Uncle Su said that if the business is to continue for a long time, the industry must help each other, and the help of young people is especially needed. At this moment, a woman walked into the room, and Leng's father introduced her to Leng Siming as Maggie, the executive director of Hengtian Investment. At night, several people sat together to eat. Leng's father asked Leng Siming to add Maggie's WeChat, saying that he could ask for advice in the future, but Leng Siming had to add WeChat under Leng's father's urging. At this time, Maggie stated that she had no objection to Leng Siming. Seeing this, Father Leng and Uncle Su were very happy.

The property management handed Jiang Lelei the bills for water, electricity, and property fees for the first three months. Jiang Leilei asked him if he could postpone the payment. Suddenly, there was a sound in the house, and Jiang Leilei rushed into the kitchen, hurriedly unplugged the power, and asked Xiaotuan to change the dirty clothes first. Seeing the mess everywhere, she called Meng Haotian to hurry up.

In the hotel, before Maggie left, Leng Siming was free to drink coffee together, Leng Siming didn't say a word, and Leng's father agreed for him. After they left, Father Leng told Leng Siming that the company was in serious financial crisis and only Hengtian Investment could save them. Leng Siming said that Guosheng Real Estate was the hard work of Leng's father, but he had his own ideals, and he didn't need to rely on Leng's father to realize it. After speaking, he closed the door vigorously.

Meng Haotian came to Jiang Leilei's house. Jiang Leilei pointed to the kitchen and complained to Meng Haotian. Xiaotuan said that he saw Jiang Leilei was in a bad mood, so he wanted to squeeze her a watermelon milkshake. Looking at Xiao Tuan, Jiang Leilei couldn't help crying. Jiang Leilei cleaned up the kitchen, and Xiaotuan also went to bed. Jiang Leilei complained that she had nothing as a full-time mother, and Meng Haotian told her to stop being hypocritical. Jiang Leilei was a little angry and asked Meng Haotian to leave.

In the coffee shop, Leng Siming was preparing some investment plans for the company when Maggie came suddenly. Leng Siming wondered how Maggie knew she was here. It turned out that Leng Nuan had asked her out in Leng Siming's name. Maggie wanted to try it with Leng Siming, and Leng Siming told her that she already had a girlfriend.

Meng Haotian walked to the door of the coffee shop, just in time to see Leng Siming shaking hands with Maggie. Leng Siming said that Guosheng Real Estate and Hengtian Investment wanted to cooperate. Maggie added that the condition of the cooperation was that Leng Siming must marry herself. Leng Siming said that it was impossible for him to marry her. Maggie didn't care about Leng Siming's words, and strode away. Leng Siming told Meng Haotian everything, and Meng Haotian looked at Leng Siming's resolute attitude and was willing to trust him for the time being.

In the apartment, Shen Chunyi told Ji Mo that there was something else hidden about her miscarriage back then. A few days before the miscarriage, Shen Chunyi had some slight bleeding symptoms, so she asked Yuan Wenbin to go to the hospital together. After the subordinate reported Meng Haotian's incident to Yuan Wenbin, Yuan Wenbin and his subordinate left in a hurry, and asked the nanny to tell Shen Chunyi to postpone the obstetric examination. As a result, Shen Chunyi collapsed in the bathroom before going to the obstetric examination. Ji Mo thought it was a sudden and accidental incident, and told her not to take it too seriously. Shen Chunyi endured Yuan Wenbin because she felt guilty about her child and Yuan Wenbin. After learning the secret, she thought Yuan Wenbin was the instigator and Meng Haotian was her nemesis. Seeing this, Ji Mo asked Shen Chunyi to relax and lighted aromatherapy for her in the room.

Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian told Jiang Leilei that everyone's life is a mess, but Jiang Leilei also owns a big villa and a flower shop, she has done a good job, and I have no right to judge her , but can accompany her through difficult times. At night, Meng Haotian sent Jiang Leilei home. Jiang Leilei was afraid that Xiaotuan would think too much about Lao Luo's departure, so she sent him to her parents' house. Meng Haotian asked Jiang Leilei to say goodbye to her past life and find her true self. Seeing that Jiang Leilei wanted to rent out the villa, Meng Haotian agreed to help her find a way.

One day, Jiang Leilei came to the restaurant to meet Fang Hui with information about the villa. Fang Hui looked through the information and said that her husband's business partner wanted to rent a villa, and agreed with Jiang Leilei to rent it for three years. Later, Fang Hui expressed that she envied Jiang Leilei for having freedom and unlimited possibilities for the future. In fact, what she was most disappointed with her husband was that he did not have the ability to deal with everything after the affair. Jiang Leilei felt that Xiao Rui at least protected the marriage and made Fang Hui and the children have a better life. Fang Hui said that it was because she grabbed his guilt and profited from it, but her marriage was only left Broken decency.


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