Jiang Leilei's husband, Lao Luo, dragged a suitcase into the villa. The woman in the villa said that her daughter Susu had to adapt to the international school a year in advance, so she moved in a hurry. Lao Luo took out a gift to the woman, told her that he was going on a business trip in the suburbs, and asked the woman and Susu to leave the house as little as possible, and then dragged the suitcase and left.

Jiang Leilei had just brought her son Xiaotuan back home, and Lao Luo dragged the suitcase home, and the woman behind the tree looked at the sweet appearance of the two, secretly saddened. When preparing to eat, Xiaotuan took out the painting and gave it to Lao Luo. Jiang Leilei wanted Xiaotuan to learn painting from Teacher Bai who had just moved to the community. Listening to the conversation between the two, Lao Luo was thoughtful. Jiang Leilei asked Lao Luo if he could let Xiaotuan learn painting, and Lao Luo hurriedly changed the topic.

In the studio, as soon as Meng Haotian received the flowers from Leng Siming, Li Chenyang walked into the studio. Later, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian signed a contract in the office. It turned out that Meng Haotian used Li Chenyang's brokerage contract to contract Lingzhi's promotion business.

In the office, Xiao Rui told Zhou Yu that Yuan Wenbin's nephew, Li Chenyang, had already been selected as the result of the audition, and all the artists from the Five Elements would accompany him. Zhou Yu didn't care. Xiao Rui felt that Zhou Yu was naive, and told him that Li Chenyang had signed a contract with Pai Video. Zhou Yu was very angry and determined to take revenge on them.

Before the live broadcast press conference of Lingzhi CH1022, Li Chenyang was a little nervous, and Meng Haotian told the main points of the live broadcast one by one. The press conference officially started, and Zhou Yu asked his subordinates to take action. Li Chenyang introduced that the reason for starting the live broadcast on the mountain is that Lingzhi's new mobile phone is specially designed for young people to travel outdoors and mountaineering adventures, and began to introduce the relevant functions of the mobile phone. At this moment, there was a sudden problem with the live network, the mobile phone had no signal, and the live broadcast was interrupted. Meng Haotian made a decisive decision and asked his subordinates to launch a lottery in the live broadcast room to stabilize the heat first.

In Lingzhi's office, the board of directors asked Yuan Wenbin and others to come up with an emergency plan immediately, and the press conference should not be forced to be cancelled. Leng Siming felt that the lottery and public opinion in the live broadcast room could be used to attract a wave of traffic.

At the press conference, the reporter questioned Li Chenyang about the loss of contact with his mobile phone due to a communication failure. He also revealed the relationship between Li Chenyang and Ling Zhi's senior management, and questioned the fairness of the audition. Li Chenyang was at a loss, and the reporters on the scene talked a lot. The staff hurriedly pulled away the troublesome reporter, but there was a signal as soon as the reporter left the scene. The staff sensed that there was something wrong with the reporter and followed him secretly.

The reporter at the scene questioned Li Chenyang as a spokesperson but did not know enough about the functions of mobile phone products. At this critical moment, Meng Haotian connected Li Chenyang and asked him to publicly take responsibility during the live broadcast, stabilize all customers, and continue the mobile phone push link.

At the same time, the staff who silently followed the troublesome reporters took some photos. The staff took away the reporter's signal shielding device and handed it to Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian looked at the recruitment filmed by the staff and found that the woman sitting in the co-pilot of the car was actually Zhou Yu's assistant. It turned out that Zhou Yu was behind him.

For Five Elements Media, Zhou Yu said that he had already done what he promised, and Xiao Rui came up with a new quotation plan, willing to reduce the cost of the promotion of Five Elements artists. At this time, Zhou Yu received a photo from Meng Haotian, thinking that Meng Haotian had evidence, had the capital to negotiate, and had an unclear relationship with Lingzhi, and planned to let Meng Haotian go first, but Xiao Rui refused to give up and was determined to To continue revenge on Meng Haotian.

In the studio, Meng Haotian learned that Lingzhi's endorsement fee had already arrived, so Meng Haotian quickly asked his subordinates to send money to Li Chenyang, and reissued the salaries and bonuses of all employees. Afterwards, Meng Haotian excitedly wrote off part of the debt in his notebook.

Afterwards, Meng Haotian and Leng Siming ate at the hot pot restaurant together. Meng Haotian thought that Zhou Yu and Xiao Rui would not let him go, and Leng Siming praised Meng Haotian for his decisive action today. Meng Haotian said that Li Chenyang's affairs did allow her to repay part of the debt, and thanked Leng Siming for his help.

When Yuan Wenbin returned home, he saw Shen Chunyi arranging flowers in the living room. Shen Chunyi wanted to celebrate the success of Lingzhi's new product launch, but Yuan Wenbin was not in the mood, so he turned and left home. Shen Chunyi walked to Yuan Wenbin, seeing Yuan Wenbin was troubled by the feeling of not being recognized three years ago, Shen Chunyi comforted him softly, and Yuan Wenbin apologized for bringing his emotions home. The two walked home and sat in the dining room to eat together. Yuan Wenbin asked Shen Chunyi if he would like to move back home, and the two smiled at each other.

At night, Leng Siming was lying on the sofa at Meng Haotian's house, and Meng Haotian couldn't help complaining about Leng Siming's poor drinking capacity. Leng Siming asked Meng Haotian to forget what happened today, and not to blame himself for other people's mistakes. Meng Haotian couldn't help telling Leng Siming her experience, and Leng Siming looked at Meng Haotian distressedly, telling her not to change herself.


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