Liang Wei and Chen Fei looked at the lights of thousands of houses in this city. Chen Fei felt the bustling and bustling city, but Liang Wei felt that behind each light was a sleepless family. Time, but the soul has nowhere to rest here, so we had to turn on the lights and drive away the loneliness with noisy lights. Listening to Liang Wei's words, Chen Fei couldn't help but nodded, there was indeed some truth.

Ye Rongxuan saw that Zhou Ran has been very busy recently. He went to track the progress of filming every day, and kept an eye on the catwalk. Tomorrow is the anniversary of their contract with Xu Mantian. Ye Rongxuan specially gave Zhou Ran a day off, and finally took a day off. , Ye Rongxuan asked her where she wanted to go to play, and when she heard Zhou Ran said that she could make an appointment in the amusement park, she couldn't help but want to complain that Zhou Ran was not only simple-minded, but also childish in what she played. Since it was a celebration, Ye Rongxuan obeyed Zhou Ran's agreement to go to the playground.

Zhou Ran carefully groomed at home, preparing for a date at the playground, and Ye Rongxuan did the same. He also had his hair done at home, and seeing that the date was not up, he was still planning what to say when he met Zhou Ran in front of the mirror. Zhou Ran went to the playground early, and soon received a call from the chairman. Ye Rongxuan's mother is the biggest leader of the company. Zhou Ran heard that the leader arranged for her to continue learning golf, so she had to return to the chairman's home immediately. Originally, she wanted to find an excuse to sneak out, but the chairman directly confiscated her mobile phone and monitored Zhou Ran's study progress the whole time.

Ye Rongxuan waited for a long time at the playground but did not see Zhou Ran, and the phone kept showing that the phone was turned off, so angry that he had to rush home. When Zhou Ran played golf, the moment he swung the club, not to mention that the ball was not hit well, even the club disappeared. The teacher reported to the chairman that Zhou Ran did not have the talent to learn these courses. Seeing Zhou Ran in a mess, Ye Rongxuan's mother went straight Shake your head.

When Zhou Ran was going to the bathroom, he heard someone urging Ye Rongxuan's mother to undergo surgery as soon as possible. The earlier the operation, the better the chances of winning. Ye Rongxuan's mother did not agree, and now she has more important things to do. Zhou Ran saw it as the chairman Her condition is very serious and urgently needs surgery, but why is she insisting on not doing it. After the attending doctor left, Zhou Ran couldn't help leaning forward, hesitating for a long time and mustered up the courage to tell a story about Yan Chidori. The crocodile is the most ferocious animal, but it is very gentle to Yan Chidiao, and it will open up every day while basking in the sun. Open the bloody mouth wide, let Yan Chidori peck at the residue and debris in the teeth. The meaning of Zhou Ran's words is to let Ye Rongxuan's mother relax and be lenient to the weak. Everything is important, I hope the chairman can take good care of his body, and don't let the tragedy happen again.

The chairman saw Zhou Ran's strengths, aside from those clumsy flower arrangements and yoga skills, in fact, this girl is not without sparkles, and even has a caring, tolerant and kind side. The class is over, and I will no longer arrange those private flower art lessons.

Zhou Ran just got the phone, and immediately received a call from Ye Rongxuan. She hurried to Ye Rongxuan's house and found that Ye Rongxuan had already been to the playground. Instead of regretting, it is better to enjoy the moment. Zhou Ran immediately took Ye Rongxuan to the playground to play. We played on the merry-go-round and the roller coaster together. Ye Rongxuan seemed to be very afraid of heights. When he was riding the cable car, his eyes were closed and his whole body was tense. He adjusted his breath. With Zhou Ran's reassurance, Ye Rongxuan's tension relaxed a lot. In the closed space, Ye Rongxuan couldn't help kissing Zhou Ran


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