In the hospital, Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that if she wanted to rush forward, everyone would be her backing, and if she wanted to rest, then she would always be there, and the two embraced warmly. Later, Leng Siming took Meng Haotian's courier to her. Meng Haotian opened the courier and found that it was a letter from his father wishing him a happy birthday. He couldn't help crying.

In Lover's Bay, Jiang Leilei held a mobile phone to broadcast live, and began to visit the surrounding scenery. When standing on the rock and turning around, Jiang Leilei almost slipped and fell. Fortunately, Qi Lang hugged her in time, but Jiang Leilei's mobile phone fell into the lake. Afterwards, the two sat by the lake and continued to enjoy the scenery. Jiang Leilei said that she wanted to marry a good husband and have children and live a stable life since she was a child. The real and ugliest appearance means that she just wants to become stronger and protect Xiao Tuan from the wind and rain. Qi Lang told Jiang Leilei that he didn't feel the love of his father and mother since he was a child, and started working to earn money after high school. Although he wanted to settle down, he was afraid that he would not be able to handle the relationship properly. Jiang Leilei comforted Qi Lang that people can surpass themselves in the past, and she believed that he would never follow his father's path.

Send a video, Meng Haotian and several subordinates eat skewers and Malatang together. Meng Haotian thanked them for their help and said that he would not let them down. At this time, the subordinate Donna walked into the studio, and Dun Dun quickly invited her to eat together. Amy couldn't help accusing Donna of not wanting to pay for the shares, not working hard, and being absent-minded all day long. After Tang Na apologized to Meng Haotian, she walked to the workstation and sat down. Meng Haotian brought some food to Tang Na and asked her what was wrong.

Listen, Li Donghai came to visit Leng Siming. Leng Siming asked him if he had any contacts in artificial intelligence technology. Li Donghai realized that Leng Siming wanted to bypass brand owners to develop independently, saying that this would be a big responsibility and a high risk. Leng Siming believes that although this direction is difficult and dangerous, it is the safest for start-up companies like Lingdian.

At night, Meng Haotian looked at the recently popular high-end dating website "Zhenyuan Tiandi" and told Leng Siming that Donna spent 80,000 yuan to register as a member on this website. Speaking of companionship, Leng Siming said that his original intention of doing "Really Stupid" was to accompany and protect. He wanted to use the power of technology to explore people's inner needs and understand everyone better.

The next day, Meng Haotian took Donna and the staff of the studio to the coffee shop to find Mr. Lu from "Zhen Yuan Tian Di". Mr. Lu was very impatient. He not only criticized Donna's clothes, but also said that men who have achieved success in their careers want obedient, interesting and sensible women as their partners. Meng Haotian said that only the weak will mind that the other half is stronger than himself. What he said just now can only reveal that he is a person with low self-esteem in his heart. Afterwards, several people walked out of the coffee shop, and Meng Haotian silently took pictures of Mr. Lu's license plate. Amy and others comforted Donna one after another.

After listening, Maggie walked into the office and asked Leng Siming which speech recognition manufacturer to choose. Maggie saw that Leng Siming had already had an idea, and she didn't understand why he didn't make a decision for so long. Leng Siming said that their independent research and development is already risky, and if the service provider has another problem, it will have to pay a high price.

In Lingzhi conference room, Yuan Wenbin told Wang Dawei that Leng Siming had asked Sting to cooperate. Wang Dawei felt that Sting was a nobody among the service providers, and thought that Leng Siming was just messing about with poor skills. Yuan Wenbin asked Wang Dawei about the progress of the additional budget. Wang Dawei said that the smart home burns too much money, and the board of directors has a lot of opinions. Seeing this, Yuan Wenbin is determined to continue to do smart home and prove it to the board of directors. At this time, the secretary knocked on the door and told Yuan Wenbin that Shen Chunyi was waiting for him in the office.

When Yuan Wenbin returned to the office, Shen Chunyi thought that they needed to have a good talk, saying that she already knew the truth about losing her child. Yuan Wenbin only felt that Shen Chunyi was holding on to the broken things of the past, and Shen Chunyi said that it was a nightmare for herself that she would never wake up from. past self. Yuan Wenbin actually expressed his affirmation, and also accused Shen Chunyi of being too idle, having nothing to do at home every day, causing grief all day long, and warned her not to go to Meng Haotian again. Shen Chunyi couldn't bear it any longer, saying that she had already moved everything away, and today she found that there was no hope between the two of them. Yuan Wenbin asked her to speak clearly, and Shen Chunyi said "let's break up", taking a big step leave the office.

Hua Yitang, Qi Lang moved the flowers into the flower shop, and Jiang Leilei asked him to pay off the debt as soon as possible, saying that she would invite the wives she knew before to hold a special afternoon tea. Qi Lang felt that she was doing this out of self-interest, while Jiang Leilei thought that those wives were her client base instead.


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