Bai Xin plans to take Susu out of the community in the future and cut off contact with them. Suddenly, Jiang Leilei asked Bai Xin where she bought the vases and flowers, and Bai Xin replied that they were given by Lao Luo. It's gone." After learning that the silk scarf Bai Xin gave her was given to her by Lao Luo, she broke down and cried.

In the coffee shop, Li Chenyang thought that his current job could not allow him to grow, and Leng Siming asked him to do what he wanted to do. Meng Haotian feels that Jiang Leilei does not need to be entangled, but should think about how to deal with the current relationship and future life. Seeing Jiang Leilei's sad look, Meng Haotian agreed to stay with her.

In the restaurant, the subordinates told Yuan Wenbin that Dai Yue’s company really needed financing urgently. After hinting to the person in charge there, he asked the company’s legal affairs to tamper with Leng Siming’s contract, blurring the technical supply part, but Leng Siming did not find out. loophole.

Bai Xin deleted Lao Luo's phone number, wiped away the tears and helped the sleeping Susu cover the quilt, and couldn't help but shed tears again. On the other hand, Jiang Leilei kept drinking at home. Lao Luo finally answered the phone, but only said that he had a job in another place, so he hung up the phone hastily.

When Leng Siming returned to the company, he was pulled by Yu Yang to celebrate the increase in sales of Lingzhi mobile phones. Leng Siming feels that it is too early to celebrate now, and the focus of the next step is to return to the technical advantages of the product itself. Yuan Wenbin's subordinates said that Dai Yue's contract and legal affairs had been approved, and they waited for Leng Siming to sign, and brought other employees to raise a toast to Leng Siming.

During the live broadcast, Li Chenyang was absent-minded, and announced in public that he planned to go back to school to enrich himself first, and then return with a better appearance in the future. Afterwards, Li Chenyang walked into the office. Meng Haotian told him that the company would no longer accept jobs for him and asked him to focus on his studies within two years. It turned out that Leng Siming had already told Meng Haotian about Li Chenyang's thoughts. Meng Haotian felt that it was very rare for Li Chenyang to have a goal so early, so he let him do it with confidence.

Looking at Jiang Leilei who was drunk during the video call, Meng Haotian hurried to Jiang Leilei's house. After Meng Haotian asked, he realized that Lao Luo was usually handling the family affairs, so Jiang Leilei was asked to enter the room to rest, and after waking up, he found all the documents and sorted them out.

Early the next morning, Meng Haotian rushed to Bai Xin's house after answering the phone. Bai Xin said that Jiang Leilei came to knock on the door in the middle of the night last night, so he let her rest on the sofa, and asked Meng Haotian to pick up Jiang Leilei because Susu woke up soon.

In the Lingzhi conference room, Leng Siming said that the technology Dai Yue presented was three years ago, and they wanted to re-evaluate it. Leng Siming thinks that Lingzhi really needs Dai Yue's technology, and Yuan Wenbin thinks it's selfish for him to pay more to buy Dai Yue. Leng Siming emphasized Dai Yue's value to Lingzhi to them, and he was unwilling to retreat in the slightest.

Jiang Leilei woke up and said that she had already thought about it, and Bai Xin was also a victim. Bai Xin told Meng Haotian that he and Lao Luo had no financial involvement from beginning to end. Meng Haotian felt that Bai Xin could not care about so many years of dedication, but Lao Luo should be punished accordingly. Meng Haotian negotiated with Bai Xin to find out the details of Lao Luo's assets before he came back, and then let him ruin his reputation and leave the house.


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