After sending a video, Meng Haotian wanted to cooperate with Fang Hui in making short plays. She felt that short plays must be the future development trend. Fang Hui didn't understand why she asked her to cooperate. Meng Haotian told her that Xingqi had been targeting Pai Video because of Liang Luofei's incident, and now no actor or director dared to cooperate with them. Fang Hui said that the economic environment of the entire market is not good, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to survive. If they offend the industry bosses, they will not be able to survive. Meng Haotian understood Fang Hui's concerns, and said that if she wanted to break Xingqi's first-line monopoly market, she could only do it together and let her consider it slowly before making a decision.

Shuangqiao, Sister Meng, Qiao Kuan and the team had a meeting together. Qiao Kuan felt that they were already winning after five years of research, and he didn't want to cooperate with other teams and let them steal their technological achievements. Sister Meng told them that no investors were willing to invest any more and they were about to go bankrupt. Seeing that Sister Meng was about to break down emotionally, Qiao Kuan quickly agreed to follow her arrangement. So, Sister Meng walked out of the meeting room and took the initiative to discuss cooperation with Leng Siming.

Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei asked Qi Lang to look after the store for her, and planned to drive an electric car to pick up Xiaotuan. Halfway there, Jiang Leilei was so frightened by the backing truck that she fell to the ground with the truck. Listen, Meng Haotian, who just happened to be working in a nearby coffee shop, wanted to deliver coffee to Leng Siming, but when Leng Siming was not around, he handed the coffee to Yinuo. Watching Yinuo tidy up the table, Meng Haotian was disappointed to learn that Maggie made breakfast for Leng Siming herself.

In the taxi, Meng Haotian received a message from Fang Hui and learned that she was willing to invest 40%, Meng Haotian quickly called Amy to prepare the contract. At this time, Jiang Leilei sent a message asking Meng Haotian to take care of Xiaotuan for one night. At night, Meng Haotian took Xiaotuan home. During the meal, Xiaotuan was a little worried about Jiang Leilei, Meng Haotian hurriedly comforted him and asked him to eat more.

On the other side, Qi Lang helped Jiang Leilei back to the apartment. Before Qi Lang left, Jiang Leilei said that she really needed to ask him for help. In the bathroom, Jiang Leilei was unable to unzip her skirt due to her hand injury, so she asked Qi Lang to unzip a section of the zipper. Qi Lang was very embarrassed, and quickly fled after helping out.

After listening, Maggie walked into the conference room with a midnight snack, and handed a special meal to Leng Siming. Meng Haotian saw the photo of the meeting room taken by Yu Yang, and Xiaotuan just said that he missed Leng Siming, so Meng Haotian asked him to call Leng Siming. When Leng Siming answered the phone, Maggie eavesdropped on their conversation. After answering the phone, Leng Siming picked up his clothes and went home.

As soon as Leng Siming got out of the elevator, he saw Leng Nuan and Li Chenyang hugging each other. Knowing that the two had established a relationship a month ago, but Leng Nuan didn't tell him, Leng Siming was very angry. The two didn't talk for long, Leng Nuan pulled Li Chenyang away angrily. Leng Siming came to Meng Haotian's house, and under Xiaotuan's persuasion, the two got back together, sweetly.

The next day, Li Chenyang invited Leng Siming to the restaurant for dinner. Knowing that Leng Nuan wanted to go home for a few days, Leng Siming asked Li Chenyang to tell Leng Nuan to go home quickly, saying that he was not angry with her. Li Chenyang assured Leng Siming that he would treat Leng Nuan well. Hua Yitang and Jiang Leilei were busy arranging the flower shop, Qi Lang saw that Jiang Leilei was still wearing high heels when she hurt her feet, so he quickly asked her to sit on the sofa and started to arrange it herself.

At the beginning of the afternoon tea party, Jiang Leilei specially customized different bouquets and fragrances for each wife as gifts. Mrs. Zhou, Fang Hui and other wives were very satisfied and full of praise. Through chatting with the wives, Qi Lang learned that Jiang Leilei's ex-husband had cheated. Jiang Leilei took the opportunity to tell the wives that she was single again, and that she enjoyed her current life very much, and showed the wives a new bouquet from the flower shop. Qi Lang looked at the eloquent Jiang Leilei with a smile on his face. After seeing off the wives, Qi Lang hurriedly helped Jiang Leilei sit down and helped her put on her slippers.

Shuangqiao, Yuan Wenbin said that no matter what conditions Leng Siming gave, Lingzhi would be double his. Sister Meng hesitated.


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