Luo Songmo's lingering entanglement caused Chen Shanhe to fall into a trance, so he simply took him to the martial arts gym. Xu Nanlu asked with concern, but Chen Shanhe bluntly said that Luo Songmo was an enemy, which made Luo Songmo a little panicked and hurriedly explained that he was a friend. But even so, Luo Songmo still didn't let Chen Shanhe go and insisted on asking him to give him a sum of money. He Yufang didn't know the truth yet and mistakenly thought that Boss Luo was a good person.

After Uncle Qi taught Chen Wei how to check and accept ingredients, it was time to prepare to say goodbye. As someone who had been there, he reminded him that he knew what he was doing and should not be fooled. After hearing this, Chen Wei thought thoughtfully and personally ordered a table of good food for him as a farewell. . Chen Lixia brought snacks to Jin Huirong and couldn't help complaining that the master was too conservative and old-fashioned. She wanted to create something attractive, but she was scolded.

Jin Huirong rationally analyzed and comforted Chen Lixia. Chen Lixia guessed that he had joined the revolution and understood that his senior brother had a profound influence on him. Although he would not intervene to stop him, he would be afraid of facing separation one day. Therefore, Chen Lixia hoped that Jin Huirong would protect herself. If he died, she would not live alone.

When Chen Wei was responsible for accepting ingredients, he rejected a lot of ingredients, which made Mr. Xian, who was in charge of purchasing, very dissatisfied. As the nephew of the big boss, Mr. Xian was determined to show off Chen Wei in public. Little did he know that Chen Wei was so fiery that he even wanted to cut off one of his fingers as a bet. Not surprisingly, Mr. Xian was a little timid, but he still insisted on a bet.

The chef cooked two dishes using two types of cabbage and gave them to the guests to taste. Everyone liked the cabbage that Chen Wei selected. The outcome of the game was decided, and Chen Wei was very happy. The high-spirited Chen Weiman thought that Huang Qiquan would praise him, but Huang Qiquan taught Chen Wei by making two dishes with the same flavor, saying "the ingredients must be balanced", which made Chen Wei realize something and couldn't sleep for a long time.

On the stage, Chen Lixia clashed with her master Chen Yebing again and again because of "violations". Chen Lixia would go to Jin Huirong every time and complain that Master had to follow the old routine in everything, and now she was becoming more and more dissatisfied with him. To this day, Chen Lixia still thinks about co-ed classes and hopes that Jin Huirong will already be the class leader.

Huang Qiquan took the initiative to find Xian Zhongjun, the owner of the big restaurant, and said that Mr. Xian was leaving not for the reason of buying vegetables. It would be bad for business if word spread. Moreover, he also wanted to keep Lin Beijiang's apprentice. Although he was as arrogant as Lin Beijiang, he was A rare culinary genius. Xian Zhongjun understood what Huang Qiquan meant. If he allowed such a talent to leave, he would probably have another competitor in the future, so he agreed to let Chen Wei stay in the restaurant.

The next morning, Chen Wei applied to work as a chef to learn how to prepare dishes, but Mai Xiaowen objected. Luo Songmo came to Chen Shanhe again and asked for money. Chen Shanhe sent him away with a few words. Xu Nanlu offered to help him solve the problem, but Chen Shanhe politely rejected the old man.

That night, Chen Shanhe bought tickets for He Yufang's theater troupe, which Chen Lixia was in, but he did not go in to watch it. Instead, he dealt with Luo Songmo alone, completely unaware that his sister was the leading actress of this theater troupe. At the same time, the stage curtain broke and the audience was dissatisfied. Fortunately, Jin Huirong came to the rescue in time.

Luo Songmo wanted to confuse the fake with the real one and use human traffickers to defraud another sum of money. Chen Shanhe followed his plan, secretly snatched his pistol, and pressed the trigger towards his chin. His force made Luo Songmo sweat profusely and he ran away. Angry and embarrassed, he called Liao Siliu and revealed that there was a businessman named Chen in Foshan nine years ago, and asked him to set up a place to meet. Unexpectedly, Liao Siliu, who was eager to kill people and silence them, did not attend the appointment in person. Instead, he seized the opportunity and sent a killer. With several gunshots, Luo Songmo ended his criminal life. Chen Shanhe followed the car to the outside of the Public Security Bureau and discovered that Liao Siliu was the person who kidnapped him and his younger siblings.


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