In the coffee shop, Fang Hui gave advice to Jiang Leilei. If she wants to start a new relationship, she may encounter the same result if she does not make any changes. Jiang Leilei thanked Fang Hui for her warning, saying that she always had to get out of the ivory tower and face life. At the scene of the roller skating competition, Leng Nuan ran the competition smoothly, but suddenly stopped before the finish line when he was leading, recalling what Li Chenyang had said to her. In the library, Li Chenyang was studying. He was a little surprised when he learned about the Lengnuan competition from his classmates.

At night, Leng Siming opened the door and found that it was Maggie. Maggie came to deliver meals to him and made a video call to Uncle Su to report the situation. Meng Haotian stepped out of the elevator, just in time to see the scene of Leng Siming talking with Uncle Su, and couldn't help but think of the scene he saw in the coffee shop. Leng Siming turned his head and saw Meng Haotian, and hurried forward to explain, but Meng Haotian didn't want to listen, so he closed the door directly. Meng Haotian helped Jiang Leilei move things to her new home. Jiang Leilei was very angry when she learned that Leng Siming was going to marry someone else. Thinking back, she felt that Leng Siming was not that kind of person, and asked Meng Haotian to at least give Leng Siming a chance to explain.

In the hotel, Father Leng wanted Leng Siming to share the burden with the company for himself. Seeing that Leng Siming was indifferent, Father Leng said that he could not watch the company die like this, and begged Leng Siming to contact Maggie to save Hang Seng Real Estate. At this time, Meng Haotian returned to the studio to meet with Mr. Li. Mr. Li said that he had a difficult matter in his hands and wanted to ask Meng Haotian. In the restaurant, seeing Leng Siming's unwilling face, Maggie said that she was also playing her own role to cooperate with her father. Seeing this, Leng Siming proposed to make three chapters with Maggie and temporarily act with her.

In the coffee shop, Mr. Li said that two days ago, the costumer discovered that the actress Xia Yang had many bruises on her body. It turned out that her husband Liang Luofei had been abusing her at home. As the first generation of Internet celebrities, Liang Luofei has a fan base comparable to that of traffic stars, so Mr. Li wanted to send a video to Xia Yang for an exclusive interview to break the news. Meng Haotian told him that the studio does not include public relations business, but Mr. Li just wanted to invite new media companies like Pai Video to expose the incident from a third perspective. Under Mr. Li's persuasion, Meng Haotian promised to do his best.

As soon as Meng Haotian stepped out of the elevator, he was stopped by Leng Siming. Leng Siming told Meng Haotian that Maggie had a designer boyfriend named Sun Hao, and the marriage was fake. It turned out that neither Leng Siming nor Maggie's parents could change their minds, so they could only act temporarily. Leng Siming intends to find a solution that has the best of both worlds, and is also afraid that this crisis will stimulate Leng's father. Meng Haotian understood Leng Siming and told him not to worry.

In the restaurant, Leng Siming asked Maggie to meet. When Leng Siming mentioned Sun Hao, Maggie's expression changed. Maggie said that Sun Hao has been avoiding her recently, thinking that Sun Hao doesn't love her anymore. Leng Siming felt that Sun Hao still had feelings for Maggie, so he proposed to Maggie that he would guarantee that she and Sun Hao would get back together, and that Maggie would guarantee that she would invest in Hang Seng Real Estate, and Maggie nodded in agreement.

At the hotel, Meng Haotian took the staff to find Xia Yang. Meng Haotian asked Xia Yang if he was 100% determined to disclose the truth, and whether he could withstand the pressure of public opinion in the later stage. Xia Yang expressed his determination to punish Liang Luofei. Meng Haotian told Xia Yang that he needed actual evidence to fight against Liang Luofei. Xia Yang found a poster full of holes, and couldn't help recalling the scene of domestic violence by Liang Luofei, and begged Meng Haotian for help. Meng Haotian said that she would let everyone know the truth.

Hua Yitang, because of the arrival of Qixi Festival, the store's business is very hot. Seeing that an order had been overdue for an hour, Jiang Leilei decided to deliver it in person. When she reached the fork in the road, Jiang Leilei was startled by a passing motorcycle. After the traffic police dealt with the accident, Jiang Leilei looked at the canceled order and felt very regretful. The man said that he also delivered orders for others, and asked Jiang Leilei to contact him if necessary.


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