Meng Haotian sent Leng Siming to the front of the house, and suddenly Meng Haotian asked Leng Siming if he would be her boyfriend. Leng Siming was a little unbelievable, and Meng Haotian stepped forward to kiss Leng Siming.

At Jiang Leilei's house, Jiang Leilei sighed that the two were finally together, and asked Leng Siming to treat Meng Haotian well. Before dinner, Jiang Leilei thanked Lao Luo for handing over the flower shop to her, and celebrated that Meng Haotian and Leng Siming were together, and couldn't help but imagine their wedding. In the coffee shop, Li Chenyang asked Leng Nuan to stay and study hard, and went back to school with his schoolbag on his back. Li Chenyang walked into the campus, and Leng Nuan wanted to follow him to sneak into the campus, but the security saw that she was not a student of the school, and she was not allowed to enter the campus, so Leng Nuan had to leave.

In the swimming pool, Xiao Tuan was sitting by the water and playing, but was suddenly pushed hard by someone and fell into the water. The community security came to inform Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo that Xiao Tuan fell into the water. The two hurried to the swimming pool and saw that Xiaotuan was already awake, while Teacher Bai Xin and Bai stood aside. Jiang Leilei thanked Bai Xin for saving Xiaotuan. After returning home, Jiang Leilei wanted to invite Bai Xin to have dinner at home to express her gratitude, but Lao Luo persuaded her in every possible way, and finally reluctantly agreed under Jiang Leilei's insistence. Meng Haotian noticed that when they were in the swimming pool, Lao Luo and Bai Xin looked different, but Leng Siming didn't care.

Lao Luo walked into Bai Xin's house. Bai Xin told Lao Luo that she saved Xiaotuan because she wanted to use this incident to let him know that she already knew about him. Lao Luo told her that she was single but had been married once. Bai Xin recalled the past and realized that when he was with Lao Luo, he was not yet divorced, and Jiang Leilei was pregnant. Lao Luo said that he was divorced, but Jiang Leilei threatened himself with the child. Bai Xin said that she would never destroy other people's families. Lao Luo repeatedly emphasized that he was single, and Susu and Xiaotuan were his children.

Not long after, Lao Luo took Bai Xin home for dinner. Jiang Leilei introduced Leng Siming and Meng Haotian to Bai Xin, expressing that she wanted Xiaotuan to learn painting from Bai Xin in the future. Regardless of Lao Luo's objection, Bai Xin agreed to take Xiao Tuan with him. During the conversation, Meng Haotian realized something was wrong and wanted to ask a question, but was stopped by Leng Siming. After leaving Jiang Leilei's house, Meng Haotian thought that if she didn't take the initiative to ask, Jiang Leilei would always be kept in the dark. Leng Siming felt that this was a matter between the two families, maybe they just thought too much, and there was no need to do anything for the time being.

On the weekend, Meng Haotian received a call from his subordinate Amy, and Leng Siming also received a call from Yu Yang. Yu Yang asked him to rush back to the company for a meeting in half an hour. The two checked the news and found that someone posted a video accusing Li Chenyang of isolating him. The subordinates told Meng Haotian that the person who posted the video was Chunlu, a short video blogger, and Meng Haotian thought he was just trying to gain popularity and deliberately fabricated things.

At this time, Leng Siming called. Knowing that Zhou Yu was going to Lingzhi, Meng Haotian hurriedly set off. Seeing that Li Chenyang's parents couldn't find him, and Li Chenyang didn't even bring his mobile phone, Leng Nuan planned to go to his previous school with his parents.

In Lingzhi's office, Zhou Yu asked Lingzhi Group to make a cut with Li Chenyang, and then promote a new spokesperson, and then help Li Chenyang clean up after the heat passes. Meng Haotian also rushed to the office. Yuan Wenbin listened to the dispute between several people and thought that Zhou Yu's method was the most effective. Meng Haotian believes that the most urgent task is to find Li Chenyang, restore the truth of the matter, and leave with Leng Siming.

Leng Siming and Meng Haotian went to restaurants, game halls and Internet cafes, but they couldn't find Li Chenyang. Knowing through Leng Nuan that Chunlu is indeed Li Chenyang's junior high school classmate, and that Li Chenyang left home with his tablet, Leng Siming quickly took out his computer to locate Li Chenyang.

At this time, Jiang Leilei brought Xiaotuan to Bai Xin's house, and Bai Xin asked Susu to take Xiaotuan to watch the children draw. Jiang Leilei and Bai Xin were sitting on the sofa chatting, watching Jiang Leilei take out some maintenance products as gifts, and Bai Xin took out the silk scarf that Lao Luo had given her before and handed it to Jiang Leilei.

Afterwards, Jiang Leilei returned home and showed off the gift from Bai Xin to Lao Luo. Lao Luo asked her not to inquire about Bai Xin's husband's situation, and took out a few documents from the briefcase. Jiang Leilei couldn't understand the content of the documents. Lao Luo asked her to sign quickly, and Jiang Leilei hurriedly signed the contract. signature.

By the lake, Leng Nuan was the first to find Li Chenyang, saying that he must come forward to clarify before he can restore the truth. Not long after, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian arrived, and Meng Haotian asked Li Chenyang what happened that year. It turned out that a group of people who often gathered in the school bullied Chunlu back then. Li Chenyang once fought for him, but he was too scared. Later, even if he didn't bully Chunlu, he stood with that group of people and stood by. Seeing that he felt guilty, Meng Haotian suggested that Li Chenyang go to apologize.


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