Amy reported to Ye Rongxuan that because of Royage's evening dress, many photographers no longer cooperated with Ye Rongxuan's company, using the excuse of not having a schedule, except for one photographer, but the company had not cooperated with this person before.

Zhou Ran knew from Amy that the photographer's name was Gu Yunfei, and his shooting skills were also very good. As long as there was still hope, Zhou Ran got the address from Amy and went to Gu Yunfei's studio to find him. To Zhou Ran's surprise, Gu Yunfei met her several times before. At that time, he thought he had met a flower picker, but he didn't expect it to be a real photographer. Zhou Ran saw that the photos taken by Gu Yunfei were very good. Contagious. Zhou Ran excitedly sent him a cooperation invitation, Gu Yunfei shook his head, he admitted that Zhou Ran must not have been approved by Ye Rongxuan this time, because they stopped cooperating many years ago.

Chen Fei invited Liang Wei to watch the art exhibition together. Liang Wei met a friend at the art exhibition. Maybe he saw Liang Wei watching the art exhibition alone. , she deliberately walked over enchantingly, holding Liang Wei's arm affectionately, pretending to be Liang Wei's girlfriend. Knowing that the uninterested person walked away, Chen Fei let go of Liang Wei's arm. Usually there are heroes to save the beauty, and Chen Fei also helped out many times with loyalty, and the rift between the two began to gradually disappear.

Zhou Ran knew that Yiren Company was in trouble because of her, so she turned around and went to Yunfei, hoping that Yunfei could help. Yunfei asked the bartender to make five glasses of spirits at the bar, and proposed that as long as Zhou Ran If she was able to drink all five glasses, she would consider her request, and it was hard to swallow the wine, but in order to settle the dispute as soon as possible, she really bit the bullet and drank them all. He was sent to the hospital that night, Zhou Ran was gastric lavaged, and fell into a coma all night. In the early morning of the next day, seeing Gu Yunfei and Ye Rongxuan were there, Zhou Ran hoped that Gu Yunfei could shoot for the company, but Ye Rongxuan disagreed, that is to say Yesterday's spirits are considered in vain.

There are no suitable domestic models. Ye Rongxuan has his own resources and contacts. He found foreign famous models to shoot for the magazine. For a long time, the deputy editor-in-chief Ai Jia held a grudge against the airborne editor-in-chief. This time he did not actively contact the photographer and the editor-in-chief. The model also wanted to put pressure on Ye Rongxuan, but she didn't expect Ye Rongxuan to have foreign resources. This time, she lost the contest with Ye Rongxuan.

Zhao Zhongren's daughter came back from abroad. In order to make her happy, he and his ex-wife went to the airport to pick her up. They agreed to act as a loving couple for a month in advance. The ex-wife was always a workaholic before, and perhaps neglected to take care of her husband, which led to divorce. Now she is acting as a husband and wife, and she suddenly feels very emotional, wishing that the two of them did not get divorced. But Zhao Zhongren was not used to it. He called Chen Fei, hoping that Chen Fei could come back. When Chen Fei heard that the other party still had no plans to start a family, she cried in despair.


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