Kuang Qingkui personally interrogated Jin Huirong and pointed out that he arranged for the big restaurant to play "March of the Volunteers" and that this song was the signal for their flying party. Jin Huirong refuted one by one, explaining for herself the reason for releasing this song, and confirmed that the Ping An copper coins had nothing to do with the so-called underground party, but were given by her junior sister.

Chen Shanhe learned about Liao Siliu's character through his brothers in the martial arts school. Knowing that he went to Tan Shitou Correctional Institution today, he disguised himself as a rickshaw driver and waited outside. Chen Lixia, who was in a hurry and sought medical treatment, found Boss Xu, but Boss Xu's evil intentions made her feel sick and she sternly refused his shameless request.

Because of running around, Chen Lixia always delayed her performances, and even she was almost late for tonight's big play. This was a very serious mistake for the theater troupe. Chen Yebing was very dissatisfied. After the performance, he called everyone together and punished Chen Lixia by being whipped according to the rules. Even if the sisters begged for mercy, it was useless.

That night, before leaving, Kuang Qingkui told Liao Siliu to instruct his men that Jin Huirong's face and throat should not be hurt during the interrogation. However, just as Kuang Qingkui left, Liao Siliu got on the rickshaw and felt something strange. Before he could react, Chen Shanhe, who was disguised as a rickshaw driver, raised his fist and struck like raindrops, making Liao Siliu scream in agony. Fortunately, Kuang Qingkui arrived in time and fired a warning shot, and Chen Shanhe fled in a hurry. After listening to Liao Siliu's description, Kuang Qingkui ordered him to investigate the assassin from the martial arts hall.

When Chen Shanhe returned home, he thought that Luo Songmo had said that the mastermind behind the scenes was someone he could not afford to offend, and felt that Liao Siliu was most likely a minion. On the other hand, Liao Siliu came to the Dieda Hall and mentioned the assassination in passing, which shocked Xu Nanlu. The next day Xu Nanlu called Chen Shanhe to thank Liao Siliu for not bringing a gun last night, otherwise Chen Shanhe would have collected his body. Facing Xu Nanlu's questioning, Chen Shanhe remained silent for a long time, finally closed the door and confessed his life experience to him.

Tam Yaoheng published an article in a newspaper, criticizing the food at Guangzhou Restaurant for being extremely poor, especially the fried beef with kale, which was completely substandard. Because food critics are very influential, Xian Zhongjun and Huang Qiquan attach great importance to this matter. They know that Tan Yaoheng likes to blackmail major restaurants by making things difficult and harsh, but there is nothing they can do against him.

Because of this, Huang Qiquan took Chen Wei to apologize to Tan Yaoheng. Rather than offending such a scoundrel, perhaps the world would be brighter if he took a step back. Tan Yaoheng once again spoke harshly to Chen Wei, belittling him to the point of being worthless, and believed that such a person should not be in the kitchen, as he would sooner or later destroy these delicacies.

Huang Qiquan nodded and bowed, wanting to discuss the solution with Tan Yaoheng. Tan Yaoheng bluntly told Guangzhou Restaurant to close down, which made Chen Wei get furious and angrily accused him of being a scumbag. On the way back, Huang Qiquan accused Chen Wei of being a brave man who would eventually bring trouble to the Guangzhou Restaurant and asked him to pack up and leave as soon as possible.

Xu Lianzhong arranged a new job for Chen Shanhe. He was surrounded by a group of young and older women, which made him feel particularly uncomfortable. He Yufang knew that Chen Shanhe was learning to make wax pills and couldn't help but gossip. She was curious about whether he had a girl he liked. Chen Shanhe didn't want to answer and was perfunctory.

Not long after, Kuang Qingkui came to interrogate Jin Huirong again, questioning his relationship with Tang Yun, Zhuge Feng, and Lan Jianhui, saying that the three of them defected to Nanjing on a plane, and that Lan Jianhui was a spy sent by Nanjing, under the command of Dai Li. Rebellious pilot. Jin Huirong emphasized that she was not a Communist Party nor a Kuomintang. Kuang Qingkui's interrogation made no progress and had to turn around and leave.

In June 1936, Chen Jitang joined forces with the Guangxi clique warlords to launch the Guangdong-Guangdong Incident, but Chiang Kai-shek's Nanjing government disintegrated it from within. The Guangdong-Guangdong Incident failed, and Chen Jitang was forced to step down. The eight years of his rule in Guangdong came to an end. When Chen Lixia learned of Jin Huirong's whereabouts, she hurried over and begged the guards to let her see Jin Huirong.

At this time, Kuang Qingkui came out and asked Chen Lixia how he knew Jin Huirong was inside. Chen Lixia felt that Kuang Qingkui looked familiar, but he didn't think much about it and lied that he had guessed. But Kuang Qingkui knew that someone had leaked the secret, and ordered Liao Siliu to investigate who leaked the news.


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