Leng Siming and Yu Yang brought Maggie to Shuangqiao Company to discuss cooperation, but they didn't expect to see Yuan Wenbin and Wang Dawei walk out of the conference room. Wang Dawei said that Shuangqiao Company has agreed to cooperate, and Sister Meng also said that she agreed to cooperate with Yuan Wenbin. Fang Hui brought the director and screenwriter to Pai Video Studio. Afterwards, Amy Dundun and others discussed the script with the director and screenwriter to prepare for the shooting of the short play.

Double bridge, Wang Dawei tested the function of the robot's double head, and it feels pretty good. But when Qiao Kuan asked, the two heads kept running calculations and couldn't answer the question. Wang Dawei felt that Lingzhi's voice assistant could do it, so he asked Qiao Kuan to modify the program. Qiao Kuan felt that the voice assistant's answer was too perfunctory. The double head is a companion robot, and users hope to have real emotional communication with it. Yuan Wenbin felt that they didn't have to be so serious. Qiao Kuan was very angry and turned to leave. Sister Meng hurried out to ease the atmosphere.

Another technician told Yuan Wenbin that the most important problem is that the two heads can't communicate continuously, and its answer is inconsistent. What they are doing now is to break through this technical problem, but they don't know when it will be solved. Sister Meng found Qiao Kuan and said that since the investors didn't understand, she would find the one with the most money and a strong background, and let him work hard for Wudoumi.

Send video, Fang Hui visits Meng Haotian with coffee. Meng Haotian thanked Fang Hui, saying that she could officially start the short drama project. Knowing that the director hadn't found a suitable actor after selecting for a long time, Fang Hui took out the artist's profile of Wuxing Media and handed it to Meng Haotian.

Hua Yitang, Li Chenyang came to Leng Nuan with the necklace bought by Leng Siming, and told her that Leng Siming was not angry anymore, and told her to go home quickly. At this time, Qi Lang gave Jiang Leilei the milk tea he was holding, and Jiang Leilei introduced each other to them. In order to repay Leng Nuan for his help, Jiang Leilei handed the milk tea to Leng Nuan. Leng Nuan picked up the milk tea and saw Qi Lang staring at her. Seeing this, Leng Nuan quickly returned the milk tea to Jiang Leilei and took Li Chenyang away.

Pai video, Meng Haotian is more and more confident in the short drama, and plans to officially start the series plan if the performance of the short drama is good after it goes online. tied together. Meng Haotian said that if she wants to make a series in the future, she must attract more investors. She wants to directly involve Zhou Yu in the production, so she wants to ask Fang Hui to negotiate with Zhou Yu, and Fang Hui readily agrees.

Shuangqiao, Maggie and Jojokuan had dinner together. At night, Leng Siming also came to the dinner. After drinking for three rounds, Qiao Kuan asked Leng Siming what kind of robot he wanted to make. Leng Siming said that he wanted to be a psychological escort robot, a robot that could understand people and was not cold. Qiao Kuan agreed with Leng Siming's idea, because giving life and emotion to robots is exactly what they want to do, saying that artificial intelligence needs warmth. Seeing that the other two technicians asked him to try, Qiao Kuan proposed to go to work next week, and Leng Siming was very happy.

When Leng Siming returned home, seeing Meng Haotian who was busy with work, he had to eat in the living room alone. Suddenly, Leng Siming received a call from Maggie, saying that the neighbors were blocking her door again. Leng Siming told Meng Haotian about this, and Meng Haotian went with Leng Siming. When they arrived at Maggie's house, Leng Siming drove away the man. Meng Haotian suggested that Maggie should call the police instead of looking for Leng Siming next time. Maggie said that the police were helpless, so she considered moving, and asked Leng Siming if there was any house available. Seeing this, Meng Haotian blocked Maggie's view of Leng Siming and offered to help her find a house.

Zhou Yu felt that Fang Hui's plan and script for the short play were very good, so he approached Fang Hui. Fang Hui took Zhou Yu to see Meng Haotian. When Zhou Yu saw Meng Haotian, he got up and planned to leave after a few words. Meng Haotian hurriedly called him to stop, saying that he asked him to discuss joint production. Fang Hui believed that the three companies could share risks by bundling together. Meng Haotian apologized to Zhou Yu for what happened to Lingzhi back then. Seeing this, Zhou Yu sat down again Discuss with them.

Listen, sister Meng came to the office instead of Qiao Kuan and the others. Sister Meng told Leng Siming that they only talked about reality and not ideals, so they planned to invest in technology. Yuan Wenbin texted and called Shen Chunyi but found that she couldn't be reached. Wang Dawei told Yuan Wenbin that the Shuangqiao team signed a contract with Lingdian Company, because they had only made a verbal agreement before, so they could not pursue it. Seeing this, Yuan Wenbin asked Wang Dawei to find a better team.

At night, Yuan Wenbin went to Ji Mo's apartment and asked about Shen Chunyi's whereabouts. At this time, Shen Chunyi, who was recuperating outside, found out that she was pregnant.

After sending the video, Xiao Rui and Mrs. Zhou came to the studio. Zhou Yu was about to stamp the contract when Mrs. Zhou stopped him.


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