In the evening, Leng Siming was still working on a complete set of smart home system solutions in the office. Maggie walked into the office and asked if he had time for dinner. Leng Siming said that he planned to go home to sort out the documents, and politely refused Maggie. Seeing this, Maggie left first. At night, Leng Siming suddenly remembered what Maggie said today, chanted about artificial intelligence, inserted the USB flash drive into the computer, and started writing programs. Not long after, the artificial intelligence "really stupid" came back to life.

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Leng Siming went to open the door and found that it was Meng Haotian. Leng Siming pulled Meng Haotian to sit in front of the computer, and introduced to her that the artificial intelligence he developed was "really stupid". It turned out that "Really Stupid" was Leng Siming's college graduation work, and it originally existed physically, but Leng's father thought that Leng Siming was not doing his job properly, so he deleted the program. Fortunately, Leng Siming still had a backup. Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that he originally wanted to cooperate with Baker Company to develop a high-end smart home brand, but was cut off by Yuan Wenbin, so he wanted to transform and focus on the civilian market, but after thinking about it, he felt that he still lacked core competitiveness. Artificial intelligence will find "really stupid". Meng Haotian is happy for Leng Siming who can always do what he wants to do.

Late at night, Meng Haotian was still working, but fell asleep on the table because he was too tired. The next day, Meng Haotian came to the studio and said that he had checked several banks and credit companies about the support loan policies for micro and small enterprises, so that employees should not worry about the problem of funds.

Hua Yitang, Qi Lang said that he knew a homestay owner who wanted to make a flower-themed homestay, and if Jiang Leilei could cooperate with her, it would be a long-term supply in the future. Although Jiang Leilei was a little uncertain, she thought that everything must be the first step, so she decided to accept this order and ask Qi Lang to arrange for her to go to the field tomorrow, so that she could customize a plan according to the situation on the spot.

At this time, Shen Chunyi walked into Huayitang and said that she had something very important to find Meng Haotian. Jiang Leilei believed that Meng Haotian had no obligation to answer Shen Chunyi's questions and asked her to leave. Shen Chunyi told Jiang Leilei that she was pregnant with a child, but on the day of the birth checkup, Yuan Wenbin and his subordinates left in a hurry. Shen Chunyi was very angry that the child was gone, and she only found out not long ago that Yuan Wenbin She was going to see Meng Haotian that day, so she thought it was Meng Haotian who called Yuan Wenbin that day.

Jiang Leilei denied it, saying that during the breakup with Yuan Wenbin, Meng Haotian also encountered many changes. Instead, Yuan Wenbin kept pestering Meng Haotian, and Meng Haotian kept ignoring him. Jiang Leilei added that even about two years ago, Yuan Wenbin stayed in front of Meng Haotian's house all night, advising Shen Chunyi not to pin everything on men.

On the other side, Meng Haotian was about to take a taxi, but suddenly fainted to the ground. Fortunately, a passerby helped find an ambulance. After Jiang Leilei received a call from BenQ Hospital, she quickly notified Leng Siming, who was developing artificial intelligence. The two rushed to the hospital, and the doctor said that Meng Haotian fainted because of hypoglycemia and excessive psychological stress. The two walked into the ward, and Leng Siming asked Meng Haotian to rest in the hospital temporarily.

When Ji Mo walked into the room, he saw Shen Chunyi sitting on the ground. Shen Chunyi told Ji Mo that she knew the truth about losing her child, and it turned out that Yuan Wenbin took the initiative to find Meng Haotian. Ji Mo analyzed that Yuan Wenbin might want to make up for something, and asked Shen Chunyi to ask Yuan Wenbin, so that at least there would be a result.

In the hospital ward, Jiang Leilei told Meng Haotian that she had to go to the hotel for a business trip tomorrow. Leng Siming sent Jiang Leilei back to the apartment, Jiang Leilei told Leng Siming that tomorrow is Meng Haotian's birthday, and asked him to accompany Meng Haotian well.

The next day, Jiang Leilei came to the B&B for on-the-spot inspection. After a brief look, the owner of the B&B asked Qi Lang to take Jiang Leilei for a stroll. In the hospital, Fang Hui came to visit Meng Haotian with flowers, saying that Ruida's partner would open a new short drama section, and handed Lan He's business card to Meng Haotian. Li Chenyang also came to the ward, saying that if Meng Haotian needs it, he can go back to Pai Video and continue the live broadcast. Not long after, the employees of the video studio also ran to the ward, offering their savings to buy shares in the company. Meng Haotian accepted their cards and readily agreed. Meng Haotian's mother came to visit Meng Haotian with black chicken soup, and then Leng Siming walked into the ward with a cake to celebrate Meng Haotian's birthday.

On the other side, Qi Lang took Jiang Leilei to Lover's Bay. Jiang Leilei thinks that no man and woman can stay together forever, Qi Lang retorts that Jiang Leilei's feelings and values are distorted. Jiang Leilei was angry and wronged, Qi Lang explained that he thought Jiang Leilei deserved to be happier and happier. Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of her, Jiang Leilei regained her good mood and planned to live broadcast flower sales in Lover's Bay tomorrow.


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