Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian's mother came to the flower shop, they didn't talk for long, Leng Siming came to Meng Haotian. The two walked aside, and Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that there was someone she wanted to meet on the fifth floor of Xingyao Restaurant, and asked her to come over after she was done working.

In the office, the subordinate handed Leng Siming's resume to Yuan Wenbin. Yuan Wenbin didn't understand why Leng Siming didn't return to the family business, but went to Lingzhi to work instead. Afterwards, Yuan Wenbin asked his subordinates what they thought of the proposal proposed by Leng Siming. The subordinates said that they really should invest in research and development. Zhao Shiyan’s endorsement could be replaced after discussing with Zhou Yu. Meng Haotian went to Lingzhi to find Zhou Yu to contract Lingzhi’s mobile phone spokesperson promotional marketing.

At Xingyao restaurant, Zhou Yu saw Leng Siming approaching him to greet him. After Zhou Yu left, Leng Siming asked Meng Haotian if he wanted to cooperate with Lingzhi. Meng Haotian vetoed it and turned to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, a woman kept mocking Meng Haotian and kept her from leaving. Seeing Meng Haotian throwing away her hand, the woman actually poured water on Meng Haotian, Meng Haotian slapped her, and the woman was so angry that she left. Later, Leng Siming took Meng Haotian to his room to change clothes. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming that the woman was her father's partner, and later her father went to jail, so she held on to her. Leng Siming felt that Meng Haotian didn't have to be aggressive all the time, so he couldn't help teasing her, and they kissed sweetly.

At this moment, Leng Nuan who suddenly returned to China rang the doorbell, and Leng Siming went to open the door, but was almost knocked down by the enthusiastic Leng Nuan. Seeing the warm appearance of the two, Meng Haotian almost misunderstood, and Leng Nuan took out a certificate to prove that she was Leng Siming's younger sister. Suddenly, Meng Haotian received a work call and had to go to the cloakroom to change into warm and cold clothes. Leng Nuan told Leng Siming that he wanted to go back to China to study in university, and planned to concentrate on preparing for the exam at Leng Siming. Seeing this, Leng Siming agreed to let Leng Nuan stay.

Seeing that Meng Haotian was about to leave, Leng Siming hurriedly drove her off. Leng Siming hurriedly called to Meng Haotian who was about to leave, and finally added her WeChat, very happy. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming not to misunderstand the kiss just now. Leng Siming held Meng Haotian who was turning around, and picked her up in front of the car. Meng Haotian said that if he was patient enough, he might change his mind. Afterwards, Meng Haotian left Leng Siming and went back to work.

Leng Siming received a call, saying that Zhou Yu would go to Lingzhi to check Wuxing Media's marketing plan in person, and asked him to return to the company as soon as possible. In the Lingzhi meeting room, Yuan Wenbin said that Leng Siming would be the spokesperson for the time being. Leng Siming wanted a younger face to be the spokesperson. His subordinate suggested that Zhou Yu should provide different candidates. Suddenly, Leng Siming received a call and temporarily left the meeting room. After returning to the conference room, Leng Siming said that he must adapt to the development of the times, and if it does not change, he can only wait for death. Leng Siming asked Zhou Yu to come up with several plans that fit the tastes of young people today. Seeing that Yuan Wenbin didn't say a word, Zhou Yu had no choice but to agree repeatedly.

Jiang Leilei suggested to Meng Haotian that she could interview herself about the topic of re-employment for working mothers. Meng Haotian thought this was a good way, but Zhou Yu rarely contacted him, so he asked his subordinate Tang Na to interview Jiang Leilei. In the coffee shop, the subordinates reminded Leng Siming not to be so arrogant, disregarding Yuan Wenbin's face, and asked him to find a way to save the situation immediately. Leng Siming didn't care, and felt that he just did what he should do.

Five Elements Media, Zhou Yu told Meng Haotian that Lingzhi's new marketing plan for the first quarter needs to be adjusted, and hoped that she could provide some bright ideas. Although he had to compete with Rui Da, Meng Haotian still seized the opportunity and agreed to Zhou Yu. At night, Meng Haotian was still changing the plan in the studio, and couldn't help picking up the Ruida plan given by Fang Hui. She opened the file and glanced at it casually, then put the file into the shredder. The next day, Meng Haotian arrived at Five Elements Media and handed over the plan to Zhou Yu.


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