Tan Miaomiao was sending and receiving telegrams in the room, sweating profusely from the heat. Chen Wei specially brought her Dutch water and talked about the childhood past of his three brothers and sisters. Chen Wei reminded Tan Miaomiao that keeping the windows closed and curtains drawn during the day must be very strange to others, suggesting that she be careful of the patrol police coming to her door.

Chen Lixia led a troupe to perform for the Kuomintang troops. After the performance, the leader of the team asked Chen Lixia to talk alone. Wu Sheng was worried that Chen Lixia would be detained by the opponent and was ready to rob him. However, the leading officer was not hostile and even invited Chen Lixia to join their team and join the army, so as to protect the safety of everyone in the troupe.

When signing the letter of appointment, Chen Lixia recognized the chief's seal. It turned out that this team was the team that had requisitioned their red ship before, and the leader was named Xu Shiduo. Although Xu Shiduo admitted that they took the red ship without consent, causing the red ship to be blown up, he promised to make appropriate compensation after the war.

Jin Huirong obtained intelligence and learned that Liao Siliu had sent people to monitor supplies in the city, and had evidence that Chen Shanhe provided medicine to the guerrillas. Kuang Qingkui decided to return to Guangzhou to protect Chen Shanhe and personally raped Liao Siliu. At this time, Liao Siliu reminded San Guoyouxi of what Chen Shanhe had done, but San Guoyouxi decisively refused, mocking him for not wanting to exchange the lives of his partners for glory and wealth.

On this day, Kuang Qingkui sneaked into Guangzhou City in disguise and waited until night to take action. Tan Miaomiao deliberately dismissed Chen Wei and asked him to buy him a roast chicken from Jiuji Roadside. As a result, Chen Wei met Kuang Qingkui and easily subdued him, and finally knew his true purpose of returning to Guangzhou. Realizing that Chen Shanhe was in danger, Chen Wei ignored revenge, and the two teamed up to rescue him.

On the other hand, Liao Siliu and his men came to Chen Shanhe's house, took out the list of people they had arrested, and pressed Xu Lianzhong over who was being tortured. Xu Lianzhong held on with his last breath to prevent Chen Shanhe from signing the signature. At the critical moment, Kuang Qingkui and Chen Wei appeared and solved Liao Siliu's men overtly and covertly. Even Liao Siliu was stepped on by Chen Shanhe. Next, he angrily asked him to kowtow to Xu Lienzhong.

Kuang Qingkui came forward to take Liao Siliu away, ordered people to take the bodies of his men outside the barren mountain, and prepared to execute Liao Siliu in the abandoned City God Temple. Before he died, Liao Siliu ridiculed that Kuang Qingkui could become an anti-Japanese hero with blood on his hands. It was really ridiculous. He was once a passionate patriotic young man, but later fell with Kuang Qingkui and turned around to become Kuang Qingkui's stepping stone. For the sake of getting to know each other, Kuang Qingkui did not torture Liao Siliu, but gave him a break. At the same time, he asked the guerrillas to take a photo of himself and Liao Siliu's corpse, preparing to publish it in the newspaper to publicize his deeds of hoeing rape.

That night, Chen Wei sat alone on the sofa in a daze. Thinking back on everything along the way, he felt heavy. In order to comfort Chen Wei, Tan Miaomiao offered to take a photo with him, and both of them smiled from the bottom of their hearts. After Kuang Qingkui dealt with Liao Siliu, he did not leave Guangzhou immediately. Instead, he went to find Chen Shanhe and asked Chen Shanhe to prepare some food, medicinal materials and money on the pretext of raising funds for the anti-Japanese war and help him find a place to live.

Chen Shanhe refused without hesitation, saying that the Japanese army went door-to-door to check household registration, and they couldn't hide at all. Because of this, Kuang Qingkui decided to live directly in Chen Shanhe's house. When he was renovating Chen's house, he admitted that he was the master of Guangzhou. At this time, Chen Shanhe learned through reports that the Japanese army had attacked the guerrillas. Kuang Qingkui was worried about Jin Huirong's safety and hurried back. Fortunately, Jin Huirong was only slightly injured.

Jin Huirong questioned whether Kuang Qingkui stayed in Guangzhou just to stay a few more days, thinking that there was something wrong with his thinking and that he still did not understand the real reason for resisting Japan. Kuang Qingkui felt aggrieved, but Jin Huirong felt that Kuang Qingkui's thoughts of fame and fortune were emerging, so he had to summon everyone to severely criticize Kuang Qingkui's behavior and let him make a self-examination.

On the other side, the police investigated the cause of Liao Siliu's death and soon searched Tan Miaomiao's beautiful photo studio. The police leader wanted to do something wrong with Tan Miaomiao, but Ruan Feizhou appeared in time to interrupt everything and noticed Chen Wei's photo. After Chen Wei finished contacting Shopkeeper Sun, he hurried back to the photo studio and found a policeman standing outside, so he could only observe from a short distance away.


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