Meng Haotian asked Li Chenyang to apologize to Chunlu, saying that Chunlu was very disappointed that Li Chenyang abandoned him. Li Chenyang was worried that an apology would be equivalent to admitting to campus bullying, and Leng Siming said that he would handle the matter well and let him have a clear conscience. Seeing that everyone supports him, Li Chenyang is willing to go home.

At night, Meng Haotian received a call from Fang Hui. When Yuan Wenbin returned home, Shen Chunyi couldn't wait to introduce him to the real estate he was looking at, but Yuan Wenbin actually said that he had no intention of getting married. Seeing that he was exhausted physically and mentally due to the company's affairs, Shen Chunyi had no choice but to let him go to rest first.

A few days later, Li Chenyang held a live broadcast press conference, and with the encouragement of Meng Haotian, he admitted campus bullying and expressed that he would give an explanation to his former classmates. It turned out that Fang Hui told Meng Haotian by phone that Xiao Rui had bought Chunlu, and Chunlu was also being persecuted by public opinion. So Meng Haotian approached Chunlu to persuade him, and Leng Siming handed him the activity cooperation contract on the "anti-bullying special program". The staff brought Chunlu to the live broadcast. Li Chenyang apologized to Chunlu. Chunlu explained the real situation back then, saying that everything was a misunderstanding. Finally, the two appealed against bullying and paid attention to the campus environment.

Five Elements spread, Zhou Yu asked Xiao Rui to stop here, reminding him not to lose the big because of small things, Xiao Rui agreed to let Meng Haotian go temporarily. On the other side, Mr. Yuan and Yuan Wenbin had an argument about the company and Shen Chunyi. Mr. Yuan saw that Yuan Wenbin wanted to control everything too much, so he was afraid of losing.

In the Lingzhi conference room, Leng Siming proposed to acquire Dayue Technology Company, but Yuan Wenbin and other shareholders disagreed. Later, Leng Siming arrived at the noodle shop opened by Mr. Yuan. Mr. Yuan knew that Leng Siming wanted to acquire Dai Yue, and was worried that he would be too radical. Leng Siming said that he only wanted to do things well and bring value to Lingzhi.

In the office, the subordinate told Yuan Wenbin that seeing Shen Chunyi went to a psychological clinic, he felt that she was not in a good state of mind. Yuan Wenbin drove to the psychological clinic, just in time to see Shen Chunyi leaving, a man chased him out and handed her the clothes. Yuan Wenbin followed the man upstairs, and punched the man directly when he entered the door. Yuan Wenbin asked him about his relationship with Shen Chunyi. The man said that his name is Ji Mo, he is a doctor of psychology, and he is currently an intern at Xinqiao Psychological Clinic. Ji Mo brought Yuan Wenbin into the room and told him about Shen Chunyi's psychotherapy, and she was also his first patient. Shen Chunyi is extremely insecure, so she cares too much about Yuan Wenbin, and doesn't realize that she is slowly losing herself.

In the restaurant, Yuan Wenbin proposed to break up with Shen Chunyi, saying that he was thinking about the company with all his heart and thought that the two of them were not suitable to be together, and the better Shen Chunyi treated him, the greater his psychological pressure. Seeing that Yuan Wenbin wanted to continue talking, Shen Chunyi left the restaurant on the pretext of going shopping with her sisters.

At Jiang Leilei's house, her aunt took out the things in Lao Luo's pocket. Jiang Leilei looked at the date on the illegal parking notice and called Lao Luo Luo Ziyi to go home. In the garden, Jiang Leilei asked Luo Ziyi about the car ticket. Luo Ziyi didn't panic at all, saying that he had asked Lao Zhang to drive for repairs. Jiang Leilei asked him if he was really going on a business trip. Luo Ziyi looked at Jiang Leilei crying and said that it was Lao Zhang who was driving for private affairs and got the ticket. Later, Luo Ziyi took out the project subcontract agreement and asked Jiang Leilei to sign it.

When Ji Mo walked into the room, he saw the broken mirror on the floor. Shen Chunyi told Ji Mo that Yuan Wenbin proposed to break up. Although she was afraid of Yuan Wenbin's desire to control, she couldn't leave him because she was used to it.

In the meeting room of Lingzhi, Mr. Yuan supported the acquisition of Dai Yue, thinking that Dai Yue's technology would be the icing on the cake for Lingzhi, but other directors and Yuan Wenbin still disagreed. Leng Siming told them that Dai Yue's capital chain was broken, and if they started now, the price would be easy to negotiate. Back in the office, Yuan Wenbin planned to do whatever he could, saying that he would hand over the follow-up connection of base stations to his subordinates, so that he could take the opportunity to defeat Leng Siming and become the chief technology officer.


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