Ye Rongxuan's mother already knew that Dong Siyan came to the company to shoot, worried about the resurgence of her son's old relationship, she rushed directly to the company to remind Ye Rongxuan of his current responsibilities, and any decision he made would affect Yiren's company. Of course Ye Rongxuan understood what his mother meant. He admitted that he had not completely forgotten Dong Siyan until now, and wanted to open his heart and face the past calmly. Hearing her son's current state, Ye Rongxuan's mother was very worried, and reminded Ye Rongxuan that many things were not as simple as they appeared on the surface, and that Dong Siyan had come fully prepared this time, so she shouldn't be passively injured in the end.

Chen Fei has been working in the bar recently. Because of his outstanding appearance, he is often targeted by some gangsters. Whenever Liang Wei receives Chen Fei's call for help, he will rush to the hero to save the beauty. Sometimes he will persuade Chen Fei to change to another This is a job, but Chen Fei is also distressed, there is no other job that earns more than now. The two have been in contact for a long time, and both have discovered each other's strengths. Although Chen Fei is sometimes domineering, he is kind-hearted, while Liang Wei looks like a vicissitudes old man on the surface, but in fact has a delicate, mature and stable relationship.

Ye Rongxuan's mother asked Xu Man to meet in private. Xu Man said very bluntly that she had met Ye Rongxuan, and Ye Rongxuan still liked coffee with sugar. Without hiding her patience, she intentionally hurt Ye Rongxuan's mother and asked her if she was worried about Ye Rongxuan's situation. Ye Rongxuan's mother glanced at her and solemnly reminded her to leave quickly after filming.

Chen Fei was pouring wine for a client in the company, but the other party didn’t want wine, so he asked for coffee by name, so Chen Fei hurried outside to help him buy a cup. In this cafe, Liang Wei also sketched there, and he came back here every night. Accompanied her silently, and went home with peace of mind when Chen Fei got off work safe and sound. When Chen Fei bought the coffee and went back, he found that the logo on the coffee cup seemed to be what Liang Wei often drank. Only then did he realize that Liang Wei had been here all along.

Zhou Ran misses her girlfriend very much, so she couldn't help but go to the bar to find Chen Fei. When the two met, Zhou Ran mentioned her recent embarrassment, met a rival in love, and even Ye Rongxuan began to lose his mind. It was not easy to meet the prince, but the prince was bewitched by the queen, and the duck that reached his mouth was flying away. Chen Fei suddenly felt very funny when he heard the statement of his best friend. The two sisters are very unlucky now. One is The boyfriend's relationship is erratic until now, and the other doesn't want to get married at all, but just wants to be free.

When Zhou Ran went back, he saw Boss Xia and Xiao Nan in a private room chatting with each other. Xiao Nan was her friend. Even though she had plagiarized her works, she still regarded her as a good friend from the bottom of her heart. Xiao Nan heard Zhou Ran's accusations against her, But his face was full of disgust, and he even sneered at Zhou Ran, asking her if she also found her thigh. Looking at the former good friends, but now they misunderstand each other, Zhou Ran returned to the company depressed.

Downstairs in the company, Zhou Ran saw Ye Rongxuan sitting on the side drinking, surrounded by a lot of empty beer bottles, reeking of alcohol, Ye Rongxuan had already drunk unconsciously, now sending Ye Rongxuan to the hotel, some people will misunderstand After thinking about it, Zhou Ran took Ye Rongxuan to his home. Ye Rongxuan slept with Zhou Ran's waist when he was drunk, but when he woke up, he saw Zhou Ran in his arms, and immediately panicked. Woke up, in order to avoid embarrassment, Ye Rongxuan even wanted to escape by jumping out of the window, but Zhou Ran lived on the third floor, and Ye Rongxuan couldn't get off, so he had to knock on the window for help. Zhou Ran couldn't help but laugh when he saw his appearance. Undead, but Ye Rongxuan said sadly that he was afraid of heights.


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