Although Luo Songmo's matter has come to an end for the time being, Chen Shanhe's road to revenge has just begun, because through this incident, he found the enemy who killed his parents. However, the simple and kind-hearted He Yufang still hoped that the old-fashioned "Boss Luo" would come to buy medicine and relieve the family's financial constraints. However, when she learned that Boss Luo died on the street, she couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

Liao Siliu led a team to investigate the scene, but he still felt guilty, so he simply prepared a generous gift and prepared to touch Kuang Qingkui's bottom. Kuang Qingkui was not Luo Songmo. He directly pointed out that he had hidden Luo Songmo's work from him and had taken Luo Songmo's credit for promotion and promotion. In just a few words, Liao Siliu's true colors were exposed and he was terrified.

Jin Huirong and Chen Lixia, both pillars of the troupe, argued with their master because of their own ideas and persuaded Zhang Taiping to give themselves a day off. In the end, Zhang Taiping agreed to his request. Chen Yebing was very dissatisfied when he saw Chen Lixia setting up the stage intensively. He reminded her again and again that her talent was boundless, but Chen Lixia just dealt with it.

Although Mai Xiaowen had some changes in Chen Wei, he realized that his abilities far exceeded his own, and he was inevitably a little jealous. Master Huang Qiquan told Mai Xiaowen to be tolerant, because some people are born with sensitivity to taste and are good at cooking. In the future, when you become a master, you have to expand your horizons and don't let comparison blind you.

In a few days, the big restaurant will receive the widow of the 19th Route Army, and many reporters will come. Huang Qiquan is going to teach Mai Xiao Literary Society how to cook kale stir-fried beef, because kale beef is the highlight of the banquet for the bereaved family, and it is regarded as a gift. His rite of passage. That night, Chen Wei painstakingly studied the method of stir-frying beef with kale, from dusk to dawn, even when he went back to the kitchen to cut vegetables, he was still thinking about it. Suddenly, an idea flashed and he started to operate it immediately.

Sure enough, Chen Wei's stir-frying techniques and taste attracted everyone in the kitchen. Mai Xiaowen followed him for three days but still didn't understand the essence. On the contrary, Chen Wei only used a few minutes to learn this famous dish that has never been told to anyone. Seeing this, Huang Qiquan sighed slightly. He understood that Chen Wei was born to eat this bowl of rice, but the shadow of Lin Beijiang was too heavy on him.

Jin Huirong took the opportunity of a banquet for the survivors of the 19th Route Army to plan a revolutionary activity to promote the anti-Japanese war. The venue was chosen at the Guangzhou Restaurant. Kuang Qingkui guessed this and sent everyone to guard and monitor around the restaurant. Huang Qiquan asked Mai Xiaowen to be responsible for the stir-fried beef with kale at the widow's table, and Chen Wei was responsible for the guests' mixed dishes. The famous food critic Tan Yaoheng knew that it was his first time to cook this dish, so he reviewed his dish as nothing good.

While they were talking, the march of the Volunteer Army suddenly sounded outside, and several young people spread leaflets to promote anti-Japanese aggression. This flying rally only lasted about a minute. By the time the special investigation team arrived, the young people had already left. Kuang Qingkui checked at the scene and found a record playing the march of the Volunteer Army. After investigation, he found that Jin Huirong had brought the record.

Jin Huirong accompanied Chen Lixia out shopping, smiling and looking in a good mood. But in the blink of an eye, Jin Huirong had been kidnapped into a car and taken away by Liao Siliu and others. When Jin Huirong woke up, she was already in the police execution room. Kuang Qingkui asked Jin Huirong that she was a communist, but Jin Huirong refused to admit it and had to endure torture. On the other hand, Chen Lixia found out that Jin Huirong was missing and quickly went to find the masters. She also contacted Jin Huirong's friends to find her whereabouts as soon as possible.

Chen Shanhe thought about how to confirm that Liao Siliu was the murderer. The only way was to observe the other person's tattoos, so he encouraged Xu Nanlu to hold a free clinic for the police officers. Sure enough, Liao Siliu and others came to get a massage. Chen Shanhe saw Zhou Zhi's tattoos engraved on Liao Siliu's left and right arms and confirmed that he was that person. After the free clinic, Xu Nanlu guessed that Chen Shanhe must have a reason for opening the free clinic. Although the other party was unwilling to say it, he would not force it, but emphasized that he must not do bad things.


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