Jin Huirong's follower advocated for Taiping to take leave and wanted to flatter his junior sister Chen Lixia. Zhang Taiping agreed after hesitating for a moment. By the way, he asked whether he was involved in political struggles and reminded him not to follow the path of his senior brother Zhan Yintai. Jin Huirong understood what the master meant and said that she was just a member of the Actors Guild taking on a false position, so she comforted Zhang Taiping not to worry.

At the same time, Zhuge Feng, Lan Jianhui, Ruan Feizhou, and Tang Yun had already arrived at the Star Catching Girls Class, waiting for Jin Huirong to disembark and watch the theater together. As the curtain opened, Chen Lixia's performance was very successful. After the play ended, Chen Lixia wanted to send him to the dock and once again mentioned his dream of having a male and female team sing together. Dispel her thoughts.

Soon Chen Shanhe was assigned to dispense the medicine, but before dispensing the medicine, he was required to write "Dragon Tiger Pill" ninety-nine times. Chen Shanhe didn't understand, but he had to do it. This behavior seemed like Xu Lianzhong was deliberately making things difficult, but in fact it was with good intentions. He hoped that he could understand that medicine and life should be down-to-earth.

It was precisely because of Chen Shanhe's missing person notice in the newspaper that Xu Lianzhong was completely moved, and the old man decided to give him all his money. Chen Shanhe did not forget to write down these tips when he returned home, thinking that Xu Lianzhong helped him because of the newspaper, which seemed more like the blessing of his younger brother and sister.

Although Chen Wei has made rapid progress in his cooking skills, he still has no chance to cook, which makes him a little discouraged. Mai Xiaowen said that if he could make the ants on the ground walk in a straight line, he would be promoted to one level. When the owner of the vegetable boat found out, he laughed and taught him a method. Sure enough, the ants walked in a straight line. Chen Wei then used his own knife skills to demonstrate a move, which made everyone present applaud and applaud. Mai Xiaowen had some changes in him and directly promoted him to the chopping block.

Chen Shanhe had a rare day off from working in the drug store. Unexpectedly, Luo Songmo came to his door and threatened him to lose money and avoid disaster. Chen Shanhe was unwilling, but because of He Yufang, he could only hold back. That night, Chen Shanhe made an excuse to move and planned to change to a larger store. The next day, he took He Yufang to look for a store. However, he met Luo Songmo again and warned him that if he pressed harder, he would not get the money.

Boss Xu wanted to invite Chen Lixia to have a casual dinner. Chen Lixia was not interested at first, but when she heard him talk about his collection of Ping An copper coins, she immediately agreed to have dinner with him. In the end, Chen Lixia got the Ping An copper coin that Jin Huirong liked as she wished, and she dressed it as a red coin and gave it to Jin Huirong. When she saw Jin Huirong wearing the copper coin solemnly, she finally showed a happy smile.

Kuang Qingkui was beaten by his boss Liang Pingdu, saying that he had done many things where he had to cut things off first and deal with them later. He could add food to the pot, but if the pot broke, he would have to clean up the mess himself. In this way, Kuang Qingkui thought of the past nine years ago and asked Liao Siliu whether he had really eradicated the problem. Although Liao Siliu felt guilty, he still patted his chest to ensure that the task was indeed completed.

Mai Xiaowen observed that Chen Wei always observed the number of times the master cook used the spatula, and privately reminded him not to think that he can cook well just because he is a little clever. If he wants to learn to cook, he must master the ingredients well. Gave him a hint. This smart child attracted the attention of other masters. Under Chen Wei's humility in learning, everyone taught him their skills.

Chen Shanhe hurt his hand while cutting medicine. Xu Lianzhong brought him hemostatic medicine because he felt that he was always absent-minded these days. As he walked back, he was pestered again by Luo Songmo. After thirty years, he talked a little too much, which made Chen Shanhe feel heavy. At the same time, Chen Wei invited Uncle Qi to come to this restaurant for dinner and asked him for advice on how to choose ingredients. Uncle Qi spared no effort to impart his experience.

Near dusk the next day, Luo Songmo went directly to He Jisheng's drug store. When Chen Shanhe found out, he ran back in a hurry. Fortunately, He Yufang was unharmed and regarded Luo Songmo as a warm-hearted customer. Facing Luo Songmo's rogue behavior, Chen Shanhe wanted to beat him up, but because he had a pistol, he took him to Xu Nanlu's martial arts gym.


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