Chen Lixia was not able to see Jin Huirong, and because she was late for the show, she was already in a bad mood. She was reprimanded by her master, so she was a little reluctant, thinking that she was not at fault. Chen Yebing followed the rules and threatened Chen Lixia to expel her, but Chen Lixia was not afraid at all, and was expelled from the Star Reaching Girls Class by Chen Yebing.

Xu Nanlu persuaded Chen Shanhe to put aside revenge for the time being. This kind of thing should be left to specialized people. Moreover, he also knew Song Shilian, the helper of the Red Fish Gang in Tianzi Wharf. If he asked him for help, there was still a chance of winning. Because Chen Shanhe wanted to make Ho Keesheng Pharmacy a bigger store, Xu Nanlu suggested that he first collect ancient medical books and concentrate on doing one thing well.

Nowadays, the business of big restaurants in Guangzhou has become deserted. People believe in the words of food critics, so almost no one patronizes them anymore. Huang Qiquan wanted to unite with the restaurant that Tan Yaoheng had blackmailed to fight with him. Xian Zhongjun felt that doing so was thankless. If the brand was ruined, even if he won, he would lose.

The unhappy Chen Wei came to Huang Qiquan to resign, but was scolded and abused by Mai Xiaowen, which made him furious and ran to the private room on the second floor with a bottle of wine. At this time, Xian Zhongjun and Huang Qiquan were entertaining Tan Yaoheng with wine and food, and were willing to give him the stock from the big restaurant as a gift for peace. Tan Yaoheng immediately accepted it without shirk.

During the conversation, Chen Wei barged in and scolded Tam Yaoheng for making a fuss about himself because he was coveting the shares of a big restaurant. Such despicable and shameless behavior was an insult to food critics. As a result, Chen Wei pulled out the kitchen knife. To show that one person is responsible for the work, he raised a knife and chopped off one of his own toes. Blood spattered and he fainted on the spot.

Xian Zhongjun was shocked and moved by Chen Wei's bloody nature, and decisively rejected Tan Yaoheng. He would not accept unwarranted slander, nor would he give him any shares. The worst he could do was to close down his business. After Xian Zhongjun walked away, Tan Yaoheng gradually came to his senses and muttered that Chen Wei wouldn't have wanted to do this because the matter had become such a big deal. Although Tan Yaoheng's slander has not yet been resolved, Chen Wei's bloody nature is obvious to everyone. As long as the Guangzhou Restaurant is still there, he will still be a member of the restaurant.

Xu Nanlu asked Wu Shijun to stabilize Chen Shanhe. He must not be confused at this time. Fighting with the police with bare hands would be equal to death. Originally, He Yufang negotiated a big deal and could buy five hundred kilograms of cloth residue leaves, but the other party did not come at the agreed time. He Yufang later realized that he had been deceived.

Because He Yufang spent all her money to buy the rag leaves, but now the rag leaves are not sold, she cried bitterly. Chen Shanhe was comforting and making suggestions, thinking that the scam was not over yet, and would definitely lend money to He Yufang. He took the opportunity to persuade her to give up the mortgage, and simply used the trick. This was the only chance to save it at the moment.

After Lan Jianhui was arrested, Kuang Qingkui ordered Jin Huirong to be released. The top priority was to deal with the changes in Nanjing. If he had problems, sooner or later he would reveal his flaws. Jin Huirong immediately served wine to thank her master Zhang Taiping, her aunt Chen Yebing, Cai Dequan and others, and confessed her mistake to Chen Yebing on behalf of Chen Lixia. Chen Yebing said that as long as Chen Lixia was willing to accept the punishment, she would have a chance to return to the star-catching girl class.

In fact, Jin Huirong did not tell the truth to the masters. The purpose of destroying the Hua Nong Shadow Theater Troupe was to protect his identity as an underground party member, because Kuang Qingkui said that it was the Hua Nong Shadow Theater Troupe who reported him as a communist. If he did not make a violent reaction, it would cause another incident. Kuang Qingkui’s suspicion.

Jin Huirong persuaded Chen Lixia and Chen Yebing to admit their mistakes. Chen Lixia wanted to get rid of bad habits and promoted male and female classes to join forces and sing operas with Jin Huirong. Jin Huirong's ideal is to have a bigger stage, to work for world peace like his senior brother, but this ideal is very dangerous, and he dare not make any promises to Chen Lixia.

Later, in a performance by the Taiping Year Class, Chen Lixia dressed up as a man and went on stage to play with Jin Huirong. However, the audience did not buy it and asked for a refund. Although Jin Huirong was angry, she did not admit blame. Chen Lixia took the initiative to hug Jin Huirong and expressed that she wanted to be with him and would never be separated. Then Chen Lixia asked for a apprenticeship agreement from her master. Chen Yebing couldn't stand Chen Lixia's lack of discipline. The two terminated the relationship between master and apprentice. The people present failed to dissuade them, so they had to let Chen Lixia shut up and think about his mistakes.

After Chen Shanhe's careful design, the group who deceived He Yufang was finally caught. Unexpectedly, they were from the Red Fish Gang. Xu Nanlu asked Chen Shanhe to search ancient medical books to find prescriptions. Chen Shanhe first found a book that discussed the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western medicine. After studying and studying, he came up with the idea of ​​combining Chinese medicine and Western medicine, which received support and encouragement from Xu Nanlu.


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