Shen Chunyi found a man who believed that Yuan Wenbin had a relatively obvious personality disorder, which is why he expressed a strong desire to control in his work and life. If he does not control it in time, there may be more complications in the later stage. Shen Chunyi retorted, thinking that Yuan Wenbin acted like this only because of the recent pressure. The man suggested that Shen Chunyi bring Yuan Wenbin to meet with him, so that he could give specific advice. Shen Chunyi thanked the man for his help, and decided to find a way first.

In the coffee shop, Zhou Yu felt uncomfortable because he wanted to audition for a new spokesperson. Yuan Wenbin said that the chairman personally agreed to the application submitted by Leng Siming, and he couldn't help it. Zhou Yu was worried that amateurs would be selected in the audition. Yuan Wenbin promised that the artist's management would be handed over to Wuxing Media, but if amateurs were selected, Wuxing Media's quotation would need to be changed accordingly. Seeing this, Zhou Yu felt relieved. Yuan Wenbin asked Zhou Yu if he was sure to cooperate with Pai Video. Zhou Yu believed that cooperation could impact traffic, and Pai Video's bid was indeed lower than Ruida.

In the office, Li Donghai approached Leng Siming and said that the spokesperson's audition was about to start, and Zhou Yu had contacted Yuan Wenbin many times. Leng Siming said that Yuan Wenbin didn't tell him, so he pretended not to know. Li Donghai believed that Yuan Wenbin was the chairman's own son, and Leng Siming shouldn't fight against him, but wanted to protect himself wisely. Leng Siming told him that as long as he stands on the standpoint of maximizing the interests of the Lingzhi Group, others will not be able to find fault with him.

Knowing that Li Chenyang was going to participate in the audition, Leng Nuan couldn't help laughing at him, and the two began to fight. Leng Siming walked into the coffee shop and told Leng Nuan that he had moved, and the two had a new home. Li Chenyang took out a lot of review materials and planned to help Leng Nuan prepare for the admissions exam. Leng Siming was very satisfied. Li Chenyang told Leng Siming that he planned to participate in the audition for Ling Zhi's spokesperson, and Leng Siming asked him to work hard. Leng Nuan didn't want to learn from Li Chenyang, and said that if he could become Ling Zhi's spokesperson, he would obey him, and the two agreed by high-fiving.

Meng Haotian opened the door of the house and found that it was Leng Siming. Meng Haotian was unwilling to accept the high-heeled shoes from Leng Siming, and finally transferred the money to him. Meng Haotian asked Leng Siming why he came to deliver shoes on purpose. Leng Siming told him that he had moved to a new house and the two became neighbors. Meng Haotian was shocked. At this moment, Meng Haotian's mother just appeared, looking at the closeness of the two, Meng Haotian's mother was thoughtful.

Afterwards, Meng Haotian's mother asked about Leng Siming's family situation and work situation, and Meng Haotian pulled Leng Siming to let him leave. After Leng Siming left, Meng Haotian's mother asked Meng Haotian for money again. Meng Haotian said that he had to repay the debt every month. Seeing his mother's entanglement, Meng Haotian walked out of the house and wanted to go out to live but forgot to bring his mobile phone. Seeing that Leng Siming was still waiting at the door, Meng Haotian planned to stay at his house for one night. After Meng Haotian left home, Meng Haotian's mother helped her clean up the table, filled the refrigerator with the food she brought, and left after leaving a note.

At night, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian sat on the bed and drank beer together. When they learned that Meng Haotian still owed 1.8 million yuan in debt, Leng Siming couldn't help feeling distressed. Leng Siming admired Meng Haotian's tenacity to repay the debt, and wanted to help her father. The two shared their thoughts and worries with each other.

The next day, the two woke up from the bed. Leng Siming couldn't help confessing to Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian wanted to escape many times, but was pulled back by Leng Siming. The two almost kissed, and suddenly Leng Nuan opened the door to interrupt them.

After washing, Leng Siming sent Meng Haotian to work. Leng Siming asked Meng Haotian if he had considered signing an artist like Wuxing Media. Meng Haotian felt that he did not have a network like Zhou Yu. Leng Siming told her that Lingzhi wanted to audition for a spokesperson, and she could They competed with Zhou Yu.

At Li Donghai's house, Yuan Wenbin knew that Li Chenyang was going to participate in the audition, and was very opposed to him showing his face. Leng Nuan couldn't help but refute, but Li Chenyang insisted on his own ideas. Seeing this, Yuan Wenbin couldn't say much, so he had to leave. Under Yuan Wenbin's arrangement, Zhou Yu contacted Li Chenyang and asked him to shoot a promotional video in the shed. When Hua Yitang learned that Leng Siming had moved to Meng Haotian's next door, Jiang Leilei asked Meng Haotian to seize the opportunity and have a relationship with Leng Siming.


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