Mrs. Zhou told Zhou Yu that Meng Haotian had offended Xingqi, and Xiao Rui thought that Meng Haotian wanted to use Wuxing Media and Ruida as a shield. Meng Haotian was very surprised to learn that Mrs. Zhou Wang Wenyun and the current CEO of Xingqi Wang Wenjun are brother and sister. Mrs. Zhou took Zhou Yu away. Seeing this, Meng Haotian expressed that he is not in a hurry about the cooperation and shareholding, but the filming progress cannot be delayed. Meng Haotian received a text message, and Leng Siming told her that Maggie was moving today, so Meng Haotian took the initiative to help. Maggie still wanted to embarrass Meng Haotian, but Meng Haotian had already found a moving company to help her move.

Hua Yitang, Li Chenyang suggested to Jiang Leilei that Qi Lang go to the flower shop to clock in on time. Jiang Leilei said that even if she deducted the money, Qi Lang would not have the money to pay back, and suggested with a cold smile that Qi Lang would agree with her body. At this time, Qi Lang just walked into the flower shop, Leng Nuan told Qi Lang what he had just said. Qi Lang pulled Jiang Leilei, expressing that he also wanted to be safe and didn't want to wander, and that every word he said was carefully thought out. Seeing that Jiang Leilei wanted to escape, Qi Lang looked at her, making Jiang Leilei believe in himself, he didn't care that Jiang Leilei was divorced and had children. Jiang Leilei refused Qi Lang and told him to leave quickly. Seeing Jiang Leilei like this, Qi Lang had no choice but to leave the flower shop.

The moving company has already moved things, Meng Haotian still has something to do and plans to leave first. At this time, Maggie suddenly apologized to her, saying that she fell in love with Leng Siming and wanted to compete with Meng Haotian openly. Meng Haotian said that she trusted Leng Siming and didn't care about Maggie's behavior. After listening, Maggie came to Leng Siming's office and expressed that she wanted to invite him to dinner. Leng Siming said that he rushed home to cook for Meng Haotian. Maggie stopped Leng Siming to confess to him, and Leng Siming felt that Maggie was just delusional because she just broke up. Maggie retorted, saying that she planned to leave the company to get rid of her feelings, and Leng Siming respected her choice.

The video was sent, and a brawl broke out in the studio. Amy told Meng Haotian that the agent took away all the artists of Wuxing Media, and the director was dissatisfied with other artists so he left angrily. Meng Haotian asked them to stabilize the director first, and leave the actors' problems to themselves. At Five Elements Media, Meng Haotian approached Zhou Yu, saying that all the artists had been taken away by their managers, and the director only recognized the artists of Five Elements Media, and the project had already started to advance, and the progress could not be delayed, so she hoped that Zhou Yu would talk to two actors and give each other a chance. Afterwards, Zhou Yu asked two actors to ask their opinions on the script, and both actors were very satisfied with the script. Therefore, Zhou Yu agreed to help Meng Haotian solve the actor's problem.

Send a video, Xiao Rui is willing to help Meng Haotian negotiate the shooting location at a low price. Meng Haotian was a little surprised. Xiao Rui said that he saw the successful cooperation between Pai Video and Wuxing Media, and Ruida was also his own company, so he decided to help them advance the project.

Lingzhi and Yuan Wenbin questioned where his plan did not meet the regulations. Mr. Yuan said that his project was about to drain Lingzhi's money. Yuan Wenbin was very angry because Mr. Yuan was willing to invest in Leng Siming but did not support him. The old Mr. Yuan looked at him, said that Yuan Wenbin was no longer qualified to be the CEO of Lingzhi, and informed him that he was suspended. On the other side, Shen Chunyi was singing with the children, very happy. Looking at Shen Chunyi's appearance, Ji Mo couldn't help being happy for her. Ji Mo told Shen Chunyi that Yuan Wenbin had come to find him, and Shen Chunyi planned to wait until he was ready before telling Yuan Wenbin about the child.

Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei is interviewing for recruitment. Qi Lang asked her why she didn't ask him for help. Jiang Leilei thought it was better for the two of them to keep a distance, saying that she didn't have the heart to think about other things now. Qi Lang laughed angrily, transferred the money owed to Jiang Leilei, and asked her Express your heart. Listening to Qi Lang's words, Jiang Leilei was very touched but still could not accept his feelings. Seeing this, Qi Lang shouted to settle the matter, and left the flower shop.

Listen, Qiao Kuan has improved the accuracy of the deep learning algorithm, but the two heads still can't answer the emotional question. Leng Siming saw that the technology was still unable to break through the difficulties, and planned to produce a batch of robots in advance, and then slowly update them. Sister Meng agreed with Leng Siming's idea. Qiao Kuan told them not to worry, and gave himself some time to break through. Leng Siming and Mengjie felt that Qiao Kuan didn't have to be so persistent. Seeing their casual attitude, Qiao Kuan left angrily. At night, Yu Yang told Leng Siming that Qiao Kuan had disappeared and could not be reached.

The mini-short filmed by Pai Video was finally launched, but not long after, the video was suddenly taken off the shelves. Amy told Meng Haotian that the scenes in their video were set up by Xingqi, and they were illegally using other people's scenes, so they were reported under their real names. Meng Haotian thought that someone dug a hole for them. Fang Hui and Zhou Yu saw that the video was taken off the shelf, and hurried to send the video. Meng Haotian told them the matter, so Zhou Yu invited Xiao Rui to Five Elements Media for a detailed discussion. Zhou Yu looked at Xiao Rui's signature on the contract and asked Xiao Rui what happened, Xiao Rui said that he was also framed.


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