On Qixi Festival, Leng Nuan distributed flowers on campus, turned around and saw Li Chenyang received many flowers, and took a photo with the girls. Leng Nuan was very angry, pulling Wang Zi and Li Chenyang to bicker. Qi Lang, who almost bumped into Jiang Leilei, sent Jiang Leilei back to Huayitang, saying that he could only compensate her for part of the damaged bag first, and the rest would need to be paid in installments or run errands to pay off the debt, Jiang Leilei readily agreed. At this moment, the flower shop staff told Jiang Leilei that there were a few more urgent orders, and Qi Lang took the initiative to start running errands. I sent two orders back to the flower shop, and bought desserts for Jiang Leilei.

Pai Video Studio, the employees told Meng Haotian that their Weibo was restricted, videos on many platforms were deleted, and articles published on the official account were also deleted. Seeing this, Meng Haotian said that she would try to get some artists to help speak out, so that her subordinates were ready to talk about the topic. His subordinate Dun Dun feels that they have invested a lot of hard work and money, but it is difficult to guarantee results. Meng Haotian emphasized to him that the original intention of sending video was to give voice to the disadvantaged.

Afterwards, Meng Haotian called Li Chenyang and asked him to participate in speaking out. Li Chenyang hung up the phone and forwarded it to Weibo. In the Weibo video, Xia Yang said that Liang Luofei was drunk and beat herself for the first time after half a year of marriage. Xia Yang thought it was just Liang Luofei's loss of control after drinking, but she found that the violence hadn't stopped since that time. Finally, Xia Yang warned the majority of girls to stay away from domestic violence men. Wang Zi, who is a fan of Liang Luofei, saw Weibo and subconsciously felt that it was fake, and also felt that Li Chenyang's reposting of Weibo was suspected of spreading rumors. Leng Nuan agrees with Li Chenyang's approach, thinking that controversial matters can be posted online for discussion. Because Liang Luofei's fans have been whitewashing him, the popularity of the topic has been decreasing.

In the evening, the video staff was sent to find Mr. Li, who was busy appeasing his artists. The staff hoped that Mr. Li could help find a few celebrities with relatively high traffic to repost Weibo. Mr. Li was afraid of offending Liang Luofei and the capital behind him, so he was unwilling to help. At this time, the female artist at the side heard Liang Luofei and was a little curious, and the staff hurriedly told him the matter. The female artist took the initiative to repost Weibo, post topics and tweet about other artists.

The video attracted widespread attention, and several topics were trending, but the PR company behind Liang Luofei has been trying to get rid of the trending. At night, the topic of Liang Luofei's domestic violence finally broke out, and Meng Haotian came home from get off work. Leng Nuan ran home from school and asked Meng Haotian if the domestic violence was true. Seeing that Meng Haotian was sure, Leng Nuan felt that Wang Zi had liked Liang Luofei for many years. Leng Nuan told Meng Haotian that the key now is that Liang Luofei's fans don't believe that he will be domestically violent at all, they just think he was hacked for public relations. Meng Haotian turned on the phone and found that the fans had once again whitewashed Liang Luofei, and were even promoting Liang Luofei's live broadcast. During this period, Liang Luofei never showed up, and his agency did not respond.

The next day, the video staff sent video footage of Liang Luofei being questioned, trying to force him to respond. Not long after, Liang Luofei posted a Weibo, and Meng Haotian hurriedly left the studio after reading the Weibo. Meng Haotian rushed to Xia Yang's residence, and Xia Yang told her that the video Liang Luofei sent was true. It turned out that Xia Yang found that as long as she self-harmed, Liang Luofei would not beat her again, and would comfort her, so Xia Yang used this method to protect herself. Meng Haotian said that he needed more evidence to overthrow Liang Luofei, and felt that Liang Luofei was so violent that Xia Yang must not be the only one who was injured.

Leng Siming asked Sun Hao to meet at the restaurant. Leng Siming asked Sun Hao what difficulties he encountered. Sun Hao said that he might go to prison. It turned out that a project site he was in charge of collapsed and he would be held criminally responsible. Sun Hao said that he only made structural innovations on the original design to make the appearance of the house more beautiful. In fact, he did not know the reason for the collapse. Leng Siming said that he would ask his engineering friend to help with the investigation, and hoped that Sun Hao could communicate with Maggie. After listening to Leng Siming's advice, Sun Hao promised to think carefully.

In the hotel, Leng Siming found Leng's father, thinking that he could consider transforming Hang Seng Real Estate into a smart home supporting smart real estate, and use his own strength to raise funds. Father Leng smiled, thinking that his idea was unrealistic, thinking that young people who like smart homes can't afford houses, and houses for the elderly in China lack popularity. Meng Haotian found Liang Luofei's ex-girlfriend Yang Hong and asked her if she had the same experience as Xia Yang, and hoped that she could help Xia Yang. Yang Hong didn't want to affect his current life because of past events, and felt that even if Meng Haotian exposed the matter, nothing would change.


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