Yang Hong recalled the days when she was with Liang Luofei, and felt that every day was like living in hell. She finally got through that painful time, but Meng Haotian wanted her to expose her pain to the public and children. Yang Hong rejected Meng Haotian.

Sending a video, Meng Haotian asked his subordinates to find and contact all of Liang Luofei's ex-girlfriends, hoping to gather all the forces willing to stand up and speak out. Through multiple contacts and long-term communication, some girls are willing to stand up and speak out, telling the past of Liang Luofei's domestic violence in the interview video. Liang Luofei watched the interview video and dropped his phone angrily.

Leng's father handed over the results of the investigation to Leng Siming, saying that someone used indistinguishable fake materials to cause the collapse, and he planned to let the designer Sun Hao take the blame. Leng Siming handed over the relevant information to Maggie and Sun Hao, and Maggie and Sun Hao reunited. Maggie promised that Leng Siming would fulfill the agreement, and also expressed interest in the smart home he researched. Leng Siming was very happy.

Liang Luofei's career was affected due to the exposure of the exclusive interview video of Liang Luofei's ex-girlfriends, and the scheduled commercial live broadcast was temporarily cancelled. In the early morning of a certain day, Xingqi Media, the brokerage company that Liang Luofei belongs to, issued a statement that the live broadcast would resume at 2 o'clock. This was the first time that Liang Luofei responded positively to this matter. At the beginning of the live broadcast, Liang Luofei claimed that the domestic violence incident was a rumor and slander, saying that he had never hurt a girl, and would hire a lawyer to pursue responsibility according to law.

Liang Luofei's agent approached Meng Haotian and expressed that he would formally marry her. Meng Haotian accepted the lawyer's letter, saying that he would accompany him to the end. Liang Luofei's agent warned Meng Haotian that if she continued to slander Liang Luofei, she would not be able to survive in this industry. Meng Haotian smiled and said that she would let the whole world know the truth.

After the topic of Liang Luofei's ex-girlfriend was taken off the hot search, Meng Haotian received a call from Xia Yang and hurried to Xia Yang's residence. Xia Yang said that Liang Luofei's manager found his family and friends, and posted all kinds of photos that discredited him in the community. Meng Haotian comforted Xia Yang, saying that this was something they had to face, but Xia Yang backed down and didn't want to fight with Liang Luofei anymore.

At night, Leng Siming invited Meng Haotian to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and told her that Maggie would invest in her company, so that Meng Haotian believed that nothing would happen to Maggie. The ribbon-cutting ceremony ended, and Lingdian Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened. Meng Haotian, who was supposed to be happy for Leng Siming, was very annoyed when he learned that the topic of Liang Luofei's domestic violence was gone, and there was no discussion on major platforms.

Yang Hong watched Liang Luofei's statement video, thoughtful. When she walked to the garden, she found Meng Haotian playing with her two children. Meng Haotian told Yang Hong that she not only wants to make money, but also wants to do something for the world at the same time. Meng Haotian said that Xia Yang is not the only one who suffers from domestic violence in this world, and many people have the same experiences and difficulties as her. She wants to use Xia Yang to make the society pay more attention to and pay more attention to domestic violence, although domestic violence people are not I will definitely change my past because of the condemnation of the society, but at least we can encourage girls who have been subjected to domestic violence to learn to use legal weapons to protect themselves.

Afterwards, Meng Haotian showed Yang Hong the message in the backstage, saying that Xia Yang's incident gave courage and strength to many girls who were domestically abused, and they all prayed that Xia Yang could get justice. Meng Haotian feels that Yang Hong is an influential person, and perhaps only by her standing up can the situation be reversed. Seeing this, Yang Hong said that after Liang Luofei beat her several times, she installed a surveillance camera at home, and Yang Hong was willing to hand over the video to Meng Haotian.

Knowing that Meng Haotian got the video of Liang Luofei's domestic violence, Xia Yang hurriedly asked Meng Haotian to meet outside. Meng Haotian walked into the club and found that Xia Yang was sitting with Liang Luofei's manager. The security guard snatched Meng Haotian's phone, and Liang Luofei's manager asked Meng Haotian to hand over the video. Seeing that Meng Haotian was unwilling to cooperate, Liang Luofei's manager told Xia Yang that the company could spend money to promote her as a traffic star. Xia Yang asked Meng Haotian to hand over the video, thinking that after maximizing the benefits, he should not fight with them. The security guard snatched Meng Haotian's bag, but Meng Haotian didn't panic at all. It turned out that she had already sent the video to her subordinates in the taxi, and threw away the USB flash drive on the way here.

Liang Luofei's agent asked Meng Haotian to turn on the speakerphone to call the staff in the studio. Meng Haotian called Leng Siming. Leng Siming realized that Meng Haotian might be in danger and ran away. Not long after, Leng Siming arrived at the club with police officers from the police station and rescued Meng Haotian.


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