Liang Wei whether more bags could be painted with this pattern. Originally, this was specially designed for Chen Fei, but in order to help her solve the problem of selling bags, she still nodded and agreed. These two people have been buying bags and drawing patterns on them, and soon all the bags were snapped up for sale When it is emptied, the price earned is many times higher than that recovered by second-hand stores.

Chen Fei generously distributed a lot of money for buying bags to Liang Wei, piled up on the table, and she happily persuaded Liang Wei to accept all of them, so that Xiaobao's tuition fees would be settled. Chen Fei encouraged Liang Wei to continue to stick to his artistic path, and there are still people who can appreciate his talent, and the fact that so many bags were sold in a short period of time is proof.

Liang Wei began to paint for Chen Fei, and he was very focused. Usually, he would disdain to follow the contemporary style. This time, he listened to the advice of the purchaser and devoted all his feelings. After the painting was finished, the purchaser was very satisfied. In order to lower the price, he said Liang Wei thought it was useless and wanted to cover up some deficiencies, but the other party offered him a price of 50,000 yuan at once. Finally sold the painting, Liang Wei was overjoyed, this is a good start!


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