Zhou Ran’s dog in Gu Yunfei’s house fell ill. He received a call from the pet hospital and rushed to visit him. After the doctor’s diagnosis, he found that it was just a common cold. Gu Yunfei joked that since he met Zhou Ran, he would often encounter various problems. Zhou Ran has heard too much about this kind of talk in other places. Gu Yunfei was very curious and took out a makeup spray that Zhou Ran used to have, and asked her what was the pattern engraved on the bottle. Anyway, the puppy was taken care of by him. . Zhou Ran then narrated a myth and legend about the model of brother Yu who will bravely pursue when he meets love. Gu Yunfei finds it very interesting. This idol type is very different from himself, and it seems that some changes need to be made.

What Gu Yunfei said was very cryptic, which made Zhou Ran a little puzzled. Seeing his hesitant eyes, he suspected that he was thinking too much. When he was distracted, the ring suddenly fell into the sewer. Zhou Ran panicked. Still not found. Zhou Ran hurried back after receiving a call from the chairman.

Ye Rongxuan was also at home, and the two of them practiced yoga under the guidance of the yogi. It seems that this was deliberately arranged by the chairman. Usually, both of them are working, and they are subordinates. After work, they are almost busy with each other. Now that I finally had a chance to get along, this time Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan could get a response in the conversation. She couldn't help asking Ye Rongxuan if he still liked his ex-girlfriend very much when he saw her ex-girlfriend. He fell in love at a glance, his girlfriend was stunning and grand, and besides, they still have many good memories, how could they forget it as soon as they said it.

Finding that the ring on Zhou Ran's ring finger was gone, Ye Rongxuan immediately drove her to buy it. When he was picking out the jewelry store, Ye Rongxuan received a call from Yunfei. Hearing that Dong Siyan was injured, he went to look nervously. Then wait for him to come back in the jewelry store.

The knee injury was just a cover, Dong Siyan created an opportunity to get along with Ye Rongxuan, hoping to save it as much as possible, but Ye Rongxuan was a little indifferent, as if the previous relationship had really passed. Zhou Ran waited in the jewelry store until the store closed, and the clerk was about to get off work. Zhou Ran waited for a long time in the cold wind outside, but finally he was still disappointed, so he had to go back sullenly alone.

When Ye Rongxuan hurried back, he found that Zhou Ran was no longer there. That night when Ye Rongxuan went to meet Dong Siyan, a reporter directly took a video, and even wrote scribbles based on the time, which had a very bad influence on Yiren Company. Kevin was very surprised when he saw the report. It was only a short period of time. How could the reporter capture it, and at the end of the shooting during the day, Dong Siyan fell off the stage. Few people can make mistakes from such a big stage. Kevin was in Yiren I have been working in the company for a long time, and I didn't want the company to be affected by these gossip news, so I asked my assistant to investigate quietly.

Chen Fei met Zhao Zhongren at work. Zhao Zhongren advised her not to continue working in the bar. Chen Fei could go back. She asked Zhao Zhongren if he would marry her. The result this time was still the same as before. Chen Fei naturally wanted to continue. Seeing that Chen Fei insisted on not agreeing to this job, Zhao Zhongren slapped her, which completely woke Chen Fei up.

Maybe it was Zhao Zhongren who caused trouble. When Chen Fei went to work the next day, she was told by her boss that she had been fired. Now that his relationship and job were gone, Chen Fei was very sad, so he called Zhou Ran, and the two drank together at the bar to relieve themselves.


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