In the Lingzhi conference room, everyone looked at the content of the plan and thought about it. Yuan Wenbin said that Leng Siming's plan was somewhat inconsistent with Lingzhi's long-standing business positioning. Leng Siming believed that the company had to take the first step in order to transform. Later, Leng Siming analyzed Lingzhi's audience's demand for mobile phones . On the other side, Meng Haotian was about to hand over the plan to Zhou Yu, but Zhou Yu asked Meng Haotian to watch the most popular video. Zhou Yu learned about the relationship between Meng Haotian and Leng Siming, and said that he believed in the power of Pai Video, so he didn't need to read the plan.

Leng Siming received a call from Meng Haotian and left the meeting room. Meng Haotian asked Leng Siming about the video. She was very angry and felt that he shouldn't expose his private life. Leng Siming checked the trending searches and found that the video was actually the content of him hugging Meng Haotian to the front of the car that day. Yuan Wenbin said that since Leng Siming was too busy, the meeting will be held on another day, and then strode out of the meeting room.

In the restaurant, Leng Siming said that the angle of the video was just what the driving recorder could capture, and asked why Leng Nuan made the video public. Because the car was scratched when he left that day, Leng Siming flashed the driving recorder back to the hotel, and Leng Nuan helped him receive the courier. Leng Nuan expressed that he wanted to help Leng Siming pursue Meng Haotian, and Leng Siming accused Leng Nuan of violating Meng Haotian's privacy by doing so. Leng Nuan realized her mistake and promised Leng Siming to apologize to her.

In the studio, Meng Haotian wanted his subordinates to contact the blogger to delete the video. The subordinates received many positive comments from watching the video, and Pai’s video gained many fans because of this. He felt that the video should not be deleted. Seeing this, Meng Haotian asked his subordinate Amy to take advantage of this to post the topic, intending to maximize the commercial value of Pai Video.

Lingzhi, Leng Siming, Meng Haotian, and Zhou Yu were planning to go to the meeting room to discuss the plan. Suddenly, Xiao Ruixiao from Ruida appeared and stopped the three of them. In the office, Xiao Rui took out the video and said that Fang Hui had stolen Ruida's planning case and handed it over to Meng Haotian. He felt that Meng Haotian was a person who did anything to achieve his goals, and he wanted to pursue their legal responsibilities. Leng Siming said that it was inconvenient for him to get involved in the matter, so he left first. After walking out of the office, Leng Siming immediately asked Li Donghai for Fang Hui's contact information.

Meng Haotian said that Fang Hui came to Pai Video to customize a video, and took away some materials. She questioned Xiao Rui's collusion with Fang Hui to frame Pai Video. She asked Zhou Yu to take away her plan and compare it with Ruida's. Seeing this, Xiao Rui called to see the court, pushed Zhou Yu away and left the office. Meng Haotian told Zhou Yu that he really didn't read Ruida's plan. What Zhou Yu wanted was not the truth, but that she could solve the matter immediately.

Leng Siming finds Fang Hui, Fang Hui expresses that he really wants to help Meng Haotian, Leng Siming proposes to make Fang Hui a shareholder of Ruida and Xiao Rui's partner. Fang Hui felt that Xiao Rui would not share the shares with herself. Leng Siming said that the two started from scratch. Fang Hui could use this as a bargaining chip to share most of Xiao Rui's shares and make him stop attacking Meng Haotian.

When Yuan Wenbin returned to the company, he was very surprised to hear his subordinates discussing the dispute between Xiao Rui and Meng Haotian. Yuan Wenbin came to Huayitang and wanted to find Meng Haotian, but Jiang Leilei didn't want to talk to him at all.

The next day, Meng Haotian talked to her mother after washing up. Her mother accused her of bearing the millions of debts owed by her father. Meng Haotian believed that ordinary people were cheated, so she took the initiative to repay the debt. Later, Meng Haotian received a call from Sister Wu. Sister Wu said that her lover was hospitalized and hoped to get the money sooner. Seeing that she was so anxious, Meng Haotian promised to find a way. Looking at the little balance left, Meng Haotian couldn't help but sighed, and called Jiang Leilei but couldn't speak for a long time. Jiang Leilei knew Meng Haotian's situation and took the initiative to transfer the money to her. Not long after, Meng Haotian rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from his mother. Knowing that Uncle Li and Uncle Zhang, who were admitted to the hospital, had a dispute over their mother's travel, Meng Haotian had to transfer money to her mother again.

As soon as Meng Haotian arrived at the studio, he received a lawyer's letter from Ruida. On the other side, Leng Siming handed the earphones to Fang Hui and asked her to do as she said. Meng Haotian received a call from Xiao Rui and asked her to meet and talk at four o'clock in the afternoon. It turned out that Fang Hui asked him to call Meng Haotian. At the same time, Fang Hui told Xiao Rui that if he wanted to ease the relationship with Zhou Yu, he had to act with him to protect Xiaojia, and if he wanted to make a good impression on Lingzhi, he should let Meng Haotian go. But Xiao Rui firmly stated that he would not compromise with Meng Haotian.


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