Jiang Leilei felt that Meng Haotian should not replace her to discuss with Bai Xin, and she wanted to listen to Lao Luo's explanation again. Seeing this, Meng Haotian had no choice but to let her handle it by herself. Meng Haotian returned to the door in frustration, just in time to see Leng Siming who was haggard and opened the door, Leng Siming stepped forward to hug Meng Haotian. Seeing that Leng Siming was free to accompany him, Meng Haotian asked him if Dai Yue's affairs had affected him. Leng Siming said that he would have a meeting to make a decision when he returned to the company in the afternoon. Hold him and comfort him.

In the Lingzhi meeting room, Yuan Wenbin said that based on Leng Siming's recent work, he thinks he is not suitable for Lingzhi. Old Yuan always thinks that Leng Siming will be Yuan Wenbin's helper, but seeing Yuan Wenbin's attitude, he has no choice but to express his reservation. Whoever abandons is his freedom. In the office, Yuan Wenbin handed over the results of the internal audit to Leng Siming, expressing that as long as Leng Siming was willing to change his working method, he was willing to talk to the board of directors. Leng Siming told Yuan Wenbin that he had his own principles, so he agreed with the decision of the board of directors and stepped down as the chief technology officer of Lingzhi Group with immediate effect.

Hua Yitang, Jiang Leilei apologized to Meng Haotian. She felt that Lao Luo cheated because she was not doing well enough. Meng Haotian said that the best backer for a woman is herself, and hugged Jiang Leilei to comfort her. In the evening, Leng Siming came to the flower shop to wait for Meng Haotian to get off work. Leng Siming told her that he was no longer the chief technology officer of Lingzhi, and Meng Haotian reassured him to do what he wanted to do. Suddenly, Meng Haotian received a call and hurried to Jiang Leilei's house. Aunt Mei resigned and left, and Jiang Leilei made a mess at home. Jiang Leilei told Meng Haotian that Lao Luo sent her and Bai Xin the same message to report safety, and Meng Haotian told Jiang Leilei not to act rashly until she prepared the information.

On campus, Wang Zi, the president of the clock-in club, introduced the clock-in club to Leng Nuan and Li Chenyang, saying that each member of the club set a small 28-day check-in goal and supervised each other to complete it. Leng Nuan and Li Chenyang decided to join the punch card club. Leng Siming arrived at the noodle shop after receiving a call from Yuan Wangshan, the old boss. Yuan Wangshan asked Leng Siming to start anew to prove himself.

Later, Leng Siming found Meng Haotian and told her that he wanted to integrate artificial intelligence into the current living environment. Meng Haotian agreed with him very much. Knowing that Yuan Wangshan is willing to invest in his company as an individual, Meng Haotian even expressed that he believes in him 100%.

Hua Yitang and Jiang Leilei were very flustered because they didn't know how to face Lao Luo. Meng Haotian said that she had already found someone to check the assets under Lao Luo's name, so that Jiang Leilei would not show her flaws. At this moment, Yuan Wenbin found the flower shop. Yuan Wenbin said that Li Chenyang's return to school means that the cooperation between Pai Video and Lingzhi has expired. Seeing that Yuan Wenbin looked down on Pai Video's business and clients, Meng Haotian didn't give him a good look either. Yuan Wenbin said that he was responsible for Lingzhi's publicity work, and he could outsource the business to Meng Haotian, but Meng Haotian immediately refused and strode away.

In the apartment, Ji Mo told Shen Chunyi that he saw Yuan Wenbin at Huayitang flower shop, and Shen Chunyi thought that Yuan Wenbin still couldn't let Jiang Leilei go. Ji Mo felt that Shen Chunyi could go directly to Yuan Wenbin instead of just guessing. Shen Chunyi did not dare to look for Yuan Wenbin, and believed that the relationship between her and Yuan Wenbin became so because of Meng Haotian.

At night, when Lao Luo came home with his luggage, he knelt down in front of Jiang Leilei, saying that he did something wrong because he was confused for a while. Jiang Leilei said that Bai Xin had told her everything, and Lao Luo hugged Jiang Leilei tightly. , hoping she would forgive herself, Jiang Leilei cried bitterly. The next day, Lao Luo played with Xiaotuan in the garden. Xiaotuan hopes that Lao Luo will always be with him as a father, while Lao Luo expresses that he will definitely be by Xiaotuan and Jiang Leilei's side, Jiang Leilei's heart is shaken.


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