After breakfast, Meng Haotian took the initiative to send Leng Siming to work, and Leng Siming was flattered. As soon as the car arrived at the downstairs of Lingdian Company, Meng Haotian was taken away by his friends in the studio.

Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei checked Qi Lang's circle of friends and found that he actually lived in a five-star hotel. Thinking that Qi Lang's refusal to come to the flower shop in the near future is to renege on his debt, so Jiang Leilei took Xiaotuan to the hotel to find Qi Lang. Jiang Leilei asked Xiaotuan to sit aside first, and then stepped forward to ask Qi Lang to pay back the 50,000 yuan. Qi Lang explained that he was a hotel experience officer, and the hotel invited him to do evaluation and sales. Later, Qi Lang wanted Jiang Leilei to taste the white truffle, but Jiang Leilei refused to back away and accidentally fell into the swimming pool. Qi Lang quickly jumped into the swimming pool and carried Jiang Leilei out, Jiang Leilei choked on the water and her clothes were all wet.

Listening, Maggie told Leng Siming and Yu Yang that Baker had decided to cooperate with Lingzhi. Leng Siming believes that Lingdian cannot cooperate with ordinary brands, which will reduce the points of Lingdian. Maggie said that they should find a solution as soon as possible. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming that she took the studio staff to the vicinity of Lingdian Company to see the new studio. Knowing that Meng Haotian has paid off her debts, Leng Siming congratulates her, and she will be able to make money happily in the future.

In the hotel, Jiang Leilei waited for her clothes to be washed and dried, so she and Xiaotuan stayed in the room to have lunch with Qi Lang. After drinking the drink, Xiaotuan developed a rash all over his body. Qi Lang hurried to the hospital with Xiaotuan and Jiang Leilei in his arms. The doctor said that Xiaotuan had a mild alcohol allergy and allergic rash, and he had already been treated, and he would be fine after the infusion.

Seeing this, Jiang Leilei took the receipt to pay the fee, and asked Qi Lang to take care of Xiaotuan. Xiaotuan infusion was going to be needled, so scared that he bit Qi Lang's arm. Seeing Jiang Leilei patiently taking care of Xiao Tuan, Qi Lang couldn't help but be dumbfounded. At night, when Qi Lang returned to the hotel, looking at Jiang Leilei's circle of friends, he couldn't help recalling the relationship between the two of them, feeling thoughtful.

Sending a video, Meng Haotian happily asked her subordinates to pack up and move to the new studio, but the subordinates told her that the management suddenly withdrew all capital. Meng Haotian told them not to worry, and called various investors to ask why. In the afternoon, Meng Haotian asked the investor Mr. Lu to meet, but Mr. Lu did not show up after waiting all afternoon. In the evening, Mr. Lu made a video call to say that he suddenly had a ball game and couldn't pass it. Meng Haotian asked Mr. Lu why he terminated the cooperation.

Mr. Lu told her that Liang Luofei was an Internet celebrity who spent a lot of money behind him. Behind Liang Luofei was a huge economic interest group. They said that anyone who cooperated with Pai Video would be against them. Although Mr. Lu admired Meng Haotian's way of exposing Liang Luofei's domestic violence, he was also very embarrassed. Meng Haotian said that since it is the right thing, no matter how many obstacles she encounters, she will still do what should be done.

At night, Leng Siming was cooking in Mr. Yuan's noodle restaurant, but he was absent-minded. Mr. Yuan knew that Yuan Wenbin cut off the cooperation between Hu and Baker, and said that he really got into a fight with Leng Siming. Leng Siming said that competition has motivation, and he should think about the problem from a different angle. When Meng Haotian came home, Leng Siming asked her to try her handicraft. Meng Haotian told Leng Siming about the investor's divestment, saying that they made him feel that he was in the right direction, shooting what ordinary people dare not shoot, and talking about what ordinary people dare not say, so the existence of such video makes sense. Talking about Mr. Yuan, Meng Haotian thought that he was able to establish Ling Zhi, he was very business-minded and far-sighted, and Mr. Yuan could personally advise Leng Siming, so Leng Siming took a shortcut.

After sending a video, Meng Haotian received a call. Jiang Leilei said that Xiao Ye, a flower shop employee, said that someone wanted to order a large number of flowers today, but she had to take care of Xiaotuan who was allergic to alcohol at home. She wanted to ask Meng Haotian to go to Huayitang, and Meng Haotian immediately agreed.

Listening to the conference room, Leng Siming said that he wanted to change the direction of thinking and find domestic technology companies to cooperate with. Yu Yang believed that the technology of foreign companies was indeed at the forefront. Leng Siming analyzed the data of the infrared sensor to them, and his subordinate Yinuo saw that the extra five years of service life was meaningless and would instead become an unreasonable increase in costs. Leng Siming said that comparing the data and costs at home and abroad, many additional items are actually meaningless. Maggie agreed, saying that it is possible to develop a product that is affordable and affordable for everyone.

Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian discovered that the guest was actually Shen Chunyi, and Shen Chunyi said that she came to prepare flowers for Lingzhi's anniversary. Listening to the conference room, Leng Siming said that he would adjust the direction of development, and Maggie found that the total number of his target population was much larger than the population of high-end consumers. Everyone agreed with Leng Siming's idea very much, and took the initiative to start a division of labor, and the atmosphere was very active. Maggie thought that they should also think about how to develop star products to differentiate the market, and Leng Siming nodded in agreement.


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