Jiang Leilei invited Meng Haotian and Leng Siming to Bihu Bay for vacation. Bai Xin happened to send Xiaotuan out of the house, Xiaotuan was anxious to go back to watch cartoons, and pulled Jiang Leilei away. Meng Haotian asked Bai Xin if he had met Lao Luo before. Bai Xin said that the two had only met in the painting class. Meng Haotian said that it was not easy for Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo to start from scratch together. Bai Xin said that they should protect the happiness of their families. .

Shen Chunyi walked into Lingzhi's office, took out the stewed soup and put it in front of Yuan Wenbin. Yuan Wenbin felt that Shen Chunyi didn't need to be with him at all. Shen Chunyi said that she was just not in a good mood recently, and Yuan Wenbin asked her to love herself first, thinking that she would live better without herself.

Later, Shen Chunyi bought high-calorie snacks and came to Ji Mo's apartment. Ji Mo thought that she had really started to pay attention to herself, but Shen Chunyi felt that if she was fatter and more energetic, Yuan Wenbin would feel that she would learn to love herself. Also capable of loving him. Seeing her eating and drinking, Ji Mo stopped Shen Chunyi, saying that he was incapable of treating Shen Chunyi, but Shen Chunyi didn't want to find other doctors, and just wanted to stay quietly for a while.

Bihu Bay, the four of them came here for vacation. Meng Haotian took the initiative to ask Jiang Leilei if she would be able to adapt if the ivory tower she lived in collapsed. Jiang Leilei felt that things that did not happen could not be assumed.

At night, Jiang Leilei arranged for the two to live in the same room, and they felt a little cramped. Meng Haotian went into the bathroom to clean himself up. Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo suddenly heard screams, and went to the door to eavesdrop. It turned out that guests in other rooms were massaging. Afterwards, Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo massaged in the room together.

Meng Haotian walked out of the bathroom, and Leng Siming offered to take her to see the stars.

Lao Luo, who was having a massage, saw the phone, quickly got up and walked aside, told the other party that he was in Wanghu Bay, and promised to go there tomorrow afternoon. When Jiang Leilei asked, Lao Luo said that it was the company's work. At this time, Leng Siming and Meng Haotian were sitting on the terrace watching the stars together, and they couldn't help but kiss.

The next day, Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo left with their luggage. In Pai Video Studio, Li Chenyang was selling live broadcasts, but the products were sold out before he finished his introduction. Leng Siming thought that he and Meng Haotian could enjoy the two-person world in the restaurant, but unexpectedly Meng Haotian also called Lu Ping from Jiayu Investment. At Bai Xin's house, Jiang Leilei was very happy to see Xiaotuan studying painting seriously. After the other parents left, Jiang Leilei took out the special products she bought on vacation and handed them to Bai Xin. Bai Xin subconsciously asked her if she was on vacation instead of a business trip.

In the restaurant, Lu Ping talked about eating at the seafood restaurant with Lao Luo and Mrs. Luo before. Leng Siming recalled that Jiang Leilei didn't eat seafood at all because of her allergy to seafood when she was on vacation. Lu Ping took out the picture of the painting that Mrs. Luo gave him, and Meng Haotian zoomed in on the picture, and found that the signature on the lower right was Bai Xin.

At Bai Xin's house, Bai Xin poured tea and handed it to Jiang Leilei, saying that it was the golden osmanthus her husband brought back from Fujian. Jiang Leilei recalled that Lao Luo also brought back this kind of tea when he went on a business trip to Fujian last year. Jiang Leilei said that Xiaotuan was going to an international school, and wanted to ask Bai Xin to write a recommendation for Xiaotuan. Bai Xin flipped through the files and saw the wedding photo of Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo, and froze in place.

Bai Xin asked whether Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo were still in a normal marriage. Jiang Leilei said that they had been married for seven years, and Bai Xin realized that Jiang Leilei and Lao Luo were not married because of Xiaotuan. At this time, Jiang Leilei accidentally saw the notes on Bai Xin's mobile phone saying "30 days before his 48th birthday". She suddenly realized something and wanted to go to the bathroom to calm down, but found that there was Lao Luo's favorite perfume here. . Jiang Leilei took the perfume to the living room and asked Bai Xin whose child Susu was.

Meng Haotian couldn't wait to call Jiang Leilei after eating, but Jiang Leilei first said that Lao Luo had cheated. Meng Haotian drove to Jiang Leilei's house. Jiang Leilei cried and told that Lao Luo had cheated on her for so many years and had raised a child for Bai Xin's ex-husband. When she and Bai Xin called Lao Luo, it showed that the phone was turned off, but the company said that Lao Luo had not traveled on business at all. Meng Haotian couldn't help but ran to Bai Xin's house, thinking that Bai Xin was either stupid or bad. Bai Xin retorted, saying that Lao Luo kept telling himself that he was with Jiang Leilei because of Xiao Tuan.


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