In 1941, the Japanese naval fleet attacked Pearl Harbor in the United States, and the Pacific War completely broke out. The next day, the Japanese army, with the cooperation of artillery, air force and navy, launched a fierce attack on Hong Kong, resulting in heavy casualties among Hong Kong people, including Xian Zhongjun.

On December 25, Hong Kong Governor Yang Muqi announced unconditional surrender. The eighteen-day war of resistance finally ended with the victory of the Japanese invasion. Mrs. Xian knew that the British Japs were armed with silver pewter spearheads and were completely vulnerable to attack. However, she was preparing to go abroad without arranging any arrangements for her husband's funeral. Before leaving, Mrs. Xian invited Chen Lixia to accompany her, but Chen Lixia declined politely.

On the other hand, Kuang Qingkui and his party were hiding in Guangzhou City, sneaking in at night to inquire about the Japanese army. When Kwong Qingkui learned that Hong Kong had fallen, his heart sank to a low point. The reason why he resisted Japan was that he was unwilling to lose his position to the Japanese. However, the successive setbacks made him gradually disheartened and felt that since he could not win from the Japanese, After taking back Guangzhou, he simply asked Ruan Feizhou to surrender and become a traitor.

The guerrillas saw this scene and hurried back to report to Jin Huirong. Soon, Kuang Qingkui, under the arrangement of Ruan Feizhou, took the position of director of the Guangdong Provincial Police and found the fine gold bars hidden by Liao Siliu from the director's office. Kuang Qingkui laughed at Liao Siliu for not being able to learn to assess the situation, so he could take his savings as his own with peace of mind.

Kuang Qingkui thought that with Ruan Feizhou as his backer, he would be able to take advantage of the situation without any worries. He first found Chen Shanhe. After all, the three Chen brothers and sisters had always been his heartache, but compared to Ruan Feizhou, the Three Kingdoms Youxi behind Chen Shanhe was more powerful. Moreover, Chen Shanhe was a cunning fox. He had already predicted that Kuang Qingkui would make a move and planted explosives under the table in advance. As expected, Kuang Qingkui did not dare to act rashly. One more enemy is worse than one more friend.

The leader of the organization convened everyone and announced that the mission of the Dongjiang guerrillas was mainly to assist in the evacuation of the cultural circles stranded in Hong Kong. It was divided into east and west fronts and the safety of the cultural circles must be ensured. For the sake of security and confidentiality, the leader said that the list is controlled by the Eighth Route Army Hong Kong Office, and there will be a dedicated person responsible for counting the number of people.

The current situation in Hong Kong is turbulent, and Chen Lixia's troupe cannot continue to perform. She saw a message in the cinema that the Japanese army invited Mei Lanfang, Cai Chusheng, and Situ Huimin to meet with the Japanese Army Headquarters at the Peninsula Hotel. Everyone in the troupe was talking a lot when they saw this. Others in the troupe saw that many cultural figures were invited by Japan to participate in the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity and discussed escaping from Hong Kong as soon as possible, otherwise the Japanese would target the troupe sooner or later. Because the piers from Hong Kong to Kowloon were blocked, everyone was trapped in Hong Kong with no way to leave. Chen Lixia stated that the troupe would not disperse and she would never leave everyone behind.

Chen Wei received the news that he was going back to Hong Kong. Before leaving, he gave Tan Miaomiao sausage, and the two recognized each other as gays. Considering that it would be difficult to say goodbye today, Chen Wei gave Tan Miaomiao the family heirloom jade pendant he was wearing, hoping to drive the invaders out as soon as possible, and reluctantly said goodbye to her.

Kuang Qingkui was once in the anti-Japanese guerrillas and had contact with the Communist Party. Now he has surrendered to the enemy and committed treason, and is willing to use this to help the Japanese encircle and suppress the Communist Party. Kuang Qingkui, who regained power, came to Tan Shitou Prison. Lan Jianhui belonged to the military anti-trafficking team and was naturally captured by the Japanese. But Kuang Qingkui took Lan Jianhui to a tea stall outside the city alone and coerced him into writing a receipt proving that he had received a batch of effective Western medicine from Kuang Qingkui, worth 20 gold bars. In fact, he wanted to find another way out for himself.

Chen Shanhe was going to Hong Kong to find his sister, and through the relationship between the Three Kingdoms, he got a pass and banknotes suitable for exchange. Tan Miaomiao discussed moving with her father, and Tan Yaoheng instantly understood what she meant. Even though he felt uncomfortable in his heart, he still respected and understood the beliefs of his daughter and Chen Wei.

After the fall of Hong Kong, Mai Xiaowen found Chen Lixia and prepared to arrange for her to return to Guangzhou. However, as the troupe leader, Chen Lixia was unwilling to escape alone and abandon everyone, so she did not agree to Mai Xiaowen's suggestion. Chen Shanhe and Chen Wei came to Hong Kong together, and both of them were very concerned about their sister's situation.


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