Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei couldn't help laughing when she saw the flat shoes Qi Lang bought for herself earlier. Leng Nuan thinks that Jiang Leilei should try to be with Qi Lang. She can see that Qi Lang is sincere to Jiang Leilei, and expresses that she has more and more schoolwork recently, and she is worried that she will not be able to help Jiang Leilei. Jiang Leilei said that she can't accept a relationship just because she needs Qi Lang temporarily, she has too many worries, and the flower shop plans to recruit another person to help.

At the Five Elements Media office, Zhou Yu was drinking. Mrs. Zhou said that Wang Wenjun would like to have the complaint withdrawn immediately, but the condition was that Zhou Yu and Meng Haotian would cut off the cooperative relationship. Mrs. Zhou said that as long as they cooperate successfully with Xingqi, the relationship with the family can be eased. Zhou Yu rejected her proposal and continued to drink. Seeing this, Mrs. Zhou left angrily.

At this time, Rui Da and Xiao Rui sneaked into the office to look for the official seal, and Fang Hui and Amy walked into the office to confront him. Fang Hui checked Xiao Rui's bill and found that the so-called middleman was Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui said that he cooperated with Wang Wenjun for the development of Ruida, and told Fang Hui that he had negotiated all the conditions for resource replacement. Fang Hui tore up Xiao Rui's contract, accusing Xiao Rui of disregarding business rules and morals. Xiao Rui wanted to step forward and snatch the official seal from Amy, but Dun Dun and Feng Shuai rushed to stop Xiao Rui. Fang Hui shouted that Xiao Rui would never be allowed to sign the contract with the official seal, and left the office with Amy Dundun and others.

Five Elements Media, Zhou Yu told Meng Haotian that he was not afraid of Wang Wenjun, but worried that Mrs. Zhou would be caught in the middle. While talking, Zhou Yu talked about his low self-esteem because of Mrs. Zhou's status, and the days of working with Meng Haotian and Fang Hui were very happy, as if he had regained his dream, so he did not agree with Mrs. Zhou's suggestion.

Listening, Leng Siming found that when only asking the double head "do you like me", the double head will continue to run until it crashes. Sister Meng said that Qiao Kuan couldn't let go of his original family. He was too lonely in his heart, so he wanted to develop a robot that could truly accompany people. At night, Leng Siming writes programs at home. Two-headed and really stupid talk, really stupid asked if double-headed like him, double-headed into a state of panic again, really stupid said "it doesn't matter if you can't answer, anyway, I like you", suddenly, double-headed moved again .

In the coffee shop, Meng Haotian told Mrs. Zhou that he was willing to withdraw from this cooperation, expressing that he wanted to protect his partners and let Wuxing Media and Xingqi's first line of ice and snow melt. Afterwards, Meng Haotian showed Mrs. Zhou a video of Zhou Yu working on the shooting site. Mrs. Zhou watched the video and lamented that it had been a long time since she had seen Zhou Yu enthusiastically on the set. Mrs. Zhou always thought that Zhou Yu founded Wuxing Media to make money, but now she realizes that Zhou Yu's enthusiasm for creation has never changed, and making movies is his dream. Meng Haotian said that both Zhou Yu and Mrs. Zhou were doing their best for each other, and he didn't want it to affect their relationship.

The cards of Lingzhi and Yuan Wenbin have expired, and the front desk staff will not let him in. Wang Dawei came to the first floor and asked the front desk to give him a visitor card, so Yuan Wenbin was able to enter. In the office, Yuan Wenbin asked Wang Dawei to leave the company with him, but Wang Dawei refused, saying that he had worked hard at Lingzhi for so many years to get to his current position, and he was unwilling to leave, and asked Yuan Wenbin not to point fingers. Seeing his complacent look, Yuan Wenbin left angrily.

At night, Qiao Kuan sneaks back to Lingdian's office, walks into the office with two heads and chats with Qiao Kuan. Qiao Kuan asked Shuang Tou "Do you like me?" Unexpectedly, Shuang Tou could really answer, Qiao Kuan looked at Shuang Tou, feeling very emotional. At this time, Leng Siming happened to be back to work overtime. Qiao Kuan asked Leng Siming what he did to make the two heads have emotional feedback. Leng Siming said that he modified the algorithm so that the two heads could not only answer, but also There is interaction.

Listening, Sister Meng feels that the double head has been given life by Qiao Kuan. Qiao Kuan said that the double head still obtains information by grabbing and then gives feedback to the user, but its ability is powerful enough. Yu Yang said that this technology has killed all similar products on the market in seconds. Leng Siming plans to let the foundry process the products, and then develop the conference to promote the products to the world.

Pai Video, Dun Dun told Meng Haotian that the complaint was withdrawn, and the short play of Pai Video was launched again, and Meng Haotian was very happy. Zhou Yu came to find Meng Haotian, saying that he had a long chat with Mrs. Zhou last night, and after telling all the things he hadn't said in these years, Mrs. Zhou took the shares to find Wang Wenjun to discuss, so Meng Haotian would not have any more troubles in the future.

At night, Meng Haotian and Leng Siming celebrated each other's success in their careers. Leng Siming said that he received a call from home and invited Meng Haotian to go home with him to meet his parents. Meng Haotian said that he was very happy with Leng Siming, but he hadn't seriously thought about meeting his parents.


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