In the car, Meng Haotian was very excited when he learned that Leng Siming knew Mr. Zhou Yu. Later, when Zhou Yu was celebrating his wife's birthday, Mrs. Zhou was talking about how Zhou Yu would give away bags every year. When she turned around, she saw the video on TV and hugged Zhou Yu emotionally. Not long after, Meng Haotian received a call. Zhou Yu said that he had received this favor and was willing to communicate with her further.

In the evening, Leng Siming sent Meng Haotian home. When the two were chatting, Leng Siming almost bumped into Fang Hui who was at the zebra crossing. Although Leng Siming braked in time, she still fainted to the ground. The two sent Fang Hui to the hospital. The hospital said that Fang Hui had taken too many sleeping pills and caused her to be in a trance. Knowing that Fang Hui wanted to see the two, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian walked into the consultation room. Fang Hui told them that she lost her home and didn't want to live anymore. Seeing Fang Hui crying, Leng Siming said that she should think about her children and told her not to underestimate herself. After finishing speaking, Leng Siming took Meng Haotian away, and Fang Hui, who was sitting on the hospital bed, was thoughtful.

Later, Leng Siming sent Meng Haotian to Huayitang flower shop. Leng Siming said that he would give a bouquet to a female friend. Seeing Meng Haotian cheekily accepting the money for the bouquet, Leng Siming couldn't help laughing. At this time, Meng Haotian received a call and promised that General Manager Li would give a plan within two days.

When working the next day, Meng Haotian received an invitation letter from Jiang Leilei for the press conference of Wuxing Media, and quickly called her to thank her. On the day of the press conference, the subordinates told Leng Siming about the relationship between Zhou Yu and Yuan Wenbin, and warned him to handle interpersonal relationships carefully. Meng Haotian took the initiative to greet Zhou Yu, but Zhou Yu was very cold, and Meng Haotian was a little sad.

Meng Haotian came to the bathroom to touch up makeup, and heard an assistant call to say that Ruida's Mr. Xiao had a car accident. When Meng Haotian walked out of the bathroom, he saw Zhou Yu who was on the phone in a hurry. Meng Haotian asked him if he needed help. Seeing that Zhou Yu didn't answer, he wanted to leave. Suddenly, Zhou Yu stopped Meng Haotian and asked her if she dared to speak on stage. Meng Haotian said that her reputation on the stage was not right, and seeing that Zhou Yu was willing to reconsider cooperation, she agreed to go to prepare.

The media conference officially started. Meng Haotian stepped onto the stage, gave a speech on the development of short videos, and deliberately talked about the cooperation between Zhou Yu and Pai Video. Zhou Yu listened to the applause around him and was very satisfied with Meng Haotian's performance.

After the press conference, Leng Siming came to Yuan Wenbin's office. Yuan Wenbin said that the focus should be on the high-end product line, and hopes to see real technological innovation. Leng Siming has seen the research of the marketing department and believes that Lingzhi's customers are becoming younger and should not only focus on high-end product lines. After learning about the research and development budget for this season, Leng Siming felt that the endorsement fee should be saved for research and development. Yuan Wenbin said that the market is not within the scope of Leng Siming's management. Leng Siming felt that the company's marketing strategy and plan needed to be changed, and the two held their own opinions.

When Meng Haotian returned to the studio, he saw Fang Hui. Fang Hui told Meng Haotian about the past between her and her husband, and thanked them for reminding her at that time. Meng Haotian was very surprised to learn that Mr. Xiao who didn't arrive at the press conference was Fang Hui's husband. Fang Hui handed Ruida Media's internal materials and plan for the Five Elements Media project to Meng Haotian, saying that the artist featured in the project book was her husband's lover, and she wanted to take revenge on them. Meng Haotian thanked Ms. Fang for her trust in him, and felt that the matter should not be involved. Fang Hui reminded Meng Haotian to seize this opportunity to improve his chances of winning cooperation with Zhou Yu.

On the other hand, Yuan Wenbin felt that Leng Siming only needed to be in charge of technology research and development, and told his father that Leng Siming had no right to manage marketing and other work. Yuan's father felt that it was not a bad thing for young people to be aggressive, and the key point was to be able to come up with a business plan . At the restaurant, Yu Yang handed Zhou Yu's itinerary to Leng Siming.


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