In the office, Yuan Wenbin watched the video posted by the official blog. It turned out that Leng Siming was hugging Meng Haotian. He was very angry. His subordinates asked Yuan Wenbin to report this to the chairman. Yuan Wenbin said that the chairman had just traveled to Europe and did not want to disturb him. .

Leng Siming accused Leng Nuan of making mistakes. Leng Nuan felt that the official Weibo had agreed to release the video, and many people voted for Leng Siming, which is not a bad thing. It turned out that Leng Nuan didn't want Li Chenyang to be the spokesperson to do so. At night, Yuan Wenbin sat on the bed, looked at his father's phone number, and couldn't help recalling the scene of being made things difficult by other shareholders when he first joined the company.

Leng Siming was very angry when he learned that after posting the video, he defaulted to participating in the audition and could not withdraw. Li Donghai couldn't help teasing him, and said that the top ten in the voting would directly enter the semi-finals. In the office, Yuan Wenbin asked his subordinates to return Wuxing Media's audition artist quotations to Zhou Yu, asking him to drop another 30% to show his sincerity, and at the same time ordered his subordinates to ensure that Li Chenyang entered the semi-finals.

Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian found that Chen Jiaojiao was waiting for him. Chen Jiaojiao learned that Meng Haotian was a professional bridesmaid and wanted her to contract the flowers and scene decoration for the wedding. Meng Haotian said that she would consider it.

Jiang Leilei returned to the flower shop, just in time to meet Chen Jiaojiao who had left. Back then, Chen Jiaojiao thought that Meng Haotian robbed her boyfriend Chen Dong, but now that she is going to marry Cao Dong, she wants to use this to demonstrate. Meng Haotian didn't care who the groom was, but she once hated Chen Jiaojiao in front of everyone. Jiang Leilei felt that Meng Haotian should not take the order, but Meng Haotian felt that as long as she could contract it, she would be willing to go. Jiang Leilei objected, feeling that Chen Jiaojiao was uneasy and kind, but Meng Haotian didn't care. At this moment, Leng Siming walked into the flower shop.

On the university campus, Li Chenyang handed the book to Leng Nuan. Seeing that she was still playing games, Li Chenyang snatched her mobile phone and asked her to do the questions. Leng Nuan told Li Chenyang that he had entered the semi-finals. Seeing that Li Chenyang was in a bad mood, Leng Nuan started to do the questions. At this moment, Li Chenyang received a call, and Yuan Wenbin asked him to take a new set of videos. Li Chenyang wanted to retire, but later felt that he would not be able to enter the finals, so he planned to ask his classmates to take a random video of himself. In the car, Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that the contract announced by the video outsourcing spokesperson had not passed the approval, thinking that Yuan Wenbin was targeting him, but Meng Haotian felt that Yuan Wenbin just wanted to control everything and planned to find a breakthrough by himself.

In the studio, Meng Haotian rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from Sister Wu. Sister Wu said that her husband had a cerebral hemorrhage and needed money urgently, and wanted Meng Haotian to advance all the money owed to her. Seeing how anxious Sister Wu was, Meng Haotian called her subordinate and asked her to transfer the money in the company account to herself first. Afterwards, Meng Haotian sent a message back to Chen Jiaojiao, agreeing to attend the wedding. In the coffee shop, Leng Nuan borrowed a book to secretly watch Li Chenyang's newly released video. Seeing that Li Chenyang was willing to cancel the bet, he took out his mobile phone and handed it to Li Chenyang. Only then did he realize that his vote count had soared.

At the wedding scene, in order to ensure the freshness of the hydrangea, Meng Haotian was busy for several hours arranging the venue. Unexpectedly, Chen Jiaojiao pulled Cao Dong and kept complaining that the bouquet was not noble enough. After Cao Dong left, Chen Jiaojiao brought Meng Haotian into the room.

Meng Haotian finally started to put on makeup, but Chen Jiaojiao deliberately made things difficult for her by asking her to take pictures of herself and other bridesmaids. Chen Jiaojiao actually took a photo and threw the pillow at Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian couldn't bear it anymore and called Chen Jiaojiao out of the room. Meng Haotian said that he hoped to help her arrange the wedding, but Chen Jiaojiao pretended to be innocent and continued to embarrass her. At this moment, Leng Siming appeared with Cao Dong, and Chen Jiaojiao admitted that she really didn't really want Meng Haotian to be a bridesmaid. Seeing that Cao Dong was willing to pay for the flowers and decorations on site, Meng Haotian strode away.

It turned out that Leng Siming accidentally overheard the conversation between Meng Haotian and Jiang Leilei in the flower shop. From the very beginning, he vaguely felt that there was something wrong, so he appeared in time. Looking at Leng Siming, Meng Haotian couldn't help but stepped forward to hug and thank him.

The final results of the audition showed that Li Chenyang had the most votes and became Lingzhi's spokesperson. Leng Siming asked Li Chenyang what he thought about endorsement fees, and Li Chenyang said that he might already have an economic company. Leng Siming planned to meet the boss of the company who shot the second promotional video for Li Chenyang, and he was very happy to see that it was Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming her future plans for Li Chenyang. Leng Siming felt that Meng Haotian could not sign Li Chenyang, so he offered to make a bet. If Meng Haotian lost, he would become his girlfriend.


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