Listen, Leng Siming woke up and saw Meng Haotian happy and wronged. Meng Haotian agreed with him that he would participate in all important occasions in the future. Leng Siming was a little angry and still had a straight face, and asked Meng Haotian about his position in her heart. Meng Haotian said that Leng Siming was very important to him, and apologized to Leng Siming. The two settled their suspicions and started fighting.

After sending the video, Meng Haotian said that no one is willing to invest in them now, and the short drama he wants to do is very expensive. Everyone began to discuss the feasibility of making short plays, and Meng Haotian felt that it was necessary to hire a professional team to make short plays, and then arrange work for them respectively. Listen, Leng Siming wants to hire a team to specialize in the technology of escort robots, so that their technology can serve his own products. Seeing this, Yu Yang thought of Qiao Kuan from the Shuangqiao team, saying that their technology was relatively mature, and Leng Siming planned to try it first.

Amy and Feng Shuai went to the crew to visit Xia Yang. Xia Yang was very happy to be able to return to the crew to film. Knowing that they wanted to find an actor, Xia Yang expressed his willingness to help them make videos without any money. When Leng Siming and Yu Yang came to Shuangqiao Company, the people in the office were busy revising the program. Leng Siming introduced himself as an intelligent robot escort and wanted to seek cooperation, but Qiao Kuan immediately said that he didn't need it, and then continued to work.

Seeing this, Leng Siming and Yu Yang planned to go back and make a long-term plan. Just as the two left, Wang Dawei saw them leaving Shuangqiao Company. So, Wang Dawei called and told Yuan Wenbin that Leng Siming was not going to be a smart home, but a companion robot. Yuan Wenbin immediately turned the car around and asked Wang Dawei to return to the company for a meeting. Meng Haotian's mother called Meng Haotian and said that she had booked a hot pot restaurant and asked her and Leng Siming to accompany her for dinner at six o'clock in the evening. Thinking that her mother wanted to be lively, Meng Haotian planned to call Leng Nuan, Xiao Tuan and Jiang Leilei after calling Leng Siming.

When Leng Nuan came to Huayitang, Xiaotuan thought that Leng Nuan was a thief and locked her in the flower shop. Leng Nuan introduces herself as Leng Siming's younger sister. Jiang Leilei just returned to the flower shop and unlocked it for her. Leng Nuan said that he took the initiative to come to help, but because he is still in school, he can only come to work part-time. Seeing that Lengnuan doesn't want salary, Jiang Leilei promises to give her a commission for every order she completes.

Listen, Maggie, who promised to have a meeting at 3:00, was late for more than an hour. Yu Yang was worried that something might happen to Maggie. At Maggie's house, Maggie had a headache because of a hangover. At this time, someone knocked on the door to harass her. Maggie called Leng Siming and asked him to come to her house. When Leng Siming came to Maggie's house, the man wanted to harass Maggie, but Leng Siming stopped him and accidentally injured his fingers during the scuffle.

Maggie's house, Maggie said that she was drunk and went to the wrong door last night, and Leng Siming asked Maggie what happened. Maggie said that Sun Hao was going to marry his first love, and she sacrificed a lot for him, but she got nothing during the five years of dating. Leng Siming felt that she shouldn't torture herself like this, and comforted her to learn to accept, and time will take away everything.

Leng Siming finally rushed to the hot pot restaurant, saying that something happened and the delay was delayed. Seeing that Leng Siming's hand was injured, Meng Haotian quickly pulled him aside to ask. Leng Siming said that Maggie's neighbors harassed her, and she was injured when she helped. After Leng Siming left, Meng Haotian's mother, who was eavesdropping, warned Meng Haotian that there should be a sense of distance between adults and asked her to pay more attention.

At night, Meng Haotian angrily helped Leng Siming treat the wound, then went back to the room and locked the door. Leng Siming could only bring a quilt from his house and lie on the sofa to rest. The next day, Leng Siming overslept and went into the room to wake Meng Haotian up, but Meng Haotian had already gone out. Listen, as soon as Leng Siming arrived at the office, Maggie put the breakfast she made on Leng Siming's table, thanking him for helping her yesterday. Maggie said that she found out that the Shuangqiao team may be about to go bankrupt, so they are currently short of funds.

In the video studio, everyone was in a hurry to prepare for the arrival of Xia Yang and the director of the short play, but the appointed time had passed, and it was Mr. Li, the boss of Xia Yang's company who came. Mr. Li said that Liang Luofei's backstage Xingqi line already had problems with Meng Haotian and Xia Yang. Although Xia Yang wanted to help, Mr. Li expressed that he would be responsible for the interests of the company and the artists.

Meng Haotian had no choice but to express his understanding, remembering that the director who made an appointment today did not come, which is probably the reason. Mr. Li said that he believes that Meng Haotian's company has a lot of room for future development and growth, but in the industry, resource acquisition will definitely be limited. Meng Haotian thanked Mr. Li for his reminder. Afterwards, Meng Haotian approached Fang Hui and handed her the plan for the short play "The Light Pickers".


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