Zhou Ran, a fresh social person who has just graduated for a year and a half, a passionate girl who has fantasies about everything, walks on the way to work, and it looks like everything is covered with peach blossoms. No wonder, today is Valentine's Day, which is very special for her. There are days of love. On this day, a news came from the company that a new editor-in-chief will be parachuted the next day, who is the son of the chairman. Everyone feels that crisis and opportunity coexist, not to mention that this young man with unlimited prospects has unlimited money. Many single girls Looking around the company, as long as there is a bit of beauty, I feel like a rival in love.

Zhou Ran heard the person in charge of the company say that everyone has a chance to make the plan for this event, so she worked overtime to complete the plan, and when she handed it over to the team leader, she realized that the company's plan had already been taken in the morning Yes, the editor-in-chief who happened to be airborne will arrive later because of the flight delay. Today is Valentine's Day. Originally, only the team leader and above were eligible, but the team leader was also busy dating, so he handed over the editor-in-chief job to Zhou Ran.

According to the address given by the team leader, Zhou Ran met Mr. Tony, who was also there to greet him. Mr. Tony chatted with Zhou Ran for a while, but the editor-in-chief was late. Zhou Ran’s boyfriend Guo Rui kept urging him, and finally Losing his patience, he decisively broke up with Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran couldn't understand why they broke up on Valentine's Day. He wanted to find out from his boyfriend, but the other party turned off the phone directly. In a fit of anger, Zhou Ran drank a lot of wine.

When he was drunk, the director came. Seeing Zhou Ran who was unconscious, he thought it was a drinking girl, so he called the police and sent Zhou Ran to the police station to rest. The next day, Zhou Ran woke up and found himself on the recliner of the Public Security Bureau. After finishing the notes in a hurry, Zhou Ran remembered that he had to explain to his boyfriend. Seeing that it was time to go to work, Zhou Ran hurried to the company.

In the company, everyone was celebrating the arrival of the new editor-in-chief. Zhou Ran apologized for his late arrival. Looking up, it turned out to be the man who mercilessly sent her to the police station last night! Zhou Ran was about to lose her temper when her colleagues told her that this was their airborne leader. Zhou Ran immediately lost her temper, originally wanted to bear it and forget it, but who knew that the new editor-in-chief Ye Rongxuan would fire her by name on the first day she took office, and call a person who was drunk outside in front of everyone, and her private life would be chaotic , and she dresses casually, which shows that she doesn't love this job.

Ye Rongxuan spoke in a high-sounding manner. Zhou Ran looked at her clothes. Although she was a bit rusty and did not match the shiny high-heeled shoes around her, she was an intern with twice the workload of others, so she couldn't wear beautiful shoes at all. Zhou Ran tried his best to explain, She cherished this hard-won job opportunity very much, but Ye Rongxuan had no buffer at all, and ordered her to leave directly.

On the same day, love and work all came to naught, and Zhou Ran felt that his luck was really weak at the moment. She has never been a cowardly little girl, Zhou Ran wanted to communicate with Guo Rui again, she could not have a house or a car, and she could marry naked, but the other party had no patience at all. Throw it all to him.


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