In the restaurant, Leng Siming invited Yu Yang to work in the marketing department of his company, and Yu Yang readily agreed. Hua Yitang, Meng Haotian accused Jiang Leilei of being deceived by Lao Luo again. Jiang Leilei didn't want Xiaotuan to live in a broken family, and said that Lao Luo promised that she would change and handle the outside affairs well. Meng Haotian couldn't listen anymore, so he took out the investigation materials and handed them to Jiang Leilei, saying that the old Luo was running a company on the surface, but he was actually laundering money. Jiang Leilei looked at the information and couldn't believe it. Meng Haotian reminded her that these were all illegal things. Jiang Leilei would be the one who would go to jail if something happened. Lao Luo didn't divorce because of these contracts, so they should be prepared. After listening to Meng Haotian's words, Jiang Leilei finally woke up.

At Jiang Leilei's house, Meng Haotian asked Lao Luo to sign the divorce agreement, hand over custody and leave the house. Lao Luo put down the agreement and wanted to deceive Jiang Leilei, but Jiang Leilei slapped him directly, accusing him of deceiving herself for so many years. Lao Luo said that he has already arranged the assets, and he is unwilling to sign the agreement, nor is he willing to hand over Xiaotuan to them. Meng Haotian took out the investigation materials and threw them in front of Lao Luo. Lao Luo tore them up angrily, but Meng Haotian didn't panic at all.

Seeing this, Lao Luo finally relented, hoping to discuss the matter of money again. Jiang Leilei told Lao Luo that she had already paid back the money in his account. Lao Luo was very angry when he saw that there was no money in the passbook. Jiang Leilei cried and complained about the efforts of these years, and Lao Luo finally realized his mistake and apologized to Jiang Leilei. At night, Leng Siming had a fever due to rain and wind. Meng Haotian silently took care of the sick Leng Siming and let him have a good rest.

The next day, Xiao Tuan caught up with Lao Luo who was dragging his luggage and asked him if he would come back. Lao Luo said that there was a problem with his previous work, and it took a long time to solve it. After speaking, he hugged Xiaotuan. At this time, Bai Xin also packed her luggage and left the community with Susu. Lao Luo put his luggage in the car, and Jiang Leilei stood at the door to see him off, saying that he would always be Xiaotuan's father.

Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei thanked Meng Haotian for being by her side during this time. Not long after, Shen Chunyi came to the flower shop and introduced a friend's project to Meng Haotian. Meng Haotian thanked her for her recommendation and suggested that they can use different women of different ages as promotion targets, highlighting the sexiness and comfort of high heels. Shen Chunyi suddenly talked about the past between Yuan Wenbin and Meng Haotian, and asked Meng Haotian how a woman should regain her confidence in love. Meng Haotian warned Shen Chunyi to love herself well by borrowing flowers from the flower shop. After Meng Haotian left, Shen Chunyi talked with the flower shop staff and learned that Meng Haotian was in a relationship with Leng Siming. She felt that Meng Haotian had a new relationship and was still hanging on Yuan Wenbin.

Leng Siming handed over the key of the house to Meng Haotian and invited her to be the hostess of the house. Meng Haotian felt that leaving a little space for each other was the best state, and they hugged each other tightly after speaking. Suddenly, the sweetness of the two was interrupted by the ringtone, Meng Haotian looked at the couple's supplies on the table and smiled. Leng Siming answered the phone, and Leng's father asked Leng Siming to rush to the hotel where he lived immediately with Leng Nuan. At this time, Shen Chunyi walked into Yuan Wenbin's house with the flowers bought from Huayitang. Yuan Wenbin said that he didn't want to chat with Shen Chunyi, and the two quarreled. When Leng Siming arrived at the hotel, Father Leng introduced Uncle Su, who invested in Hengtian, to him.


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