These days, Yunfei has been shooting for Yi Lianna, Siyan specially took Yi Lianna's favorite makeup setting spray, and asked Yunfei to use it for Yi Lianna when shooting, so that Yi Lianna's state can be improved. better. Yunfei knew that Ye Rongxuan was always in Siyan's heart, so he couldn't help but suggest that she ask Ye Rongxuan out to meet her earlier. Siyan admitted that she would meet sooner or later, and maybe they could sit together soon.

Yunfei found two sneaky people after filming. These two people were still holding Zhou Ran's photo. Seeing Zhou Ran walking out of the company and preparing to take a taxi, Yunfei immediately called his assistant and stopped the two sneaky people. You man, Yunfei drove by pretending to pass by by accident, and took Zhou Ran home by the way. Since it was a friendly invitation, Zhou Ran got into the car and quickly escaped from danger.

Sending Zhou Ran home, I happened to see Zhou Ran’s mother disturbing the neighbors while walking the dog. The two quarreled. Zhou Ran quickly mediated and apologized to the neighbors. Zhou Ran’s mother didn’t like dogs at all, and then accused her daughter of raising them at will. In order to avoid conflicts between the two of them, Yunfei hurriedly said that he liked dogs very much and could take them home for a few days. Zhou Ran's mother immediately gave the dog to him.

Xiao Nan plagiarized Zhou Ran's work, and successfully got her plan approved by Party A's company. Party A's boss Xia Youjun is also an old fritter. Seeing that Xiao Nan is young and beautiful, he will do whatever it takes to succeed. This is very in line with Xia Youjun's taste. Afterwards, Xia Youjun sent clothes and limited edition high heels, and soon took Xiao Nan under his command.

On the second day of filming, Yi Lianna suddenly had facial allergies and flew directly to China. The filming task was not completed, but the mainstay ran away. Yiren Company was in crisis again. Chairman Wen Xun rushed to the company and planned to spend a lot of money to hire international models to continue. shoot. Ye Rongxuan saw that his mother was always worried about his ability to deal with crises, so he asked his mother if he could trust him to take care of the company, always treating him like a child, when will he grow up.

Guo Rui's parents were coming to see him, so Xu Man changed several clothes in advance, excitedly preparing to meet her future mother-in-law, and asked Guo Rui which clothes her future mother-in-law would like. Guo Rui told her not to be nervous, and the two went to the train station to pick up his parents. Guo's father was unhappy when he saw that his son had changed his wife on the occasion of his wedding. Guo Rui's parents knew that Zhou Ran had been dating their son for five years. The hard-won relationship was divided. When I came to my son’s residence, I found that it was a duplex villa. I heard that the house belonged to Xu Man, the luxury car belonged to Xu Man’s family, and even the job was from Xu Man’s family business. The parents couldn’t help it. Worried about Xu Man.

Chen Fei has been looking for a job recently. Because he has been kept in captivity for many years, he has almost no work experience, and he has encountered obstacles everywhere in finding a job. Returning home dejectedly, hearing Liang Wei's apology for dyeing her bag, Chen Fei wanted to die. Tens of thousands of limited-edition bags were even painted with paint. Not really.

A friend suggested that Chen Fei sell the remaining bags, maybe he could get more living expenses. After thinking about it, Chen Fei had no choice but to take the bags to the pawnshop because he didn't have any income from work, but the other party directly offered a price lower than 20% off , Chen Fei was so angry that he took the bag, which was regarded as his darling, home again.


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