Seeing that the wires of the transmitter were about to be exposed, Chen Wei appeared in time to rescue Tan Miaomiao, lying that he was Tan Miaomiao's man, so Tan Yaoheng was his father-in-law. Ruan Feizhou was dubious about Chen Wei's words and deliberately used the recipe of Baihua Stuffed Duck Feet to test Chen Wei's identity. However, Chen Wei pretended to be stupid and was confused.

After Ruan Feizhou left, Tan Miaomiao looked unhappy and reminded Chen Wei not to talk like that in the future, let alone go to the second floor casually. After all, there are differences between men and women. However, Chen Wei believes that people must have fireworks, as long as they have flesh and blood and desires, so that they will not arouse the suspicion of others. This is an important lesson for her to learn when she comes to Guangzhou.

Ruan Feizhou summoned the bosses of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry in Guangzhou and said that he would provide all the help he could, but they also had to help confirm whether Chen Shanhe was colluding with the guerrillas and secretly providing pharmaceutical supplies. Sanguo Youxi said something nice for Chen Shanhe, but was insulted by Ruan Feizhou, which made him unable to swallow his breath.

Later, Sanguo Youxi invited Ruan Feizhou to dinner, on the pretext of introducing fellow villagers, but in fact he invited his uncle in the army to come forward to support him. Uncle Kato Shuichi is a military medical officer of a certain unit of Japan's South China Expeditionary Force. He specializes in studying bacterial weapons and deploying them on the Chinese battlefield. He has serious militaristic ideas, does not care about human life, and wants to seize Chinese culture as his own.

At first, Ruan Feizhou looked down on Sanguo Youxi, and his words were full of ridicule. Until he saw the appearance of Kato Shuichi, his attitude changed instantly. In the Three Kingdoms Youxi plan, it is the right way to collect Chinese medical books and send them back to Japan to promote Japanese medicine, so Ruan Feizhou promised to fully cooperate. Kato Shuichi reminded Mikuni Yuki that he could cooperate with the Chinese, but he had to use them appropriately and treat them as a machine that could be exploited.

Xu Shiduo escorted the troupe all the way. When he received the order to return to the front line, he had to say goodbye to Chen Lixia and gave her a pair of gloves to keep warm. Under the arrangement of Xu Shiduo, Chen Lixia and others successfully came to Hong Kong to perform, and were praised by Xian Zhongjun and his wife. Not long after, Chen Lixia received the news of Xu Shiduo's sacrifice in the Anti-Japanese War. She buried the gloves and the newspaper with her own hands, and set up a tomb for him in Hong Kong. She decided that from now on, the troupe would only perform anti-war dramas to publicize the anti-Japanese war and awaken the people's desire to resist the invasion. consciousness.

After a period of performance fundraising, Chen Lixia donated money to the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University in the name of the Anti-Japanese War general Xu Shiduo, because he once said that he regretted not being able to visit the university. Therefore, in Chen Lixia's eyes, Xu Shiduo and Jin Huirong were both good men who fought bravely, and she was willing to use this method to make up for Xu Shiduo's regrets.

Chen Shanhe led Xu Nanlu to defeat Xu Lianzhong. Xu Nanlu revealed to him that Sanguo Youxi led the Japanese military police to rob medical clinics and medicine shops, arresting many people and collecting many medical books and prescriptions. Xu Nanlu said that these Japanese devils could no longer be allowed to do whatever they wanted, otherwise they would cause catastrophe to Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine. He hoped that Chen Shanhe would try his best to rescue doctors and pharmacists. As long as they were saved, it would be equivalent to saving what the ancestors left behind.

The organization confirmed that the doctors and pharmacists were all imprisoned in Tan Shitou Prison, and decided to use all possible means to rescue them through Chen Shanhe's relationship with Sanguo Youxi. Chen Shanhe promised to get this matter done for the sake of Xu Nanlu and Xu Lianzhong. That night, Chen Shanhe took the initiative to come to Sanguo Youxi and successfully persuaded Sanguo Youxi to release the doctors, pharmacists and others he had arrested during the day.

Sanguo Youxi planned to find someone to copy medical books according to Chen Shanhe's method. Chen Shanhe volunteered and left the copying work in his own hands. At the same time, he prepared a potion that could completely fade the words written on the paper after a period of time. To destroy the Japanese devil's plan, even the manuscripts obtained will eventually become a pile of waste paper.

Chen Lixia received a response to the donation, which included a thank you from the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University. She read the news that Jin Huirong was ambushed and disappeared in the newspaper, and decided to return to Guangzhou immediately. Originally, Sister Shuike Fang had arranged for Chen Lixia to go to Guangzhou, but Chen Lixia thought about the anti-Japanese performance in the next few days, so she finally chose to stay in Hong Kong to let the performance go on as usual. At the same time, she raised a lot of funds and attracted the attention of Xian Zhongjun and his wife. Invest in Chen Lixia's theater troupe.


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