Zhou Ran's mother saw in a magazine that the prospective son-in-law went to meet another woman late at night. The loudspeaker of the power came to Dong Siyan's community to yell loudly, making everyone know that there was such a person, and also said that the other party was a vixen, and the security of the community immediately chased him away.

Ye Rongxuan received a call from Dong Siyan, and immediately drove to pick up Zhou Ran. On the way, he accused Zhou Ran of all kinds, and felt that he had nothing to do and found a troublesome person. Now he is not only alone, but even her mother is difficult to deal with. Ye Rongxuan's words angered him. Originally, he didn't want to get involved in this agreement, so he was forced to do so. Ye Rongxuan impulsively mentioned the termination of the contract, Zhou Ran was not to be outdone, and terminated the contract as soon as he terminated it.

When they came to Dong Siyan's community, Zhou Ran immediately apologized to her, and then dragged his mother out. Ye Rongxuan stood in a place where no one was paying attention, observing secretly. Fortunately, Zhou Ran's mother was immediately taken away by her daughter. Finally calmed down, Ye Rongxuan immediately apologized to Zhou Ran again, and then dragged her to the chairman to put out the fire.

Zhou Ran hates the current situation very much. When problems arise, Ye Rongxuan blames them. The rules of the contract and things that cannot be violated are brought up in the company. They have no self at all. Zhou Ran proposes to terminate the contract, but Ye Rongxuan refuses , to remind her that now is the moment of crisis, and she should not take advantage of others. Although Zhou Ran knew that going on like this was not the way to go, but now she couldn't bear to ignore Ye Rongxuan and the crisis. She was in a dilemma, and ended up being hugged by Ye Rongxuan and stuffed into the car and drove directly to see the chairman.

The chairman was also very angry when such a big thing happened, and asked Ye Rongxuan if he still had nostalgia for Dong Siyan, and asked him to choose one of the two women. When these words were said, Zhou Ran was always present. What do you think, Zhou Ran comforted the chairman not to be sad anymore, in fact, the company has received a lot of programs this time, if this scandal is used to strengthen the influence of public opinion, it would be a good thing for the company. Ye Rongxuan also tried his best to express that once the cooperation is completed, he will propose to terminate the contract with Dong Siyan. Since the son expressed that he cared so much for Zhou Ran, the chairman immediately proposed to ask both parents to meet, and then put the marriage on the agenda. Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan were shocked when they heard this, and both of them immediately refused. Ye Rongxuan indicated that Zhou Ran must get rid of the chairman, and Zhou Ran also understood that his mother must not be involved in this scam.

Zhou Ran lied that his mother was sick, and then heard that the chairman wanted to help find a doctor and contact the best hospital. Zhou Ran immediately said that his mother had mental problems. The chairman saw the evasive eyes between Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan , even more felt that there was a problem, and emphasized that she must bring her mother to meet on Saturday.

Zhou Ran was very nervous, and when she left the chairman's house, Ye Rongxuan advised her not to make a fuss, but to pretend that all this was true. Zhou Ran gave him a blank look. It was embarrassing for her mother to go to Dong Siyan's community just now, and now she has to pretend. Fire can't be contained in it, and if it is discovered in the future, the chairman will also be hurt in the future.

Dong Siyan called Ye Rongxuan, and Ye Rongxuan went to meet in a hurry. This time he proposed to reconcile with the past, and also explained that the two parties would try not to contact each other if there was nothing to do in the future. After Dong Siyan left, Ye Rongxuan picked up the amber bracelet he had given to Dong Siyan on the sofa. It turned out that the other party had been wearing it all the time.


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