In the evening, Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan stood together on the longest bridge in Shanghai, with a breezy breeze, and Ye Rongxuan was still melancholy sending many e-mails in the afternoon. Zhou Ran encouraged him not to be discouraged, and the boat would go straight when he reached the bridge. While talking, he received a call from Gu Yunfei, who told Ye Rongxuan that he had found a suitable model.

Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan went to meet the model together, the door opened and found that the model Liang Wei said was Dong Siyan, Ye Rongxuan's expression was very complicated, Chen Fei stretched out his hand, Ye Rongxuan just nodded and smiled, and solemnly introduced Zhou Ran beside him as him girlfriend. Chen Fei is also very knowledgeable, telling Zhou Ran that she is also Ye Rongxuan's ex-friend.

On this day, it was originally agreed that Xu Man and Guo Rui's parents would meet. After waiting for a long time, Xu Man's father did not come. Xu Man's father is a rural teacher, a phoenix man who is as delicate as Ye Rongxuan. He has nothing to do, so he presumes that others are also fine, and Xu Man's father has so much business every day, domestic and foreign, how can he remember it so clearly. Xu Man kept apologizing, and then ate the whole dinner in embarrassment. Back home, Guo Rui also felt that Xu Man's father was a little too much. Xu Man was wronged and couldn't help but put on a mask. In the middle of the night, Guo Rui's mother fumbled to go to the bathroom. When she turned on the light, she saw Xu Man wearing a black mask at the corner. face, scared out of his wits. Seeing her mother-in-law scared like that, Xu Man felt apologetic. Guo Rui smiled considerately when she heard upstairs that her mother was scared by the mask.

Zhou Ran started not wanting to go to work. Every morning, her mother urged her for a long time before dawdling to go to the company. I don’t know why since seeing Dong Siyan, Zhou Ran felt ashamed and felt like an ugly duckling. Facing Dong Siyan calmly. But Ye Rongxuan still went his own way like normal work, Zhou Ran couldn't understand it very much, she stood in front of Ye Rongxuan's car and asked Ye Rongxuan if he should explain something? Ye Rongxuan ignored it, and instead reminded Zhou Ran to remember the second item of the contract, not to interfere with each other's privacy. Ye Rongxuan is hot and cold, sometimes extremely domineering, and his tone of voice is also unacceptable, Zhou Ran can't stand Ye Rongxuan's uncertainty. But Ye Rongxuan seemed too lazy to explain, he stepped on the accelerator and walked away.

According to the company's shooting requirements, Zhou Ran went back to the shooting scene every day, and saw Dong Siyan put on the evening dress she had worn, and found that the same dress was worn by different people, and the effect was very different. Dong Siyan's skin is fair and cold, exuding a confident and charming temperament all over her body. Zhou Ran feels that some people have already compared each other without opening their mouths.

The theme of the shooting that day was underwater. Ye Rongxuan once called Zhou Ran to remind him to pay attention to the safety of the underwater models. Zhou Ran was very jealous, but he refused to admit it.

Ye Rongxuan knew that Dong Siyan had drowned before, so she fell into the root cause of the disease, and became afraid when she entered the water. Today is the underwater theme of the filming. Dong Siyan barely insisted on finishing the filming, and fainted directly when she landed. Many people went to help Dong Siyan, and Zhou Ran also went. She suddenly understood that Ye Rongxuan told her to pay attention to the safety of underwater shooting. It turned out that Dong Siyan was afraid of water.


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