Meng Haotian took Yang Hong into the studio and asked his subordinates to prepare Yang Hong's interview. In the exclusive interview, Yang Hong recounted the acquaintance and relationship with Liang Luofei, and said that the main reason for their breakup was that Liang Luofei beat and insulted her. Yang Hong didn't want to affect her current life because of this incident, but she saw that the girls who had the same experience as her did not receive an apology from Liang Luofei, but were abused and cursed by netizens, so she bravely stood up and told everyone the truth.

Due to the exposure of Yang Hong's exclusive interview, the local police and the Women's Federation intervened in the investigation to conduct an in-depth and detailed investigation into Liang Luofei's illegal and criminal acts of violence and the alleged illegal and criminal acts of the company Xingqi Frontline Media in this incident. Receive due legal sanctions.

Not long after, all of Liang Luofei's videos were removed from the shelves, and his account was also banned. The number of fans of Pai Video has increased to 20 million, and at the same time, many contact calls have been received, wanting to discuss cooperation with them. Yuan Wenbin approached the old Mr. Yuan and said that he planned to develop new projects and modules of Lingzhi, and now he needed a new chief technology officer. He said that he would appoint his subordinate Wang Dawei as the director of the intelligent technology research and development department.

In the meeting room of the company, Leng Siming plans to carry out strategic cooperation with furniture and home appliance brands, which can reduce the investment in products and put funds and manpower in the core link - chips. Yu Yang thought that the staffing and core product R&D team had to be carefully considered, so Leng Siming asked his subordinate Yinuo to contact Li Donghai to obtain the resources he had accumulated.

In the Lingzhi conference room, Yuan Wenbin believes that smart home will definitely become a market trend, and Lingzhi, as a domestic first-line smartphone brand, must grasp the market and seize opportunities. A director said that mobile phones and home furnishing are two concepts. Yuan Wenbin believes that as long as the service technology on mobile phones is settled, he can cooperate with many brands in the future to establish a new ecological chain. Another director proposed that Lingzhi wanted to set up an irrelevant field, which might have ruined Lingzhi's brand. Yuan Wenbin retorted that smart home must be the future trend, and he will do it no matter what. Seeing this, the directors could not refute, so they had to agree. Subsequently, Yuan Wenbin announced that Wang Dawei was promoted to the new chief technology officer, and he would personally manage technology research and development.

Pai Video, Meng Haotian told the investor in front of her that she was very satisfied with Meng Haotian's plan for Pai Video's future development plan. Before the formal cooperation, Meng Haotian added that he hoped that investors would not interfere with the content production of Pai Video, and the investors expressed their understanding. Not long after, Pai Video Studio officially received an investment of one million yuan, and all employees were very excited.

Hua Yitang and Jiang Leilei were standing at the door waiting for the car to pick up the order, when Qi Lang happened to drive by. Qi Lang offered to take Jiang Leilei with him. On the way, Qi Lang parked the car on the side of the road and asked Jiang Leilei to wait for him. As soon as Qi Lang left, Jiang Leilei was frightened by the oncoming big dog and fell down, one of her high-heeled shoes broke. At the hospital, Meng Haotian handed over every detail of the transfer during this period to Aunt Wu, and repaid 500,000 yuan, and the account was settled at this point. Aunt Wu said that Meng Haotian was really a good person, and Meng Haotian walked out of the hospital in a happy mood.

Jiang Leilei and Qi Lang walked in the flower wholesale market. Seeing Jiang Leilei limping, Qi Lang stepped forward to pick her up and took her to buy shoes first. Qi Lang paid for the shoes and helped Jiang Leilei put them on himself. It was Jiang Leilei's first purchase, and she was struggling to negotiate the price with the florist, but Qi Lang helped her negotiate the price with just a few words. Because the florist was unable to deliver the goods, Qi Lang drove the tricycle back to Huayitang with flowers and Jiang Leilei.

Listening to the company, Yu Yang said that Lingzhi also wants to be a smart home, and the manufacturers he can get in touch with have signed exclusive contracts with Lingzhi. Leng Siming intends to communicate with Korean companies that have developed well in China in the past two years. Therefore, Leng Siming temporarily made an appointment with Park Yongjun of the Korean company to discuss, but Park Yongjun did not show up for a long time. When they were about to go to the office, they saw Park Yong Joon and Yuan Wenbin who had just finished chatting.

Leng Siming told Park Yongjun that they will devote themselves to the process of home furnishing research and development. Park Yongjun expressed his belief in their technology, but he will never reduce the cost of production investment, and asked Guosheng Real Estate how much the estimated investment cost is. Leng Siming told him that Lingdian was a company he founded and had nothing to do with Guosheng Real Estate. Yu Yang eased the atmosphere and took Park Yong Joon and others to dinner together. In the restaurant, Leng Siming wanted to discuss cooperation with Park Yongjun, but Park Yongjun said he trusted Leng Siming, and did not intend to talk about cooperation at all. Leng Siming had no choice but to drink with him.

In the Yuan family, Yuan Wenbin put the equity distribution agreement on the table in the study and asked Mr. Yuan why he wanted to help Leng Siming. Mr. Yuan said that although Leng Siming is not suitable for Lingzhi, he is worth investing in. Yuan Wenbin accused him of helping outsiders, and Mr. Yuan said that what he cared about was his own value and room for appreciation.

At night, Leng Siming came home drunk, walked staggeringly, then turned on the music and said that he wanted to dance for Meng Haotian, and the two danced together in the living room. The next day, Meng Haotian prepared breakfast and hangover tea and brought them to Leng Siming. Leng Siming felt a little guilty, wondering if he had done something wrong.


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