Zhou Ran passed by the bridal shop on business and saw Xu Man choosing the wedding dress there. The two chatted for a while, and Xu Man looked happy. She said that her father finally agreed to their relationship, and now they are preparing for the wedding. Knowing that Zhou Ran also knew Guo Rui, Xu Man couldn't help asking her how she felt about Guo Rui. Since Xu Man and the others were going to get married, Zhou Ran couldn't dampen their interest, so he could only say that he was very handsome. Being handsome is a recognized advantage, Xu Man nodded happily.

Xu Man fell in love with a wedding dress with tassels at a glance. Zhou Ran was secretly surprised. This wedding dress was her favorite and she decided to wear it to marry Guo Rui. Unfortunately, she was told that the two were married just before the wedding. not suitable. Zhou Ran couldn't wear this wedding dress to see Guo Rui. Zhou Ran quickly suggested that she try another style, but the salesperson said that there was something wrong with the other wedding dress and was going to return it. Xu Man didn't know the reason for this wedding dress, so she happily bought it.

When Guo Rui came home, he saw that the wedding dress Xu Man had chosen was the one he had sworn to buy for Zhou Ran. He was angry and said that he didn't like this style. The question was inexplicable, but seeing Guo Rui getting angry, she was at a loss as to what to do, so she called Zhou Ran immediately.

Zhou Ran comforted Xu Man, men's eyes are different from women's, if Xu Man doesn't like it, then consider changing it, it's not a big problem. Sure enough, the communication between women is still very tacit. Xu Man felt that there was a big problem at first, but suddenly she heard that it was just a wedding dress, and if Guo Rui was unhappy, she could choose again. Thinking of this, she became happy again.

Ye Rongxuan's mother heard that Dong Siyan was back, so she went to see her in person. Dong Siyan used to be Ye Rongxuan's girlfriend. Because of some misunderstandings in the family company, Dong Siyan broke up with Ye Rongxuan. After that, Dong Siyan went abroad. As for returning to her hometown this time, Ye Rongxuan's mother I believe it is not that simple. Seeing Dong Siyan's eyes full of indifference and hatred, Ye Rongxuan's mother felt that it was time to act. In order to avoid the resurgence of her son and Dong Siyan's old relationship, she needed to quickly promote her son's marriage. After thinking about it, Ye Rongxuan's mother wanted to cultivate the petty Zhou Ran, so she told her assistant to call her home.

Zhou Ran received the invitation from the chairman, she went to the appointment tremblingly, sat on a large chair and waited for Ye Rongxuan's mother. The strange thing is that Ye Rongxuan's mother didn't have all kinds of cynicism this time, but asked her if she liked Ye Rongxuan, and whether Ye Rongxuan really liked her. It turned out to be this problem, how could Zhou Ran be sure, not to mention that the two are now in a contractual relationship, Zhou Ran immediately lied that both of them really liked each other.

Ye Rongxuan's mother, in order to raise Zhou Ran into a lady, hired a lot of personal trainers, and arranged courses in illustration, swimming, yoga, golf, drama and musicals, etc., in order to let Zhou Ran grow up quickly in a short period of time. become. Zhou Ran had never taken a yoga class before, and she grinned in pain the first time she did the split. Ye Rongxuan's mother was watching, and when she heard Zhou Ran screaming in pain, she shook her head helplessly. They could afford to marry a wealthy family. But it was this kind of girl that my son fell in love with.

Under the supervision of the old woman, Zhou Ran learned quickly. During dinner, he was able to answer questions posed by Ye Rongxuan's mother fluently. Occasionally, there were some omissions, and Ye Rongxuan's mother did not blame him. That night, Ye Rongxuan's mother asked Zhou Ran to stay at home tonight so that he could learn more about Ye Rongxuan. Zhou Ran saw photos of Ye Rongxuan when he was a student in Ye Rongxuan's bedroom, and found it very interesting. Group photo, Zhou Ran knew this girl, just the last time there was a very embarrassing misunderstanding, when the two of them were in the bathroom, Dong Siyan deliberately emphasized that this time she came back for the one she loves, it seems that it was for Ye Rongxuan.

Once Zhou Ran's mother sewed Royage's evening dress three inches up and was discovered by the designer. The other party still hasn't stopped pursuing the responsibility and is planning to withdraw the capital from the magazine. Ye Rongxuan's mother criticized her son for not handling the aftermath well. Luo Yager's promotion fee is a huge income every year. It would be a pity to lose this customer because of an evening dress. Ye Rongxuan assured his mother that the problem would be dealt with as soon as possible.


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