In the noodle restaurant, Leng Siming showed Mr. Yuan the basic idea of the escort robot, saying that this is the main product developed by their company in the future. Mr. Yuan said that he trusted Leng Siming because he saw his ability and potential, but this time he asked him to go back and think carefully.

Meng Haotian found Mr. Lu Kai, who was dating, and said that he knew that he had a wife, so they went back to the coffee shop. Meng Haotian thought that the owner of the car should be a woman by observing Lu Kai's car before, but after confirmation, he found out that Lu Kai actually has a wife.

Seeing this, Lu Kai had no choice but to admit that Donna accused him of having a wife and going on blind dates, and cheating many girls. Lu Kai asked them not to tell his wife about this, he did this because he was the marriage entrustor hired by Qingyuan Tiandi. Lu Kai told Meng Haotian and Pai Video Studio and others about the inside story of Qingyuan Tiandi, and Meng Haotian silently took the video.

Hua Yitang and Qi Lang handed the cooperation agreement to Jiang Leilei, saying that the owner of the homestay is going to sign a one-year contract with her first. Jiang Leilei was very happy because it was achieved through her hard work. At night, Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that without the consent of Mr. Yuan, the plan could only be shelved temporarily. Meng Haotian helped Leng Siming analyze what Mr. Yuan said today, thinking that some functions should be reduced, and helped Leng Siming analyze the research focus of the escort robot. Leng Siming immediately used the computer to write down the main points.

The next day, Mr. Yuan finally signed, expressing his reassurance for Leng Siming as always. Lingzhi and Wang Dawei told Yuan Wenbin that their capital chain had been stretched to the extreme, and Yuan Wenbin asked him to reduce the budget for the first batch of products or change the appearance of the products to save money. Wang Dawei said that the budget for compressed packaging is limited, and if the board of directors does not approve it, it will be difficult for them to end. Yuan Wenbin was very angry, feeling that Mr. Yuan was willing to invest in Leng Siming, but did not support Lingzhi. Yuan Wenbin asked Wang Dawei to delay the time as much as possible. He went to fight for the budget and must launch the new product before the order.

In the apartment, Shen Chunyi realized that she should not lose herself and rely on others to breathe, so she decided to go out and face herself again. Ji Mo saw that Shen Chunyi was really different, and wished her better and better in the future. Send a video studio, Donna just edited the video, Director Zhang of the Qingyuantiandi platform came to the studio. Director Zhang said that Lu Kai's incident was an accident, and hoped that Meng Haotian and the others would not post the video, and she promised that such things would not happen again in the future. Seeing Meng Haotian's reluctance, Director Zhang said that she learned that Pai Video has not been doing well recently, and that the company just happened to raise funds recently, so she is willing to hand over the company's promotional video to them for production, and is willing to pay Donna double the compensation.

Seeing that Donna was hesitant, Meng Haotian took the initiative to hand over the decision to Donna and left first. Donna said that she didn't become a member for money, so she didn't want their dirty money. Meng Haotian said that Qingyuantiandi's behavior had violated the law, and he only felt insulted from Director Zhang's expression. So Director Zhang was chased away by Dun Dun and others.

In the evening, Leng Siming said that the plan for the first robot had been approved, and wanted to invite Meng Haotian to the celebration ceremony. Meng Haotian said that she has recently been making a series of blind date scam videos to expose the emotional problems of urban women. Although she is very busy, she promised to go to his celebration banquet. On the second day, Pai Video showed the plight of modern women's blind date in the form of live broadcast and video.

Hua Yitang, watching the live broadcast of Pai Video, Xiao Ye feels that he also has someone he likes, but he has never had the courage. Jiang Leilei encourages Xiao to be more confident. Seeing this, Xiao also plans to resign and find someone he likes in other cities. At night, Pai Video's blind date scam video aroused heated discussions, and even the TV station reposted their video, and everyone happily gathered together to eat hot pot. Donna intends to use the recovered money plus part of her savings to invest in the company, and Meng Haotian readily agrees.

Meng Haotian told Donna that she wanted to use stories to present all kinds of girls faced, so they can present the materials they have accumulated over the years in the form of short plays, which will definitely be very exciting. Tang Na admired that Meng Haotian had put everything down, and still wanted to realize his ideals and feelings. Meng Haotian said that difficulty is not terrible, what is terrible is not having the courage to realize it.

At this time, the meeting room was also celebrating, and Leng Siming was waiting for Meng Haotian's arrival. After the celebration banquet, when Leng Siming returned to the office, it was a pity that he was without Meng Haotian's company. Meng Haotian called Leng Siming and said that she forgot to promise Leng Siming because the video was also today's celebration banquet. Leng Siming had no choice but to let her be busy first, and then hung up the phone. Not long after, Meng Haotian came to the listening point with the cake, and saw Maggie covering Leng Siming who was sleeping on the sofa with a quilt.


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